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Zum Fall des thail. Partner v Bilfinger + Berger

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    Zum Fall des thail. Partner v Bilfinger + Berger

    Ch Karnchang Co.
    Ltd. ist der thail. Partner der deutschen Baufirma Bilfinger +
    Berger in Wiesbaden.

    Folgende Artikel aus der BKK Post :

    14 October 2002
    Fourth man charged over construction firm kidnap

    Wassayos Ngarmkham Wassana Nanuam

    Another suspect has been arrested in connection with the abduction of
    an internal auditor of construction giant Ch Karnchang.

    Chakkrapong na Pompetch, 50, was the fourth person charged with the
    Oct 11 kidnapping of Seri Pootamjai, 43, from the parking lot of the
    company in Din Daeng. He was arrested and questioned late on Saturday

    Police said the suspect admitted renting a taxi and using it to trail
    Mr Seri for several days. He also followed the team which abducted Mr
    Seri and took him to a rented house in Talingchan where the auditor
    was detained. Police found 67,000 baht in cash in the rented taxi.

    The three others were arrested on Saturday at the rented house. They
    were identified as Lt-Col Ekkamol Thanomsuk, 49, of the Supreme
    Command's Directorate of Joint Intelligence, Sompol Sribansarn, 50, an
    engineer for Ch Karnchang, and Kunakorn na Pompetch, 52.

    The four suspects were put through a crime re-enactment yesterday.
    They were charged with colluding to rob, detain and assault others,
    and of breaching the Firearms Act. Mr Kunakorn and Mr Sompol face an
    additional charge of possessing marijuana.

    Mr Chakkrapong told police his job was to follow Mr Seri and report
    his movements to Lt-Col Ekkamol. He was paid 100,000 baht. Mr Seri
    said yesterday he would stay at the Crime Suppression Division for a
    while for his own safety. He said he was threatened by Mr Kunakorn
    during the crime re-enactment.

    ``He stared at me and told me that I was dead no matter what,'' the
    auditor said.

    Mr Seri denied reports that he extorted money from the company. He
    said the money paid to him was a reward for reducing the company's
    outstanding taxes from 500-600 million baht to about 40 million baht.
    ``I think some people in the company might have misunderstood
    something about me. Some press reports say that I handed over the
    company's financial reports to the Revenue Department. That is not
    true,'' he said.

    Sudarat Salelanont, a C-6 official of the Revenue Department, declined
    to comment on the case and denied that she had an affair with Mr Seri.

    A source close to the investigation said officials at the Revenue
    Department were suspected of doctoring the books to make it look as
    though Ch Karnchang owed only 40 million baht in taxes. Mr Seri had
    been given 60 million baht to clear the tax payments and pay bribes to
    those involved, the source alleged.

    The company paid the 40 million baht last year. Mr Seri allegedly
    extorted millions from the company, threatening to expose supposed tax
    evasion. Some company executives were suspected of hiring the team to
    kidnap him. Company representatives were unavailable for comment

    ``The company became suspicious and started investigating Mr Seri. It
    found that he and Ms Sudarat are very close,'' the source said.

    Lt-Gen Pitsanu Lerturai, chief of the Supreme Command's Civilian
    Affairs Department, said Lt-Col Ekkamol would be tried in a civilian
    court, although the officer could ask to be detained at the 11th Army
    Circle. A source in the Supreme Command said Lt-Col Ekkamol's alleged
    involvement came as a shock because his record was untainted.

    15 October 2002
    Firm's offices raided

    Revenue Dept to probe tax fraud

    Post reporters

    Police raided the offices of construction giant Ch Karnchang yesterday
    as the Revenue Department said it would investigate the firm for tax

    The move follows allegations of fraud connected to the recent
    abduction of the company's internal auditor.

    Sixty Crime Suppression Division officers searched the firm's
    engineering department and its accounting and financial division. Some
    staff inside the Wiriya Thavorn building in Din Daeng were questioned
    and documents seized from executive offices.

    Four suspects, including Lt-Col Ekkamol Thanomsuk of the Supreme
    Command and Ch Karnchang employees, have already been arrested and
    charged with the abduction last week of Seri Pootamjai, the company's
    internal auditor, who was later rescued by police.

    Police investigators have speculated that Mr Seri was involved in
    bribing Revenue Department officials to reduce the company's tax
    payments. The kidnapping occurred after Mr Seri allegedly attempted to
    extort additional funds from Ch Karnchang.

    Mr Seri has denied any wrongdoing.

    Securities regulators also said they were monitoring the case closely
    for possible violations of accounting and disclosure rules.

    Suparut Kawatkul, director-general of the Revenue Department, said any
    officials found to be involved in tax evasion or fraud would be
    prosecuted. It was too early to say whether Ch Karnchang's tax
    payments had been irregular or not.

    Different conclusions could be drawn from the case, with one
    possibility being that various parties were intent on covering up past
    fraud, either with or without the complicity of department officials.

