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Hi elisabeth

Erstellt von arwayne, 21.12.2004, 12:43 Uhr · 3 Antworten · 852 Aufrufe

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    Hi elisabeth

    Hello everyone, good day! sorry i couldn't write in German, i was wondering if anybody here knew about ms. elisabeth subsinmangkang, her family owns thai hosentraeger restaurant at 1/9 soi 24 sukhumvit road. just wanted to greet her a happy holiday, long time no see.

    Hope somebody replies, if any of her friends sees this.

    Thanks everyone, best regards... smile always.

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    Re: Hi elisabeth

    Unfortuneatly I don´t know Ms. Elisabeth yet, but welcome you to this virtual playground.

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    Re: Hi elisabeth

    Hello arwayne.

    Sorry, I don´t know Elisabeth, too.

    I have a question: Is the food tasty there? Can you recommend the restaurant? Is it expensive? I want to go having german menues with my Thai relatives when staying in Bangkok next year.


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    Re: Hi elisabeth

    Thanks you friends, for the reply. Yes, food is great and the place is romantic. I would have to say these are sweet memories, since my first and last visit to the place, 6 years ago. That was a long time, but the memories remain. I remember the sounds by Kenny Rogers, and the wooden tables, and the food, and the swing door, and the pretty lady standing by the side. Elisabeth. I wonder what shes doing now, or where she is right now. Lost contact with her 4 years ago.

    Anyways, its a beautiful day today, relax and be merry, smile always. Have a great day everyone. Hi elisabeth. :-)