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Phuket Air vorerst an die Kette gelegt

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    Phuket Air vorerst an die Kette gelegt

    laut Fachpresse ist die Phuket Air vorerst an die Kette gelegt
    worden um alle zu checken:

    British and Thai aviation authorities clip Phuket Air's wings
    Jeremy Colson, Bangkok ( 2005-04-11 )

    THAILAND'S department of aviation has grounded Phuket Air's entire fleet and will not allow any of the carrier's 19 aircraft to fly international or domestic routes until they are deemed safe for passengers.

    Thai Department of Aviation (DoA) deputy governor, Mr Chaisak Angkasuwan, told TTG Daily News this afternoon. "We have terminated all their (Phuket Airways) flights within Thailand and overseas and we are now checking them aircraft by aircraft."

    The move by Thailand's highest aviation authority follows a demand by their UK counterparts who said in a statement on Friday they would not allow further Phuket Air flights into the UK without assurances from the Thai DoA the aircraft were up to international standard.

    Meanwhile, passengers booked to fly from Bangkok to London Gatwick at 23.50 hours this evening, were being told they would instead be booked into local hotels pending clearance by Thailand's aviation inspectorate.

    "We are planning to fly tomorrow morning at 04.00 hours using the Boeing 747-300 aircraft that we are also using on our Bangkok-Amsterdam route," said a Phuket Air spokesman.

    Earlier, the UK's Foreign & Commonwealth Office issued an air safety advisory which stated: "The UK CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) has inspected three aircraft used by Phuket Air on services to Gatwick, two of which were found not to comply fully with international
    aviation standards".

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    Re: Phuket Air vorerst an die Kette gelegt

    Phuket Air - das Jammern ist gross.....-

    bisher nur 2 Flugzeuge ( 1 B757 + 1 B747-300)
    sind durch die Kontrolle gekommen, der Rest.....
    von 17 sind 16 nicht durch die checks gekommen 1 B747 steht
    noch in London-Gatwick/England
    hier die Flotte der thail. fliegenden Billigheimern

    Phuket Air woes deepen
    Jeremy Colson, Bangkok ( 2005-04-13 )

    PHUKET Air’s problems worsened today when a government official said the carrier would be closed down if it was found the beleaguered carrier’s management was not capable of operating to international standards.

    A spokesman for transport minister, Mr Suriya Jungrungreangkit, told TTG Daily News there was a question mark over Phuket Air’s management. “This is damaging the country’s reputation as an aviation hub,” the spokesman said, adding the closure of the carrier could not be ruled out.

    Earlier, Mr Suriya’s deputy, Mr Phumtham Vejjayachai, told reporters Phuket Air could lose its licence if the airline did not improve its operations. He said: “If we conclude from inspections that Phuket Air is inefficient, its licence will be revoked.”

    Department of Aviation inspectors yesterday declared only two of Phuket Air’s aircraft were fit to fly – a Boeing 747-300 and a B757-200. Of the remaining 17 aircraft, 16 failed to pass or were not put forward for safety checks; one other – a B747 – is still grounded at London’s Gatwick Airport.

    Meanwhile, an estimated 300 would-be domestic holidaymakers holding Phuket Air tickets were at Don Muang airport this morning hoping to get a seat on alternative airlines. But most flights are already overbooked because of the Thai New Year.

    Attempts by TTG Daily News to get information from Phuket Airlines management were unsuccessful.

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    Re: Phuket Air vorerst an die Kette gelegt


    die fliegen auch noch uralte B747-200 und B747-100. Die letzte B747-200 hat 1982 das US-Werk verlassen. Das muss nicht sein.

    So long, Mike

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    Re: Phuket Air vorerst an die Kette gelegt

    In Kuerze:
    Nachdem die Flieger der Phuket Air an die Kette gelegt wurden und nach und nach
    gescheckt werden, wird der intern. Flugplan BKK-AMS v.v. wieder aufgenommen.
    Die dafuer eingesetzte nur 22 Jahre alte ex KLM B 747-300 wurde als OK eingestuft,
    und wird vor jedem Flug nochmals in Amsterdam Shiphol gescheckt
    Hauptcharterer ist die TUI-Holland

    Phuket Air pushes against odds
    Jeremy Colson, Bangkok ( 2005-04-20 )

    DESPITE having had all its aircraft grounded by Thailand’s Department of Aviation (DoA) last week, Phuket Air has not entirely given up its efforts to operate international services.

    The beleaguered carrier flew its last flight to London on Saturday and has surrendered its flight slots at Gatwick Airport, but on the same day it also launched its Amsterdam-Bangkok service.

    Originally billed as a thrice weekly flight, it has started as a twice-weekly service but Phuket Air’s international marketing director, Mr Oscar Blanco, told TTG Daily News today the service will be increased to thrice weekly next Tuesday, April 26.

    The Boeing 747-300 aircraft which received a DoA certificate of air worthiness on Friday is being used on the new service.

    Despite approval by Thailand’s safety inspectors, transport officials in Amsterdam are giving the 22-year-old former KLM Royal Dutch Airlines aircraft extensive checks prior to each flight.

    Special Journey managing director, Mr Peter de Ruiter, said the delays are only about one hour each time and are not a major concern for passengers. His company is the Thailand ground handler for TUI Holland which is feeding up to 350 passengers per flight onto the new service. However there are continuing concerns about the airline’s aircraft maintenance record.

    aus TTG Singapore

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