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Versteckte Kameras ???

Erstellt von DisainaM, 24.08.2001, 17:53 Uhr · 20 Antworten · 2.046 Aufrufe

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    Versteckte Kameras ???

    Eigentlich komisch, aber der heutige Artikel in der BKK Post besagt, das es aufgrund eines starken Anstieges von Fotos, die in Umkleidekabinen von nackten Thailänderinnen gemacht wurden, nun zu Polizeiaktionen gekommen ist.

    Angeblich werden die Fotos im WWW veröffentlicht, oder die ganzen Filme werden auf VCDs verkauft.

    - Sachen gibts ... -

    Police search for ‘peep’ cameras
    The Nation
    Published on Aug 24, 2001

    Female police officers are being deployed to inspect department stores
    in Bangkok for hidden miniature cameras in women’s changing rooms and
    powder rooms, the National Police Office spokesman said yesterday.

    Police are taking action in response to reports of the growing
    appearance of photos of undressed women on the Internet and on VCDs.
    Women from everyday life to actresses and models have complained that
    embarrassing pictures have been posted on websites or published in
    foreign magazines.

    The plainclothes female officers will search for microcameras in
    dressing rooms in suspected department stores, police spokesman Maj
    General Pongsapat Pongcharoen said.

    Police will reveal the identities of those responsible and the names
    of places where such cameras were found, the spokesman said, adding
    that the perverts would face prompt and strict legal proceedings.

    Female shoppers should use caution whenever they try on clothes in
    department stores or use public lavatories, police warned yesterday.

    Metropolitan Police commissioner LtGeneral Anan Piromkaew said
    plainclothes officers would randomly patrol department stores. Police
    will also ask store management to increase security.

    National Police Chief General ....sak Durongkavibun has instructed
    Anan to call an urgent meeting of department store representatives to
    discuss measures to prevent surreptitious exploitation of unsuspecting
    women, Pongsapat said. Undercover police would also be dispatched to
    gather information and make arrests, he added.

    Interior Minister Purachai Piumsombun said department stores are
    responsible for providing adequate security for their customers
    against lascivious undertakings in both changing rooms and restrooms.
    Those that do not should be boycotted by shoppers, he said.

    Any foreign visitor arrested for lewd activities would be classified
    as persona non grata, he said, while admitting that light punishment
    in the past could have led to a recent spate of offences.

    In recent months, police have arrested several men, mostly Japanese
    and Taiwanese, for planting concealed cameras in offices and near
    staircases and escalators in stores, Pongsapat said. They were taken
    to court and fined Bt1,000 each.

    Several years ago in Taiwan, similar underground homemade videos were
    exposed when someone noticed himself unwittingly performing during a
    tryst at a “love hotel”.

    Female shoppers admit that they are afraid of being secretly caught in
    front of the lens while trying on clothes in department centres or
    relieving themselves in public loos, according to the results of a
    Suan Dusit poll released yesterday.

    Asked what they were scared of most while in a department store, 26.1
    per cent of the female shoppers surveyed said 5exual approaches,
    followed by pickpocketing and getting drugged (22.6 per cent each);
    being filmed while undressing (17.8); and having their necklaces
    snatched (10.9). When asked about what were “risky” places in their
    opinion, 32.4 per cent picked car parks, followed by WCs (29.4 per
    cent), dressing rooms (19.7), store exits (12.7) and escalators (5.8).

    The survey questioned 2,114 women at department stores in Bangkok and
    surrounding provinces on Wednesday and yesterday.

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    Re: Versteckte Kameras ???


    hast du die webadressen, wo die bilder sind, noch nicht ausfindig gemacht?? lol. lol


    schade --- lol

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    Re: Versteckte Kameras ???

    Bruno, Bruno du wirst doch wohl nicht spannen wollen, oder ?
    Mit Grüßen

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    Re: Versteckte Kameras ???

    verstehe mich nicht falsch, aber bin zur zeit strohwittwer.



    lol, warte auf weitere reaktionen. --- lol

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    Re: Versteckte Kameras ???

    Verstehe schon
    Was sagtest, wo gabs die Bilder noch gleich? Muß ja wissen welche Seite ich auf keinen Fall anklicken darf.
    Mit besten Grüßen von Zange(der auch manchmal Nachts alleine vorm Computer sitzt)

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    Re: Versteckte Kameras ???

    wie kann man nur so scheinheillig tun. . lol


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    Re: Versteckte Kameras ???

    Hey Jungs,
    Ich habe diese geheimnisvolle Seite gefunden.
    Schaut mal hier
    der absolute Hammer, müsst Ihr alle sehen.
    Psst nicht publizieren.

    Viel Spass Jakraphong

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    Re: Versteckte Kameras ???

    bkktrafic gibt es doch schon länger, seit wann gibt es denn da auch cams von umkleidekabinen? lol


    der immer noch auf einen link wartet lol

    nun fresst mich wegen den links. lol

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    Re: Versteckte Kameras ???

    Also nehmts mir nicht uebel,
    obwohl kein so armes Schwein wie C-B. , ich wuerde gerne auch mal Spannen!! Ich glaube, wer behauptet, das wuerde in kalt lassen, der ist schon tot..
    Also wo bleibt der LINK??????????

    [move:8e1bd6fb88]FAAG JAI BAI ISAN !![/move:8e1bd6fb88]

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    Re: Versteckte Kameras ???

    ja, wir sind alle männer!

    best wishes,

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