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Vom Knast in die Massage-Industrie

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    Vom Knast in die Massage-Industrie

    weiblichen Gefangenen werden auf die Zeit nach ihrer Entlassung vorbereitet,
    indem sie während ihrer Haftzeit kostenlose Massagedienste an Autofahrer anbieten dürfen, erstmal während der Songkranzeit.

    Wer sich in den Genuss bringen will, sollte den Mittraphap Highway aufsuchen.

    Tired drivers or passengers will be treated to free foot and
    traditional Thai massages by female prison inmates during the Songkran
    break on the congested Mittraphap Highway, which runs from Bangkok to
    the Northeast. The Corrections Department will allow female prisoners
    to do community services, including Thai massages and car washes,
    during the Songkran holiday.

    Deputy department chief Preeya.... Srimongkol said the prisoners
    selected for these services must have shown excellent behaviour and
    received massage and car-wash training. The services are free, but she
    encourages those benefitting from the service to reward the prisoners
    with tips.

    Unlike their male counterparts, the law does not allow women prisoners
    to apply to do one day of social services for a one-day reduction of
    their jail terms. Lawmakers never imagined that female prisoners would
    volunteer to do community work. Deputy justice permanent secretary
    Thongthong Chandarangsu said women prisoners should have equal
    opportunities as their male counterparts.

    Massages and car washing are among the limited community services open
    to female prisoners. The services offered are designed to equip the
    inmates with skills they might be able to use after they are released,
    he said.

    One female inmate turned masseur said she was not ashamed to take the
    opportunity that had been offered. Massages are available outside the
    Pathum Thani women's prison, Pak Chong's highway office in Nakhon
    Ratchasima and at the King Rama V monument and Ton Poh checkpoint in
    Sakon Nakhon. Car washes are only available outside the Pathum Thani

    In Bangkok, a massage and car-wash booth is located outside the Pracha
    Chuen highway toll booths. Each booth will have four to five prisoners

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    Re: Vom Knast in die Massage-Industrie

    Find ich gut! Ein guter Schritt fuer die Re-Integration in die Gesellschaft und ein neues Betaetigungsfeld obendrein!

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