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Krankenhaus in Pattaya, die Nummer 2?

Erstellt von bkk999, 01.02.2010, 00:21 Uhr · 40 Antworten · 7.190 Aufrufe

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    Re: Krankenhaus in Pattaya, die Nummer 2?

    Stimmt, da war ich auch in vielen Faellen. Es gibt aber jeweils zwei, in Siracha ist es das erste links, ca, in Hoehe Tuk Com, in Satahip ist es das Millitary Hospital an der grossen Kreuzung rechts, am Lotus vorbei fahren.

    Beides ca. 30-45 Minuten Fahrzeit, english kein Problem, Deutsch Fehlanzeige

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    Re: Krankenhaus in Pattaya, die Nummer 2?

    Das Pattaya-Memorial hat vor etwa 10 Monaten sein Konzept umgestellt.
    Während bis dato auch Thais mit der gesetzlichen Minimal-Versicherung als Kunden akzeptiert wurden, hat sich das Krankenhaus inzwischen auf Kunden mit Privat-Versicherungen (...oder eben etabliertem Finanz-Background) spezialisiert.

    Das wäre dann ja soweit in Ordnung, wenn denn auch der Service entsprechend aufgerüstet worden wäre. Hier ist meiner Meinung nach allerdings noch ein starkes Defizit zum "Pattaya International" vorhanden.

    Wenn ich frei entscheiden könnte, dann würde ich mich vom Preis/Leistungs-Verhältnis — trotz der Entfernung — immer für das "Samitivej-Hospital" in Sriracha entscheiden.

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    Re: Krankenhaus in Pattaya, die Nummer 2?

    Danke allen.

    45 minuten Fahrstecke ist doch bei wöchentlichen Besuchen etwas zu viel, leider.
    Denke mal das es doch das Bangkok-Pattaya sein wird, scheint im grossen und ganzen trotz der hohen Preise auch einen wohlfühl-sicherheits Bonus hat.

    Habe meine Frau mal anrufen lassen und für eine bestimmte Sache die Preise abgefragt, das Pattaya International ist doch schon ein paar Nummern teurer.

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    Re: Krankenhaus in Pattaya, die Nummer 2?

    Zitat Zitat von bkk999",p="820829
    ...Habe meine Frau mal anrufen lassen und für eine bestimmte Sache die Preise abgefragt, das Pattaya International ist doch schon ein paar Nummern teurer.
    Verstehe ich Dich jetzt richtig, dass Du der Meinung bist, dass "Pattaya International" wäre teurer als das "Bangkok Pattaya"...?!
    Wenn ja, dann möchte ich nur noch ergänzen, dass da ganz offensichtlich ein fundamentaler Irrtum bzw. ein Missverständnis vorliegt.
    Das "Bangkok Pattaya" ist nämlich deutlich teurer als das "Pattaya International".

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    Re: Krankenhaus in Pattaya, die Nummer 2?

    mal eine kleine Preisangabe von meinen Rechnungen. Das wird kein anders Hospital in Pattaya uebertreffen.

    Bangkok Pattaya Hospital

    Wundversorgung von Nurse ca. 10 min.

    Nurse Charge 300,00 THB
    Medical Supplies 643,50 THB (Jod, Pflaster,Wattepad,
    = 943,50 THB

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    Re: Krankenhaus in Pattaya, die Nummer 2?

    Zitat Zitat von Boemski8",p="821022
    mal eine kleine Preisangabe von meinen Rechnungen
    Nurse Charge 300,00 THB
    Medical Supplies 643,50 THB (Jod, Pflaster,Wattepad,
    = 943,50 THB
    ohne Deinem damaligen Gebrechen zu nahe treten zu wollen: auf dem Lande machen wir so etwas (so wie es sich liest) selbst: Hauptinvestition 1l Jodlösung (reicht für viele, viele kleinere Operationen...) thb 112 bei Makro. Übrigens, nurse- charge: 1 Teller somtam

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    Re: Krankenhaus in Pattaya, die Nummer 2?

