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Songkran 2011

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    Zitat Zitat von DisainaM Beitrag anzeigen
    ab 12 April ist in Thailand Sommer Anfang, der Winter ist vorbei und es beginnen die Feste.

    Die Juengeren werden in Bkk ins Route 66
    Danke für die Info.
    Aber Songkran in bkk ? Die Stadtverwaltung hat sogar die Spritzerei auf den Strassen verboten.
    Obwohl, währen meiner Zeit in bkk fand ich Songkran immer ganz toll, weil die Verkehrsstaus während dieser Zeit nicht vorhanden waren.

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    die Songkranparties auf den Strassen von Bkk werden immer verrueckter,

    es wird immer mehr Haut gezeigt

    videobb - Free Video Hosting - Your #1 Video Site - Songkran_Si-Lom_HD_link2:

    und was fuer ein feedback

    Naked Dancers Performed in Songkran Celebrations

    Young Thai Women performed naked dancing in front of crowds on Silom Road while revelers celebrate Songkran festivals. Their performances were uploaded quickly to the internet with thousands visitors per days.

    Bangkok, 14th April 2011. [PDN] Thousands of revelers joined Songkran celebrations on Silom Area. It had been more joyful than the other days on 14 April. Bangrak District revealed that the celebration would be open until midnight. Silom traders said they gained profit from selling water pistols around thousands Baht a day.

    Although the highlights of the Songkran celebrations in Silom for the past few days were water-splashing, it had been changed when a young Thai woman tried to perform a naked dance.
    Around 11 p.m., the young Thai teenager suddenly climbed to the top of a truck and started to dance. She took her clothes off gradually. With, the crowd cheering, she went further. She took all her clothes and left only underpants.

    The competition began when another girl on the other side of the road started to dance as well. With the chanting, her two other friends joined the naked dancing as well.
    The video clips of these performances were immediately uploaded to the internet. The unofficial download clicks were almost ten thousands in two days.

    Bangrak District said next year Silom Road will be the official Songkran celebrating area. It is popular among teenagers since there was no alcohol prohibition and powder playing. The time of playing will be as same as other points in Bangkok. However, they will be more strictly control to prevent this kind of incident.

    entweder wird es immer mehr eine RIO Aktion, oder es wird naechstes Jahr wirklich zurueck gerudert.

    letztes Jahr noch ganz zuechtig auf den Pickup Buehnen

    aber die Cojote Kultur wird immer massiver in Thailand

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    selbst in die Abendnachrichten war es die Topmeldung,


    ???? ???????? ????????????(??????????? ????????????? ) - ???????

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    Die sind ja total doof und bescheuert.

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    Im Allgemeinen war es dieses Jahr wesentlich ruhiger, kuerzer und gesitteter als in den 5 Jahren davor. Man moechte fast schon sagen, irgendwie seltsam bedrueckt.

    Was natuerlich Ausnahmen wie Silom und Khao San nicht ausschliesst.

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    Warum, Lucky?

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    ein Angriff auf die kulturellen Werte

    Teen dancers spark complaint

    Police have been asked to take action against three teenage girls who danced topless on Silom Road during the Songkran festival.

    Surakiat Limcharoen, director of Bang Rak district office, yesterday lodged obscenity charges with police against the three young women.
    A video clip of the dancers has been released on the internet.
    The clip, which lasts more than a minute, shows three girls dancing on top of a vehicle roof amid cheering crowds and loud music.
    Media reports said the incident took place on Friday night, the last day of the festival.

    Culture Minister Nipit Intarasombat urged police to take the matter seriously.

    The incident was an affront to the country's traditions and values.
    He said the event organisers should also face punishment.
    Bangkok Post : Teen dancers spark complaint

    According to reports the gals will be fined 500 baht each and the person who posted it on YouTube is facing 5 years in prison.
    Those releasing the clip will face imprisonment of up to 5 years and fined up to Bt100, 000 under the country's Computer Crime Act.
    Large crowds of onlookers would not be prosecuted for cheering and urging the women to remove their tops, police spokesman Maj General Prawut Thawornsiri said.

    the world’s largest wet T-shirt competition, Silom Songkran,

    Distorted Songkran Values

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    Bangrak District Office director Surakiat Limcharern yesterday lodged a complaint with police over topless female Songkran revellers whose 5exy dancing near Silom Road was recorded and posted on the Internet.

    "It hurts the image of Thailand, in particular Silom," he said. "It distorts Songkran culture too."

    Surakiat said the topless dances took place on Naradhivas Ratchanakharin Road.

    "Close examination showed the topless revellers were young, so young that it dismissed my initial assumption that they might have been workers in the redlight zone of Patpong," Surakiat said.

    Lodging his complaint at the Yannawa Police Station, Surakiat urged police to track down the teenagers who have carried out obscene acts in public places.

    National Police Commissioner General Wichien Pojphosri vowed action against both the topless revellers and their cheering crowds. Culture Minister Nipit Intarasombat, meanwhile, wanted action taken against those lending loudspeakers and stereo systems for the topless dancing.

