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Yi Peng Festival in Chiang Mai - 19. - 27. November 2004

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    Yi Peng Festival in Chiang Mai - 19. - 27. November 2004

    "Fireworks in the sky - Chiang Mai prepares for the annual Yi Peng Festival when lanterns are launched lighting up the night

    Bangkok Post - 21. Oktober 2004

    Fireworks in the sky

    Loy Krathong, Lanna style

    Those who dream of Chiang Mai of the yesteryear should not miss the Yi Peng Festival scheduled November 19-27 as the local administration promises to put its best spin on this most traditional of Lanna celebrations by showcasing its true heritage and culture.

    Organisers hope to take visitors back centuries by decorating the city in Lanna style during the nine-day festivities that will feature activities ranging from religious rites and merit-making to dance and cultural performances.

    "Yi Peng" in Lanna dialect means full moon of the second lunar month, that is usually in November. It is the time to mark Loy Krathong, a time when Thai people throughout the country release lotus-shaped floats made from banana leaves into rivers and canals.

    In the past, Yi Peng basically involved merit-making rites around temples where people went to offer monks alms, but today it has expanded to accommodate other fun-filled activities.

    The celebration starts on the 13th day of the waxing moon when Lanna people go shopping and prepare food to offer monks. The next day Buddhist rites are performed when people offer alms to monks and also donate food to the poor. And on full moon night they release elaborately decorated krathong , or flower floats into rivers and waterways.

    Traditionally, the Lanna people of north Thailand decorate temples, streets, and their homes with banana trunk, sugar cane and coconut leaves. They light up various types of lanterns to illuminate temples and to honour Lord Buddha.

    Lively activities mark Yi Peng Festival

    The lanterns adorning temples are usually made from bamboo, but there also are star-shaped lanterns that are hung before Buddha´s statues and cone-shaped paper lanterns that tantalising cast shadows of different colours.

    The highlight of Yi Peng is the launching of flying lanterns attached to white silk balloons. After dark Lanna people launch hundreds of these lanterns into the sky, a sight that is truly spectacular.

    They believe the lanterns will go all the way to the Sacred Pagoda in heaven. The higher it goes, the greater the fortune it will bring. Some people also believe that releasing the lantern is a way to rid themselves of bad omen.

    Light from the lantern stands for wisdom, the guiding light of life, and if they give it to a monk it will help enhance their wisdom.

    This year´s celebrations are also dedicated to Her Majesty the Queen who turned 72 last August, said Chiang Mai mayor Boonlert Buranupakorn, who has assembled craftsmen and specialists in Lanna art, costume, design and way of life to present visitors with a true picture of the province´s rich cultural past.

    The city square has been chosen as venue for the launch ceremony on November 19 when a host of other performances are also scheduled.

    Tourist can walk around the local market on Ratcha Damnoen Road and buy various local products and handicraft. A Thai-style fair will be held at Tha Pae Gate, while the Statue of Three Kings has been chosen as venue for stage performances.

    On November 25, floating lantern and fireworks contests are scheduled, backed by a concert at Tha Pae Gate. On November 26, boat races will be held on Ping River in front of the municipal office, followed by flower float and beauty contests.

    On the last day, November 27, the final round of the beauty contest will be held at Tha Pae. The same day huge floral floats will be paraded around town."


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