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    auch wenn die Reise schon stattgefunden hat,
    (oder auch nicht - kein feedback)

    so kann man einen Tip hier einfügen :

    Top ten most romantic resort in the world,
    MUTHI MAYA Forest Pool Villa, Khao Yai, Thailand
    On Feb 12, 10, Reuters reported the list of top ten most romantic resort of the world by Mr and Mrs Smith. The result revealed that one of the
    resorts in Thailand, MUTHI MAYA Forest Pool Villa in Khao Yai was ranked at No.7, while "IL SALVIATINO", Florence, Italy is ranked at No.1 and
    "THE STANDARD", New York, US is ranked at No.2

    "If calm and tranquility are your favourite romantic escape partners, you won't find better bedfellows anywhere other than at MUTHI MAYA.
    Overlooking the UNESCO-protected Khao Yai wildlife park with a breathtaking backdrop of mist-wreathed mountains, this supremely serene
    resort provides stress-melting views and an atmosphere so relaxed you'll stay supine for days." ....That is the description of MUTHI MAYA from
    the report

    MUTHI MAYA is the most high-end resort with upgraded facilities and services by Kirimaya. The founder, Kitti Thanakitamnuey, and management
    team, led by Prakard Tantiprasertsuk, are the same group of people behind success of Kirimaya Golf Resort Spa, the first and only 5-star resort in
    Khao Yai.

    "MUTHI" means "LIBERATION"
    "MAYA" means "ILLUSION"

    Together, MUTHI MAYA, is the liberation from illusion we all encounter in life. The pile of soil logo of MUTHI MAYA implies the truth of life when
    liberated from all imprisonment. Everyone is back to the most very simple origin, the nature.

    Highlight of MUTHI MAYA lies in the open architecture with oriental-style inspiration. Natural materials are carefully selected to compliment its
    natural beauty and luxury. With only one storey each, all villas are perched on the hills in different heights. Each of them boasts a multitude
    of facilities including a large Jacuzzi, a private pool and sun deck. There is also a cabana where residents can enjoy gazing at the stars in
    a starry night.

    It is the 5-star service at MUTHI MAYA that keeps the guests coming back. You will have your private Butler or Romanceologist (Romance Butler)
    who will look into all your need to complete your perfect stay. The service is available 1 on 1 and 24 hours.

    MUTHI MAYA opened to public in the beginning of 2009. It’s been 1 year of service that will only continue growing at it’s best.


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    Muthi Maya war eines der Hotels, die in die engere Wahl kamen für Khao Yai.

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