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Kanadischer .............. zu Haftstrafe verurteilt

Erstellt von Hippo, 15.08.2008, 09:34 Uhr · 52 Antworten · 4.903 Aufrufe

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    Re: Kanadischer .............. zu Haftstrafe verurteilt

    morgen wird ein anderer .............. aus der Haft entlassen

    Gary Glitter wird wieder singen,


    The government is "turning a blind eye" to British 5ex tourists and failing to prevent abuse despite having laws in place for 10 years, claims a charity.

    The Home Office said the UK had tough laws but children's charity Ecpat UK wants an overhaul of the way Britain deals with nationals convicted abroad.

    It wants offenders returned to the UK, put on the 5ex offenders register, and in some cases have travel restricted.

    Gary Glitter is due to be freed from a Vietnamese jail and deported to the UK.

    The report from the children's rights charity comes ahead of the ex-pop star being deported by the Vietnamese government after serving 27 months in prison for child molestation.

    The 63 year old, whose real name is Paul Francis Gadd, was convicted in 2006 for molesting two Vietnamese girls aged 11 and 12.

    He had his three-year sentence cut last year under a national amnesty, and is due to be sent back to Britain on Tuesday. He will then be interviewed by UK police and required to sign the 5ex offenders' register.

    But Ecpat said tools to protect children were not being used fully by the British authorities, with only five 5ex offenders prosecuted for abuse abroad since 1997.

    It said this compared with more than 65 prosecutions by US authorities and over 25 by Australian authorities.

    The charity - which campaigns against the commercial 5exual exploitation of children - said between 2006 and 2008 at least 15 British nationals were charged in Thailand alone for the 5exual abuse of children.

    And others have been prosecuted in India, Ghana, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Albania. Many had been teachers or volunteers in orphanages, said Epcat.

    Ministers should return offenders to the UK immediately after sentencing so they can be placed on the 5ex offenders register, risk-assessed and managed, said the report.

    Director of Ecpat Christine Beddoe said it was often only cases involving celebrities that caught public attention, and that it was too easy for abusers to stay off the radar of British police.

    "The biggest problem is in the twilight zone of international jurisdictions when offenders don't come back to the UK immediately. They go from one country to the next or they may stay underground in the first country where the offence has taken place. We lose track of them."

    Joint investigations

    The report also said future foreign travel should be restricted, where appropriate.

    The charity argued Foreign Travel Orders (FTO) - civil orders developed to restrict the travel by UK registered 5ex offenders - had not been used enough.

    An FTO requires an offender to notify police if he or she intends to travel and the information is shared with police at the destination.

    If there is evidence an offender intends to commit an offence abroad they can prevent them from visiting that country or travelling at all.

    The Home Office said five FTOs were granted between 2004/5 and 2006/7.

    More than 3,000 similar bans have been issued to prevent football hooligans travelling.

    Ecpat's report also made the following recommendations:

    • The UK should develop stronger bilateral co-operation relationships with relevant countries.

    • Joint investigation teams should be developed with other national law enforcement agencies.

    • Agreements with foreign governments should be constructed to deport and chaperone convicted offenders back to the UK, to be placed on the 5ex Offenders Register.

    Meanwhile, the Home Office said while more could always be done to keep children safe, the UK had "some of the toughest laws in the world".

    It added that a recent change to the law meant those who commit 5ex offences against children abroad now faced prosecution in the UK.

    This "sends a strong message to so-called 5ex-tourists that they won't get away with targeting other countries with less strict controls than the UK," said the Home Office spokesman.

    "From the autumn, we also intend to make registered 5ex offenders notify the police of any travel abroad."

    They added that Britain had recently signed the Council of Europe's Convention on the Protection of Children from 5exual Exploitation and Abuse, "which sets standards to ensure that countries criminalise the 5exual exploitation and abuse of children".

    Last month new rules came into force which meant that British "5ex tourists" who abuse children abroad could face prosecution in the UK even if their actions were legal in the country they visited.

    In some countries, possessing indecent images of children is not illegal, or the age of consent is lower than 16.

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    Re: Kanadischer .............. zu Haftstrafe verurteilt

    noch ein Wort zur Bundeswehr,
    die mit ihrem Afgahnistaneinsatz die afgahnische Kultur wieder herstellen.

    was für eine Kultur das ist ?

    Egypt, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Pakistan, India, and the Middle East: In the rural villages of these countries many young girls are rarely allowed out of their homes unless it is to work in the fields or to get married.

    These uneducated girls are often married off at the young age of 11. Some families allow girls who are only 7 years old to marry. It is very unusual for a girl to reach the age of 16 and not be married.