    Suchart Jaovisidha, a deputy finance minister, said an investigation
    into whether any tax evasion occurred was likely to be concluded
    within one month.

    Pliew Trivisawawej, Ch Karnchang's chief executive officer, denied any
    knowledge about the abduction and insisted his company's financial
    statements had been properly prepared in line with Thai accounting

    Statements had also been certified by external auditors Ernst and
    Young, and screened by the firm's independent auditors, according to
    Prasert Marittana...., Ch Karnchang executive vice-president for
    accounting and finance.

    According to statements filed with the Stock Exchange of Thailand, Ch
    Karnchang paid taxes of 135 million baht last year on net profits of
    2.6 billion. The Securities and Exchange Commission said it had
    directed Ch Karnchang to clarify the recent events but that the firm
    had failed to do so. SEC director Saranya Chindavanig said the firm's
    past financial statements would be investigated if the Revenue
    Department concluded that tax evasion had occurred.

    16 October 2002
    Special audit ordered of firm's accounts to uncover tax fraud

    Kidnap suspect had hoped to win contract

    Wassayos Ngamkham

    Revenue Department specialists will make a special audit of the
    accounts of construction giant Ch Karnchang, as the investigation into
    suspected tax fraud gets under way.

    They were called in by police probing allegations the firm doctored
    its ledgers and bribed tax officials to reduce outstanding taxes from
    about 400 million baht to about 40 million baht.

    Police seized company documents in a raid on Ch Karncharng's offices
    on Monday.

    A police source yesterday said company representatives would be
    summoned to formally authenticate the seized documents.

    All files stored in the company's computer system would be printed out
    and also verified. The seized files include expense records and
    balance sheets, normally required for lodging tax declarations with
    the department.

    The alleged tax cover-up came to light following the abduction of Ch
    Karnchang's internal auditor Seri Pootamjai, who was allegedly using
    his knowledge of the scam to extort money from the company.

    Mr Seri was allegedly abducted by Lt-Col Ekkamol Thanomsuk of the
    Supreme Command and three Ch Karnchang employees from the company
    parking lot last Friday, and detained in a rented house in Taling Chan

    He was freed by police on Saturday.

    Officers from the Judge Advocate-General's Department joined police in
    questioning Lt-Col Ekkamol, who reportedly was tight-lipped about who
    masterminded the abduction.

    Lt-Col Ekkamol has told police he kidnapped Mr Seri to ``win favour''
    as he hoped to land a security guard contract with Ch Karnchang.

    Mr Seri was also questioned yesterday.

    Lt-Col Ekkamol has appeared in the Criminal Court and not the military
    court because he allegedly conspired with civilians to commit a crime.

    One suspect, identified only as Lop, remains at large. He was
    identified as the man who intercepted Mr Seri in the parking lot.

    Revenue Department official Sudarat Salelanont has, meanwhile,
    emphatically denied any connection with a tax fraud scheme.

    Ms Sudarat, who is now in police protection as a vital witness, was
    accused of acting as a go-between for Mr Seri in passing on company
    bribes to a senior official who allegedly helped organise the tax

    Ms Sudarat also denied claims she had a secret affair with Mr Seri.

    She said she was not senior enough to liaise in any scam as her boss
    would have found out.

    17 October 2002
    Police may seek warrant for arrest of senior executive

    Wassayos Ngamkham

    Police are expected to decide today whether to seek a warrant for the
    arrest of a senior executive of Ch Karnchang suspected of
    masterminding the abduction of the firm's auditor.

    A source said police were convinced that Lt-Col Ekkamol Thanomsuk, the
    alleged leader of the kidnap gang, took auditor Seri Pootamjai on the
    orders of a high-level company executive.

    The source said the mastermind was upset Mr Seri continued to extort
    money from the company about a tax matter it had covered up, despite a
    ``secret settlement'' with a Revenue Department official cutting its
    liability from 400 million baht to 40 million baht.

    Lt-Col Ekkamol had personal ties with a close aide of the executive.
    He did not implicate or identify anyone in the Oct 11 abduction.

    Police say the other suspected kidnappers were Chakkrapong na
    Pompetch, 50, Sompol Sribansarn, 50, an engineer for Ch Karnchang, and
    Kunakorn na Pompetch, 52.

    Pol Maj-Gen Surasit Sangkapong, the Crime Suppression Division
    commander, said police were after another three suspects who colluded
    in the abduction and were still at large.

    Investigators found a power blackout took place on the second floor of
    the company parking lot where Mr Seri was kidnapped.

    The lights went out at the precise moment Mr Seri was seized. The
    guards on duty that day would be quizzed.

    Mr Seri was now in Phayathai 1 hospital under tight supervision. A
    re-enactment of the abduction had left him feeling stressed.

    Tax experts will audit the company's tax records for the past 4-5
    years, including value-added tax payments and refund claims.


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