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S.o.D. wird aktiv

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    S.o.D. wird aktiv

    Der S.o.D. (Save our Daugthers), ist eine th. Aktionsgemeinschaft, die diesmal an der Thai-Malyaischen Grenze den weiblichen Schwund in der th. Bevölkerung verhindern will.

    Save Our Daughters

    Malaysian, Thai police face cross-border 5ex concerns

    SONGKHLA: -- Thai and Malaysian police will take joint action to combat the cross-border the trade in involuntary 5ex workers between the two neighbouring nations.

    Ninth Police Region commissioner Pol. Lt-Gen. Panya Tiensart presided over a joint seminar entitled ''Save Our Daughters'' in Songkhla to adopt joint measures for the Thai and Malaysian police to combat forced prostitution along the common border.

    Areas where prostitution had intensified over the past several years included Betong, Sugai Kolok, Sadao and Hat Yai in Thailand as well as seven states inside Malaysia.

    Police questioning of suspects as well as victims and witnesses will be jointly conducted by Thai and Malaysian police.

    Information pertaining to the underworld will be exchanged by the two sides, and witness protection programmes will be provided.

    Some 532 officially documented children and women were reported to have been lured or forced into prostitution by both male and female procurers during the past several years, including 489 Thai nationals, with the remainder being nationals of Cambodia. Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, including Karen and Shan ethnic groups. (TNA)

    -- TNA 2008-08-14
    Da kommt es der Organisation wohl sehr entgegen, dass
    Wai Tang

    in Australien zu 10 Jahren Haft verurteilt wurde.

    Australian court upholds 5ex slavery convictions

    A brothel owner who smuggled five Thai women into Australia to be prostitutes had her conviction and 10-year sentence for 5ex slavery upheld by the High Court on Thursday in the first case of its kind in the country.

    Wei Tang, 44, was convicted by a jury in 2006 of five counts of possessing a slave and five counts of exercising power of ownership over a slave between August 2002 and May 2003.

    The Australian was the first to be convicted under anti-slavery laws passed by federal parliament in 1999.

    Tang was sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment for enslaving five Thai women whom she smuggled into the southern city of Melbourne with the promise that they would be able to work legally in the 5ex trade and send money home to their families.

    Tang used falsified visas to bring the women to her legal brothel, then forced each one to work off a debt of 45,000 Australian dollars (US$34,440) by performing 5ex acts for no pay six days a week.

    The Victoria state Court of Appeal overturned the convictions after ruling the trial judge had not correctly directed the jury on how to reach their verdicts.

    But six of the seven judges on the High Court reinstated the convictions and the 10-year sentence Thursday.

    Kathleen Maltzahn, a founding director of the anti-human group Project Respect, said the court decision would lead to more successful prosecutions.

    "There's a very clear definition now of slavery which police can rely on so they can absolutely step up prosecutions," Maltzahn said.

    Source: AP - 28 August 2008


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