    "Apart from being fined, the topless girls should be required to do some

    cultural work.
    For example, they should be made to read books about the Songkran Festival for young students to listen to as part of the punishment," Nipit said.

    Video clips showing the topless Songkran revellers were posted on the Internet on Saturday, provoking a public outcry.

    Culture Watch Centre director Ladda Tangsupachai yesterday disclosed that Nipit also instructed her to officially ask the National Police Office and the ICT Ministry to ban the video clips on the Internet.

    Family Network board member Wanchai Boonpracha said he felt bad that some young revellers had strayed so far during the Thai New Year celebrations.

    "If such things go on, foreign tourists will finally think that Songkran is just about the water fights. They will not see Songkran as a beautiful culture," he said.

    He urged authorities to seriously enforce laws to prevent inappropriate acts in the future.

    In Phichit, two transvestites were fined yesterday for exposing their breasts during the Songkran celebrations.

    "I am so sorry for doing so. I was under the influence of alcohol. Next year, I will wear a decent Thai costume to celebrate Songkran," one said.

    In Chon Buri, Pattaya City's councillor Rattanachai Suttidechanai said all entertainment venues were told not to stage ..........ic shows.

    "We are developing Pattaya as a world-class destination. The world is watching us," he said.

    Water splashing in Pattaya City will be officially permitted from today to tomorrow.

    -- The Nation 2011-04-18
    Die Erziehung der th. Bevoelkerung hat Tradition,

    auch die Betrachtung der eigenen Geschichte des Kulturministeriums aenderte sich ueber die Jahre,

    ist es die globale Fundamentalisierung der einzelnen Kulturen, um sich gegen die verwaesserung der eigenen Kultur zu schuetzen ?

    Thailand kann sich nicht isolieren, und hat seine Jugend durch Soap und Musik auf die Koreanische Kultur programmiert, und sich so, eigene Abbilder, wie G20 und viele andere th. Popgruppen geschaffen,
    die sich der 5exualisierten Musikdarstellung von koreanischen Teeniepopgruppen mit messen sollen,
    jetzt aber ist man ueber das feedback ueberrascht.,
    eine Jugend, die nun den asiatischen Jugend Lifestyle lebt, und weniger die gepredigten traditionellen Werte beachtet.

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    Meanwhile, Culture Minister Nipit Intarasombut swiftly ordered the removal of a painting of topless women from the the ministry website after speculation that it may have influenced the girls.
    The website featured the watercolour painting by Somphop Butrach, depicting three topless women otherwise dressed in ancient Thai garments, welcoming the Thai New Year.
    "Sometimes, art and obscenity overlaps," Mr Nipit said. But he said if people considered this painting to be indecent, he was worried that other artistic pictures and statues of topless women could no longer be displayed in public.
    "Or maybe we have to buy bras to cover up the Nang Ngueak and Peesua Samut sculptures to prevent obscenity," he said, referring to a topless mermaid and female sea giant from the Phra Apai-manee legendary tale.
    The three surrendered to police last night, said Metropolitan Police Division 6 chief Suwat Jaengyotsuk.
    As a mainly male audience cheered and the trio's festive mood skyrocketed, they took off their shirts and danced topless on a car roof on Friday, the last day of the Songkran festival, near the intersection of Silom and Narathiwat Ratchanakharin roads.
    "They claimed they were not drunk," said Pol Maj Gen Suwat.
    The three, whose names and faces have not been revealed, appeared at a police station in Thonburi last night.
    Yannawa police chief Monchai Sriprasert said the girls "feel embarrassed".
    They are aged between 14 and 16 years old, police said, and they were fined 500 baht each on obscenity charges.
    Anybody who has distributed video footage of their topless dance over the internet should also face charges, Pol Col Monchai said.
    Police spokesman Prawut Thavornsiri said those who cheered the girls on and urged them to take off their clothes should be considered supporters of the crime, although they will not be prosecuted.
    Bangkok Post : Topless teenage revellers fined B500 for obscenity

    Anybody who has distributed video footage of their topless dance over the internet should also face charges
    Anybody who has distributed video footage of their topless dance over the internet will also face charges
    nein er sagte should, also eine eigene Wunschvorstellung,
    und sofort wurde bei wieder hochgeladen, Silom hat sofort bei google eine entsprechende Trefferquote.

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    ... und nächste Jahr kommt der Papst nach Thailand zu besuch. Halte die reaktionen doch deutlich übertrieben. Höre ich da ein Aufschrei, derer die Thailand noch in Watte verpackt im Schrank liegen haben? Mal ehrlich, Sittenverfall und Moral mal außen vor zu lassen. Ist doch Kinderkram und schon gar kein Angriff auf kulturelle Werte. Wenn`s um kulturelle Werte geht, dann müßten sie alle oben ohne tanzen. Nicht nur in Thailand auch in Indonesien uä. . Is grad mal hundert Jahre her das sie sich ne`n T-Shirt über gezogen haben.
    Für solche Verfechter mit derart flachen Argumenten und Meldungen habe ich nur ein Begriff.
    ... und der heißt Scheinheilig.

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