    Zitat Zitat von sleepwalker",p="820887
    ... dass Du der Meinung bist, dass "Pattaya International" wäre teurer als das "Bangkok Pattaya" ...
    dieser meinung war ich auch, nachdem was ich so in den letzten jahren gehoert habe. ich war bisher als tourist immer im pataya international. (wurde mir vor 20 jahren empfohlen.)

    beim naechsten bedarf wollte ich mal die loma clinik (naklua road) ausprobieren. die schicken dann glaube ich weiter zum bangkok pattaya, wenn noetig. (arbeiten irgendwie zusammen)


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    Re: Krankenhaus in Pattaya, die Nummer 2?

    In der LomaClinik ist nur Wunden- Tripper- Tollwutbehandlung möglich. Wenn es um schlimmeres geht, geh da gar nicht erst hin. Von 13-15 Uhr ist eh kein Arzt da.

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    Re: Krankenhaus in Pattaya, die Nummer 2?

    Tripperbehandlung wird in der Klinik die Nr.1 sein, wenn du keinen vorher hast, bekommste halt da einen. ;-D

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    Re: Krankenhaus in Pattaya, die Nummer 2?

    Da man immer von den Erfahrungen anderer profitieren kann,
    hier 2 Beitraege zum Bangkok Pattaya Hospital

    Hospital stay

    To my fellow Expats and those wanna be Expats.

    I moved to Thailand about 5 years ago. One of the first questions asked by my peers was “Why Thailand?”

    Those of us that live or visited here know the answer to that one…

    The second one was “what if you get sick?” Good question and I’m sure it’s on or at least crosses a lot of minds in making the move.
    A little about my background. I’m 63 almost 64. I had 3 heart stints put in about 6 years ago in the States.

    I also had Diabetes. That’s now gone completely since living here and changing my diet to mostly Thai food and eliminating a lot of the meat and potatoes and pasta I used to eat.

    My Father had his first triple bypass at age 56 and lived to go through 2 more each 10 years apart.
    Finally it was the cancer that got him at 80.

    My Mother has had a double mastectomy years ago (I think now days that may not have been necessary) and has had a triple bypass and a quadruple bypass is now 80 but still going strong.

    So as you can see my family history isn’t all that great.

    When I retied I didn’t keep my health insurance mainly because it was over $300 a month and I do have some VA coverage but not war related.

    When I got to Thailand I just used my “travel” insurance that doesn’t really cover anything.

    Then I had a friend get sick here…real sick… and they didn’t have and still don’t as to what was wrong but the “piss bag” is a lot better now and is now off the bag.

    I was visiting him one day along with Sir Hilly and we were discussing insurance or the lack of it there of and Hilly gave me the name of his Bupa ins guy and I gave him a call.

    Now as with a lot of insurances they WILL NOT cover pre-existing illness which put anything to do with my heart right out of the window. (I thought about lying but it’s hard to hide stints in a X ray and that would have canceled my INS altogether)
    But it would cover a lot of things, cancer, accidents, what was happening to Larry etc.

    Cost for me at the time was 28000 baht for a year. Now it’s about 30000. I also cover my live- in girl friend that’s been with me for 4 years and hers is about 7800.

    I know this is dragging on but I think this information may be valuable to some of you.
    Getting back to the (heart) of the matter.

    When I had the stints done the first time that artery was 80-90% blocked the other was 40-50.

    After 6 years I figured things would be catching up to me and it was time to go in for some test.
    Let’s just say some preventing measures needed to be taken.

    First up a 256 slice CT scan of my heart.

    I walked in to Bangkok hospital on a Tues. Morning at 8 am never being there before, not having a DR or any kind of recommendations or appointment and by 2PM that day walked out with full results of the scan in writing and a CD in living color of my heart and the results and recommendations on what to do…

    It’s what I expected, my other artery was now 70-90% blocked and that’s not a good sign.

    Price for the Scan and visit 17000 baht $513.00. Don’t know what this would run in the States but guarantee you it would be considerably more.

    Because this is all heart related these expenses will all be out of pocket.
    I went to my Doctor here in Hua Hin that I’ve been seeing for 3 years and he agreed. This is something that needs to be taken care of right away.

    My choices were now this. Take care of it here or take a chance of the VA treating me back in the States.
    Well I wrote the VA and got a 12 page form letter to fill out guaranteeing nothing.

    With what I’ve read and know about the VA they can’t handle what they have now with people returning from the WARS we have going and me with a non related injury or as they say “elective surgery” would be at the very bottom of the list and it could take months if even treated at all…

    I’m very fortunate that I do have a fair amount of cash on hand that I thought I might need for an occasion like this.
    It was decided to have it done here in Thailand.