    * [highlight=yellow:ecd7fa220e]In Afghanistan , it is believed that between 60 and 80 percent of marriages are forced marriages.[/highlight:ecd7fa220e]
    naja, andere Länder, andere Sitten,
    oder so ähnlich

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    Re: Kanadischer .............. zu Haftstrafe verurteilt

    Erwiesen ist das solche Menschen nicht heilbar/therapierbar sind. Somit sind jegliche Gutachten von Psychologen etc. nur Makulatur und somit wertlos.
    Die logische Schlussfolgerung kann also nur sein zum Schutze unserer Kinder das man sie definitiv für immer aus der Gemeinschaft entfernt.
    Der Gesetzgeber hat dafür Sorge und Verantwortung zu tragen.
    Jeder Straftäter der auf freien Fuss gesetzt wird ist eine potentielle Gefahr. Jedes Kind das durch eine Wiederholungsstraftat zu schaden kommt ist eines zu viel.

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    Re: Kanadischer .............. zu Haftstrafe verurteilt


    Selbiges hat GazProm-Gerhard vor Jahren schon verkündet.

    Aber es wurde schon so viel versprochen.

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    Re: Kanadischer .............. zu Haftstrafe verurteilt

    Also mich erinnert das an das Wolfgang-Ambros-Lied: "Der Hofer".

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    Re: Kanadischer .............. zu Haftstrafe verurteilt


    hab da jetzt nicht alles gelesen. Beim "Hofer" gehts jedenfalls darum, dass eine Hetzjagd nach dörflichem Schema auf den Falschen veranstaltet wird.


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    Re: Kanadischer .............. zu Haftstrafe verurteilt


    Gary Glitter darf nicht nach Thailand

    'Heart attack' halts Glitter trip

    Former pop star Gary Glitter has refused to board a flight to the UK, saying he was having a heart attack.

    He was earlier deported from Vietnam after spending almost three years in jail for 5exually abusing two girls.

    Glitter, 64, real name Paul Francis Gadd, had arrived at Bangkok in Thailand, where he was to change planes and fly back to the UK.

    But he refused to leave the airport, demanding to be allowed to stay in Thailand or another Asian country.

    Glitter sold millions of records as a glam rock star in the 1970s, with hits including I'm the Leader of the Gang.

    He had been met at Bangkok airport by immigration officials to ensure he caught his connecting flight.

    But BBC correspondent Jonathan Head said the British policeman accompanying Glitter had been unable to persuade him to board the plane to the UK.

    Glitter has been refused entry to Thailand, despite a plea for medical treatment there.

    Our correspondent said Glitter was stuck at the airport, unwilling to face the reception in the UK, but unable to go anywhere else.

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    Re: Kanadischer .............. zu Haftstrafe verurteilt

    da er persona non grata ist kann er den flughafen ja zum glueck nicht verlassen und die thais werden es auch nicht aendern,sind ja schon wenigstens nicht auf seinen gefakten herzanfall reingefallen
    sie haben ja schon damit gedroht ihn nach vietnam zurueckzuschicken,die haetten dann wieder ihre freude mit ihm dort,wollten ihn ja schon nicht business klasse fliegen lassen,da er als ..........r es nicht verdient haette verwoehnt zu werden,konnte er nur holzklasse buchen,ist dann aber doch in der business befoerdert worden

    gruesse matt

    schade das sie ihn rausgelassen haben

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    Re: Kanadischer .............. zu Haftstrafe verurteilt

    Soweit ich es bisher mitbekommen habe in den Medien wurde Glitter bereits in ein Maschine Richtung London verfrachtet, die Thais haben ihn aus dem Transitbereich rausgeschmissen, nachdem er versucht hat nach Thailand einzureisen.

    Video dazu, es sitzt bereits in der Maschine und wird von Reportern umlagert:
    Somit weiss jeder Fluggast, welches Schwein da neben ihm sitzt. Schade das ich nicht hinter ihm sitzen konnte, denn er haette alle paar Minuten einen kraeftigen Fusstritt in seine Rueckenlehne bekommen. Glaube kaum, das sich darueber eine Stewardess bei mir beschwert haette. Und haette Glitter das Maul aufgemacht, dann haette ich frischen Kaffee bestellt, der mir ´ganz aus Versehen´ nach vorne ueber die Lehne schwappt beim Aufstehen.

    In ein paar Stunden wird der Flieger in London landen, dann gibt es aktuelle News von dem .............

    Chock dii, hello_farang

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    Re: Kanadischer .............. zu Haftstrafe verurteilt

    ne, ne, der will weiter machen

    Glitter is on flight to Hong Kong

    BANGKOK: -- Former pop star Gary Glitter has left Bangkok on a flight to Hong Kong, Thai police have said.

    He was earlier deported from Vietnam after spending almost three years in jail for 5exually abusing two girls.

    Glitter, 64, real name Paul Francis Gadd, arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, to catch a connecting flight to the UK.

    But he boarded a Thai Airways flight to the Chinese territory Hong Kong after refusing to leave Bangkok airport to return to the UK, police said.

    Thai immigration officials had barred him from entering Thailand after he said he wanted to remain in the country or go to another Asian country.

    The Home Office has confirmed Glitter was issued with a new British passport in recent months, which will make it easier for him to enter a third country.

    -- BBC 2008-08-20

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