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Thai Viet - die vietnamesischen Thais

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    Thai Viet - die vietnamesischen Thais

    Noch heute leben in Nord Vietnam einige thailändische Bergstämme, die die schwarzen Thai und die weißen Thai genannt werden,
    und am Ufer des schwarzen Flusses leben.

    Unlängst wurde ein historisches 200 seitiges Buch in Thai Schrift gefunden.

    VietNamNet Bridge – Mr. Vi Dinh Khuyen from Muong Dan Village in the central province of Nghe An has discovered a 200-page book, each page of which contains 7 horizontal lines of Thai letters.

    The cover is made of white coarse cloth. The paper is a traditional type of rhamnoneuron paper. After discovering the book, Mr. Khuyen gave it as a gift to the Thai Language Club in his district for exhibition purposes.

    According to some Thai language experts, this is an ancient book of the Thai people living in the area, the language of whom was widely used in Que Phong District in Nghe An and in the southwest of Thanh Hoa Province.

    The contents of the book are being studied by experts.

    Son La keeps ancient Thai script alive

    Thai people have lived in Viet Nam for more than 2000 years. Now it seems that their writings will fade before they do. Thai Hung & Trung Hieu report.

    The museum in Son La Province is working hard to preserve the books of the ancient Thai minority group, who have been in Viet Nam since the first millennium BC, according to ethnologist Cam Trong.

    The Thai people make up 56 per cent of the northern mountainous province’s population, and their ancient script is in danger of being lost. As Trong describes, "Their long-standing existence means that their Thai written language has become a precious cultural heritage, and serves as a way to record traditional customs and beliefs of the minority group. However, the books of ancient Thai letters are fading into oblivion," he said.

    The Son La museum has collected 1,031 books of ancient Thai script from Thai ethnic minority villages with support from the National Programme to Preserve and Develop Vietnamese Intangible Cultural Heritage.

    The collection is comprised of 612 books on literature and arts, 250 books on beliefs and customs and 109 books on history. Some of the books are quite valuable, such as Khun Lu Nang Ua and Song Chu Son Sao which describe young people’s love, and Quam To Muong and Quam Khun Tinh which describe history of Thai people.

    Many of the preservation rooms are insufficient. They do not have air conditioners or even fans. The museum staff can only preserve the books with a few kinds of common chemicals.

    Consequently, the ancient books are being damaged, particularly those made of do natural, handmade paper, which are very hard to recover.

    The museum deputy director, Nguyen Ngoc Hien, said because of obsolete preservation equipment, some books have become spotted or damaged by termites and moths.

    "We have asked several times for the authorities to build a new warehouse for the books and provide better facilities for preservation, but we still have not received proper investment," he said.

    The provincial Department of Culture and Information initiated a project in 2003 to collect and translate the ancient Thai books, however so far the project has not received the necessary attention.

    There are currently only five people in Son La who can read the ancient Thai script, including the 70- year-old folklorist Vi Trong Lien, Hoang Tran Nghich and Lo Van La who live in Son La Township.

    Most of Thai young people can speak the language but they cannot use the script as a local writing system.

    Folklorist Vi Trong Lien called for a curriculum to teach Thai letters in primary school for Thai pupils in order to preserve and develop Thai ancient letters.

    "If we cannot do that, once our generation dies, the next generation will find it very hard to study and develop ancient Thai script. The risk that the ancient Thai script is forgotten is hard to avoid," he said.

    The province has opened several classes to teach Thai script to the local armed forces, following textbooks by teachers Hoang Tran Nghich and Luong Hai Nhi that include 91 lessons that address folk ballads, proverbs, virtues, lifestyle, and traditional customs of the Thai.

    The province has also opened five classes to Thai people in Phieng Luong, Co, Chau, Pot, La and Lau villages of Son La Town.

    Ethnologist Cam Trong, who is in charge of the Tai Study Programme, supported by the Ha Noi National University, which aims to recover and develop the ancient Thai script, said the province should focus on compiling and translating books with ancient Thai script to form a system of textbooks to teach young Thai people.

    "The province should invest in buying modern equipment to better preserve the old Thai books," he said. — VNS


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