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Schicht in Phuket - einfach zu voll

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    Schicht in Phuket - einfach zu voll

    Überspitzt gesagt lauten die Forderungen,
    schluss mit Pennertourismus,

    wie in Spanien vor 20 Jahren,
    will man die Billigunterkünfte systematisch ausdünnen,
    um zum (upgrading tourism resources) upgeradeten (Qualitäts-)Touristen zu kommen.
    Der freie Singeltourist mit kleinem Budget ist ist das Auslaufmodel.

    Nachdem Phuket letztes Jahr 5 Mio. ausl. Touristen hatte, will man diese Menge nicht weiter überschreiten, weil ein weiteres Ansteigen zur völligen Zerstörung der Insel führe.

    Es wäre besser, wenn man den Billigtourismus in die th. Südprovinzen leitet.

    TAT urged to limit Phuket tourists
    [highlight=yellow:fd5f12a5a3]"Tourists destroy the island"[/highlight:fd5f12a5a3]

    PHUKET: -- The Phuket Tourist Association has urged the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to limit the number of travellers to the island to a maximum of 5 million a year, due to a lack of hotel rooms and services.

    Association president Maitree Narukatpichai, also director of the Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort and Spa, said the island received almost 5 million international tourists last year, with more than 5 million expected this year.

    As a result, the province faces having insufficient accommodation, tourism services and labour. He also warned of attractions and the environment being destroyed by tourists.

    [highlight=yellow:fd5f12a5a3]Maitree said the TAT should try to draw tourists of quality rather than in quantity, in order to preserve Phuket as a high-end destination.[/highlight:fd5f12a5a3]

    "There are 30,000 hotel rooms in Phuket, with an average annual occupancy rate of 70 per cent and bringing in revenues of Bt70 billion a year. This should be enough for Phuket," said Maitree.

    The island is expected to have 1,000 more rooms within the next few years, but most will be small boutique resorts with expensive rates.

    Methee Tanmanatrakul, managing director of Holiday Villa Phuket, said Phuket could transform itself into a centre of tourism, spreading tourists into neighbouring areas like Krabi, Phang Nga and Koh Samui.

    He suggested the TAT promote other destinations in the South rather than limit the number of tourists in Phuket, especially in the low season. The TAT should try to make tourists stay longer in the country.

    Too many tourists in Phuket could cause security problems, particularly since the Bangkok bombings on New Year's Eve. "We're very concerned about tourists' safety, despite Phuket being free of bombings," said Methee.

    Maitree said the government had provided 150 additional police in all tourist places and public areas in Phuket, in order to restore tourists' confidence, while operators were adding more security measures.

    Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA) president Apichart Sankary said safety was the most important factor in keeping tourists coming to the Kingdom.

    "If another bombing were to happen in a main tourist destination like Phuket, it would destroy the whole country," warned Apichart.

    ATTA reported that since January 1, some tourists had cancelled their trips to Thailand, mostly from Asian markets like Malaysia, Singapore, China and Japan. However, Western tourists were still confirming their travel to Thailand after having paid for their trips earlier.

    The Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the TAT held a meeting in Phuket yesterday to compile tourism strategies for Phuket and other destinations in the South.

    Minister Suvit Yodmani said the government was trying to establish flight routes for Phuket with Ranong and Hat Yai. He also wanted to develop a community in Phuket - Maenam Dum village - as a home-stay destination.

    [highlight=yellow:fd5f12a5a3]Authorities said they would focus on higher-quality tourists this year.[/highlight:fd5f12a5a3] The ministry has a target of 14.8 million international tourists generating revenues of Bt547 billion, while domestic travel is expected to comprise 82 million trips and revenues of Bt377 billion.

    The South is the key to success, because it features a variety of products with which to attract tourists from all over the world.

    New TAT governor ....siri Manoharn said 13 million trips were made by tourists and locals into 14 provinces in the South last year, higher than the expected figure of 12 million. Revenues of Bt121 billion were higher than the original projection of Bt96 billion.

    She said airlines like Dragon Air of Hong Kong and Air Macao were flying more tourists to Phuket.

    --The Nation 2007-01-09

    [highlight=yellow:fd5f12a5a3]"High quality" tourists wanted[/highlight:fd5f12a5a3]
    Tourism Minister affirms tourism targets

    PHUKET CITY: -- Tourism and Sports Minister Dr Suwit Yodmanee yesterday affirmed the government’s national targets for 2007 of 14.8 million foreign tourists and 82 million Thai tourists, with earnings of 547,500 million baht and 377,800 million baht respectively.

    Dr Suwit announced the targets at a meeting of about 280 government and private sector representatives from the 14 southern provinces at The Metropole hotel. Delegates included Governors, Vice-Governors, police, municipal and Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) officials, travel agents and tour operators.

    The domestic tourism plan for the southern region this year is aimed at general tourists, youth and family, working and high-income people, seniors, and corporate travelers, while the foreign tourism marketing plan is aimed at “high quality free individual travelers” (FIT), families, sport groups and honeymoon couples, he said.