    I must say that IMHO the quality of care and expertise is bar none higher than many other places in the world. All the doctors I have worked with have been either American or UK trained. And I have great confidence in them.
    First estimate for the surgery was 350-500,000 baht. $10-15,000.

    This is being paid on my Credit card that is set up with an automatic payoff in 30 days so I never pay any interest.

    It’s also 2 fold in the since I get flyer miles.

    I call and set up an appointment for 4 days later and off to the Hospital I go.

    Standard procedure is a 1-4 hour surgery, one night in ICU, 1 night in the regular room and then home.
    Well didn’t quite turn out that way but close.

    The surgery was extensive. 2 angioplasty balloons and 4 stints 2 of which were Y stints.

    The Dr. did get 1 angioplasty and 1 Y stint for free. Stints can run anywhere from 60-150,000 THB each.

    So I spent 1 night in ICU 1 night in ICCU (a step down) and 2 nights in a standard room.

    What’s a Y stint?

    The single is the same thing but doesn’t split off.

    And a couple of picture for ya.

    Why? Why do ya think they call me Foto…

    Some of the room. this room had to be 70 sqm

    Full size bathroom and shower

    Kitchen area has good size ref, micro wave, hot water pt and dishes

    In room safe and large closet

    Some views

    The food

    Bottom line, what did it cost??

    611,590 THB or $18,452.00 + the $513. For the scan.

    Was it worth it?

    The whole thing was geared to preventing a heart attack or stroke, going through what my parents went through.

    I’m standing up, walking around; feeling good and my dick’s hard enough to drive nails with… So for me, IMO, yeah. It was worth it!!!

    My advice here is don’t be afraid to seek out medical care here because of the quality or the cost.

    Unless you live in a country that provides free health care this far beats the alternative which could be dying.

    BTW the cost in the States for the stints I had before was well over 100K.

    ein negativer Bericht von jemand anderem

    When I smashed my should up, I went for a consultation at Pattaya International Soi 4 with their "spine" consultant. He looked at the XRays and said that there was nothing that could be done as the socket was to badly smashed. I was preparing to return to the UK when I received a call from him, saying that he had discussed the issue with a specialist colleague in BKK and that there was a new procedure that was available. I contacted my insurers and advised them to contact PI. Anyways, after 24 hrs, I received a call back,saying that I had a choice either to have the op in Thailand or be flown home first class. I decided to stay on in Thailand anyway for another few months so I went back to see the "specialist" again. Although I couldn't claim for my first consultation (900 baht) this one was on insurance. He described the pinning and plating procedure to me and I took along a good friend to hear what he had to say. I decided to have the op and was admitted the next day into a very nice suite overlooking Pattaya, with all the mod cons. They even brought in a bed for Mrs P to stay with me. I had the op and was told that everything was fines and that I should start physio in a week. The bill came to around 300,000 baht. I was surprised that the insurers agreed and I had to pay the first £100 excess.

    Downhill form there though. banghead.gif I guess the specialist's wife needed a new washing machine and mod cons for the house and this was a nice little earner. I went for daily physio and clearly with all the pain and lack of mobility, there was something wrong, and it was not getting any better. I continued for another 4 weeks, after seeing the Doc a few more times who assured me that everything would be better and eventually I would regain up to 80% of movement.

    On my return back to UK I went to see a leading shoulder specialist in Surrey, and I still recall the expression on his face when he looked at the XRAY ans saw hundreds of pieces of Mecano screwed into me, including a ..... that had gone right the way to the other site of the ball joint and grating on the socket. In technical terms he told me it was a complete .... up. banghead.gif

    I went in for an op 4 weeks later and had all of the metal work removed and the who thing manipulated and rest. If I had gone straight home in the first place, I would have a lot better movement than I am now stuck with for the rest of my life and will never be able to do the Mexican wave again.

    At the end of the day, everything is money in Thailand, right down to health care. Is it always value for money ??? I would say no.
    natuerlich kann man mit einer Behandlung auch Pech haben,
    persoenlich hab ich im Bangkok Pattaya Hospital positive Erfahrungen gemacht.
    (Auch das vegetarische Diabetikeressen ist koestlich)

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