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Letter To The Prime Minister

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    Letter To The Prime Minister

    Dear Mr. Shinawatr,

    Congratulations on your purchase of the 2005 elections! We shall arrange transfer of country ownership at your earliest convenience. While we are confident that Thailand will prove to be a worthy addition to your personal assets, please note that we cannot give any warranties thereto. However, previous owners reported very handsome returns on investment after only a few years. Since the opportunities for satisfactory ROI are even increased by a single party rule, we expect that you will very pleased with your new country.

    Given that you already discovered the profit potential in tax increases, visa fees, casinos, public biddings, and state lotteries, your election expenses should amortise rather quickly. In addition, there will be enough funds to secure the necessary amount of farmer's votes in the next election. Since the conventional election process is very troublesome, and since it involves many uncertainties and hazards, may we suggest that you use the service of an auction house in 2009?

    Sincerely, X-Pat

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    Re: Letter To The Prime Minister

    "Dear Mr. X-pat,
    the prime Minister likes to thank you for the warm welcome and wants to visit you in Bangkok. Please tell us your adress, we will be there in a few minutes."

    The Prime Minister´s personal security

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    Re: Letter To The Prime Minister

    Dear Mr. "x-pat"!

    We find it quite annoying to read your statement where you try, in a highly morbid manner, to blackmail our efforts to move our impoverished citizens and countrymen to wealth and financial safety.

    The name of our Party presents exactly what we do and always will keep in mind with our beloved country and its wonderful people.

    We only need them to fully support us - so to secure our power to the fullest, that we can make sure that there will be no disturbing interference through others in the years to come - so that we can continue our good work for the good of the country and our so much beloved fellow countrymen.

    We will lay the foundation of an new and great empire. One day our beloved countrymen will be nothing but proud of us.

    best regards

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    Re: Letter To The Prime Minister

    ... Whether arriving via helicopter, in the serenity of The Bangkok Hilton´s private boat, or limousine, guests can enjoy the perfect blend of gracious Thai hospitality and unsurpassed luxury that make their stay an unforgettable experience.


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