    The main attractions for the region were outlined as sea, sand, diving, golf, seafood and health services, but the TAT will also promote other attractions, such as culture, sports and entertainment.

    Dr Suwit said that the plan for 2007 was to target the niche market of “good quality, foreign tourists”.

    He said, “To support the growth of tourism, we must consider [highlight=yellow:fd5f12a5a3]upgrading tourism resources [/highlight:fd5f12a5a3] according to ‘star rating’ standards, but at the same time use the ‘green leaf’ standard to protect the environment.

    “We will also promote sport to attract tourists; and most importantly, help local people and communities to take part in local tourism,” he added.

    After the meeting, Dr Suwit said that the most urgent problem that local businesspeople and government agencies had notified him of was the lack of direct international flights to many popular tourist destinations in the southern provinces.

    “I will have to talk to the Transportation Ministry to find a way to help tourism in the South, such as connecting flights between Bangkok, Phuket and Haad Yai, and flights to Phang Nga, Samui and Ranong, with international flights,” he said.

    “We will also have to study the capacity of some tourism destinations such as Samui, to determine whether they can support the number of tourists and meet demand for electricity and water,” he said.

    The decades’ old idea of an international convention center in Phuket was raised again. “Phuket has requested to build a convention center [here], which I think is important; therefore I will discuss it again with the Phuket Governor,” Dr Suwit said.

    He concluded by highlighting government efforts in promoting domestic tourism and distributing tourism dollars to those still not benefiting from the tourism bonanza, while making efforts to protect the environment.

    --Phuket Gazette 2007-01-09

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    Re: Schicht in Phuket - einfach zu voll

    werd mich dann im Kampfanzug einschliesslich UZI und Handgranaten in den Liegestuhl,in den Suedprovinzen legen!
    Die spinnen ein wenig

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    Re: Schicht in Phuket - einfach zu voll

    Klingt doch relativ vernünftig ? So ungefähr würd ich mir als Touri-ort doch auch einen langfristigen Plan zurecht legen. Dass bei grosser Nachfrage nach und nach bessere Infrastruktur gebaut wird und tendenziell die günstigeren Absteigen verschwinden ist doch nur logisch. Trifft mich als Budget-touri zwar auch aber tja...

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    Re: Schicht in Phuket - einfach zu voll

    Zitat Zitat von big_cloud",p="434944
    werd mich dann im Kampfanzug einschliesslich UZI und Handgranaten in den Liegestuhl,in den Suedprovinzen legen!
    Ich glaube nicht dass die Billigtouristen nach Pattani sollen - ist wohl vielmehr die Andamanenkueste weiter suedlich gemeint. Schliesslich sind auch in Trang oder Satun sehr schoene Straende. Aber ob die wirklich mit Hotelburgen gewinnen wuerden...

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    Re: Schicht in Phuket - einfach zu voll

    Thailand ist gross genug, ich reise eh nicht nach Phuket.
    Und ein Hotel brauche ich nur bei Trips durch Thailand.
    Solange die Masse in die Gegenden Pattaya, Phuket etc. möchte ...........
    Uzi und Handgranaten......Adventureurlaub der besonderen Art, dafür durchlöchertes Hotel Rustikale gratis ala Irak.
    Als Vortraining bietet sich an......etwas Counterstrike live in der Arbeitagentur ;-D .

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    Re: Schicht in Phuket - einfach zu voll

    We will also have to study the capacity of some tourism destinations such as Samui, to determine whether they can support the number of tourists
    Da kann ich nur lachen, die ham wirklich was an der Waffel.
    Was ich im Dezember auf Samui gesehen habe, da grausts einem doch jetzt schon. Dreck überall, alle brauchbaren Strände zugebaut, die Haupttouri-Orte schon jetzt furchtbar, da is ja das Seebad noch angenehmer.
    Mal ein paar Fotos:

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    Re: Schicht in Phuket - einfach zu voll

    @DisainaM schreibt:
    "Es wäre besser, wenn man den Billigtourismus in die th. Südprovinzen leitet."

    Als Zielscheibe zum "Tontaubenschießen"?
    Kleine Prognose von mir:
    Da wird sich auch mittelfristig gar nichts ändern.

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    Re: Schicht in Phuket - einfach zu voll

    Mir kommt das Ganze so vor wie die Ankuendigung Thaksins vor einigen Jahren Koh Chang als High-Class-Touristeninsel zu vermarkten und die Billigtouristen nach Koh Kut zu schicken.
    Mit dem Hintergrund, dass die Protagonisten auf Chang Land guenstig erworben hatten.

    Phuket ist ja heute schon der teuerste Teil Thailands.
    IMHO sollen jetzt die letzten privaten Gewerbetreibenden vertrieben werden. Freie Bahn fuers Grosskapital.


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    Re: Schicht in Phuket - einfach zu voll

    @Sioux schreibt:
    "IMHO sollen jetzt die letzten privaten Gewerbetreibenden vertrieben werden. Freie Bahn fuers Grosskapital."

    Das ist der einzigste wahre Hintergrund.
    Der Tsunami kam da manchem sehr gelegen.

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