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Thailands Bäume brauchen Schutz

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    Thailands Bäume brauchen Schutz

    Der Baumschwund hat in Thailand mittlerweile eine Geschwindigkeit angenommen, dass Fachleute mit Erschrecken die Veränderungen auf den aktuellen Satelittenbilder zur Kenntnis nehmen.

    Daher ermahnte die Königin in ihrer Geburtstagsansprache nochmals ihre Landsleute.

    Queen laments loss of forests in birthday speech
    Her Majesty the Queen yesterday expressed concern over unchecked deforestation, which could lead to shortages of fresh water in the near future.Published on August 12, 2007

    In a speech on the occasion of her 75th birthday, HM the Queen said she had campaigned vigorously against deforestation for decades but the efforts seemed to be fruitless.

    If the country's forest land continues to be destroyed, supplies of fresh water will rapidly dwindle and run out in the next two decades, she said.

    Her Majesty urged the government and the public to help preserve existing forests and promote new forest plantations so that people will not suffer from droughts in the near future.

    If the situation is not properly managed, the country might be forced to buy water from other nations and the poor will suffer the most, she warned.

    heutiger Leserbrief in der BkkPost

    Shame so many find nature inconvenient

    For the past year, my family and I have been regular visitors to the
    Buatong waterfall and Buatong Lae Namphu Chet Si forest park, which
    lie in the wooded hills that surround our hometown of Chiang Mai. My
    two young daughters love the short walk through the trees to the
    spring, which reflects the beautiful colours of the fern fronds and
    trees that fringe the bubbling waters.

    A rustic notice board describes the legend of a princess who once
    sought refuge in this magnificent forest, and how pure water sprang
    from the seven-coloured fountain to quench her royal thirst. Well, not
    any more!

    This afternoon, we were dismayed to find that the trees that used to
    shade the spring have been removed. The leafy ferns that surrounded
    the once clear pool have been dug up and garden flowers have been
    planted in their place. The entire area surrounding the seven-coloured
    fountain has been cleared and fenced. What used to be a unique and
    beautiful forest spring is now a monochrome pool in a muddy field.

    My six-year-old daughter asked me who had taken all the trees away,
    and so we went in search of answers. At the office of the National
    Park Service, an attendant politely explained that the area had been
    tidied up in order to make it more appealing to tour groups from
    Bangkok, who had apparently complained about the inconvenience caused
    by such a large number of trees in the forest.

    May I respectfully suggest that if visitors from Bangkok (or anywhere
    else) do not wish to see so many trees, that they keep away from
    wooded areas?

    It saddens me to see the senseless destruction of such a beautiful
    place by the very people who are responsible for its protection. I
    fear for the future of Thailand's natural treasures, which seem to be
    disappearing rapidly for the sake of convenience and profit.


    Chiang Mai

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    Re: Thailands Bäume brauchen Schutz

    für viele Thais ist die Fauna und Flora zunächst etwas, was man benutzt und nicht was man beschützt.
    Deshalb ist der Aufruf der Königin nur zu begrüssen.

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