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soeben in "the nation "gefunden

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    soeben in "the nation "gefunden

    The Nation
    ANTI-GOVT RALLY: Police to mass at Sondhi’s big show

    Published on November 25, 2005

    About 1,200 officers expected to patrol critic’s big political show in Lumpini Park.

    More than 1,000 police officers will be dispatched to keep order and ensure safety at today’s political talk show hosted by government critic Sondhi Limthongkul, with the weekly event attracting mounting public interest.

    About 900 crowd-control police will be stationed at Lumpini Park, where the “Muang Thai Rai Sapda” (Thailand Weekly) talk show is scheduled to take place this evening, said Metropolitan Police commissioner Lt General Viroj Chantha-rangsi yesterday.

    And another 300 officers - plainclothes and in uniform - would patrol the crowd to keep the peace during the event, he said.

    Sondhi, a one-time staunch supporter of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, said he expected at least 100,000 to attend his outdoor talk show today. Conservative estimates put attendance at last Friday’s show between 40,000 and 50,000. Media outlets belonging to Sondhi’s Manager group stressed that as many as 80,000 people had attended the event.

    Sondhi took his talk show on the road after his programme was cancelled at the state-run Channel 9 in September. The “mobile” talk show first organised at Thammasat University but later moved to Lumpini Park - has won an ardent following among government critics.

    It has also provided fodder for intense political discussions on several Internet “web boards” as well as on street corners. Numerous government critics have made use of the weekly gathering as a potent forum for their views. Sondhi comes up with fresh allegations every Friday against Thaksin and his associates.

    Bangkok police chief Viroj chaired a meeting of senior police officers yesterday that lasted over an hour.

    After the meeting, he disclosed that bomb-disposal experts would comb the show’s venue before the event this afternoon. He added that police would also randomly search participants for weapons.

    “In the event of a violent clash between rival participants, police will avoid use of force unless it is really necessary,” the general said.

    He urged Bangkok residents to follow the talk show from other channels, rather than mass at Lumpini Park.

    Sondhi was in Udon Thani yesterday to visit revered senior monk Luangta Maha Bua at his temple. The monk had planned to broker a reconciliatory meeting between Sondhi and Thaksin, but the prime minister bowed out.

    Meanwhile, a further attempt by the authorities to gag Sondhi yesterday failed.

    The Yasothon Provincial Court rejected a request by local police to issue an arrest warrant for Sondhi over charges of lese majeste.

    The Bangkok civil court also rescinded its earlier verdict to bar ThaiDay Dot Com, a company belonging to Sondhi’s family, from broadcasting or distributing video CDs of Sondhi’s fifth and seventh mobile talk shows.

    Opposition leader Abhisit Vejjajiva yesterday called on Thaksin and Sondhi to avoid confrontation and accept their respective roles.

    “The government has overly tried to block media channels [critical of the administration], which has led to increasing frustration among the public,” the Democrat Party leader said.

    Meanwhile, Army commander-in-chief General Sondhi Bunyaratgalin yesterday dismissed as groundless rumours of a possible coup. “You can rest assured that there will be no coup as long as I serve as the Army chief,” he said.

    Suranand Vejjajiva, PM’s Office minister and an executive member of the ruling Thai Rak Thai party, said yesterday he doubted there would be any “extraordinary power” to topple the government. “I don’t think the general public wants unconventional changes in politics. Democracy has taken root in Thailand. Whatever political changes take place will have to be democratic,” he said.

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    Re: soeben in "the nation "gefunden

    “You can rest assured that there will be no coup as long as I serve as the Army chief,”

    Army commander-in-chief General Sondhi Bunyaratgalin said yesterday.

    His words in the Almighty's ears....!

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    Re: soeben in "the nation "gefunden

    Zitat Zitat von Samuianer",p="296468
    “You can rest assured that there will be no coup as long as I serve as the Army chief,”

    Army commander-in-chief General Sondhi Bunyaratgalin said yesterday.

    His words in the Almighty's ears....!
    entschuldigung das ich des mal nicht uebersetzt habe !

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