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engl. Artik. aus Patt. Mail - Thail. in WWII

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    engl. Artik. aus Patt. Mail - Thail. in WWII

    Pattaya Mail 24. May 2001

    On May 11, 1939 the government of Siam officially changed the name of
    the country to Thailand (meaning ‘land of the free’).

    That same year saw the start of the Second World War and seven days
    after the German invasion of Poland and five days after the British
    and French declaration of war on Germany, the Thai government
    announced it would remain neutral.

    On June 12, 1940 a treaty of friendship was signed between Thailand
    and Japan in Tokyo. Not putting all their eggs in one basket, the Thai
    government also signed treaties of non-aggression with Britain and
    France in Bangkok on the same day. Of course, no one was under any
    illusion about the true value of any of these treaties. As with the
    German and Russian 10-year non-aggression pact, they weren’t worth the
    paper they were written on.

    The Japanese Fifteenth Army invaded Thailand at nine separate points
    on December 8, 1941, but after just five hours of resistance the
    Pibbul Songgram government ordered a cease-fire and gave permission
    for the Japanese to travel unhindered through Thailand. On December
    21, the government signed a 10-year treaty of alliance with Japan.

    Then, on January 25, 1942, Thailand, honouring its alliance with
    Japan, declared war on Britain, the United States and their allies.
    Seni Pramoj, the Thai ambassador to the United States, refused to
    deliver the declaration of war to the US government and organised a
    Free Thai movement.

    By May, Thai troops had been in operation against Shan forces in
    north-eastern Burma. In July 1943, the Japanese rewarded Thailand by
    giving her the four northern Malay states of Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan
    and Terengganu and two of the Shan states in upper Burma.

    Having also been given large slabs of the former French Indochina, the
    war was looking good for Thailand in terms of increased territory.

    However, by July 1944, it was clear Japan was going to lose the war
    and on the 24th of that month Pibbul Songgram was forced to resign as
    Prime Minister by the National Assembly.

    In June 1945, Admiral Louis Mountbatten, the British supreme commander
    for South-East Asia, recommended that the Free Thai Movement (a group
    of dissidents composed mainly of the elite of society) be given arms
    and training by British special forces.


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