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the truth is, I never left you

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    the truth is, I never left you

    Thaksin allegoriert sich nun in die Nähe von Perón,
    indem er dem Politmusical Dont cry for me Argentinia,
    daraus ein Video mit dem Titel,

    Dont cry for me Thailand


    The Star
    17 Mar 2007

    Don't cry for me, Thailand


    IN A video clip on, the ousted Thai prime minister
    Thaksin Shinawatra confessed that he was a bit lonely. “Which is
    normal for a person who worked a lot and now does nothing,” he
    explained in Thai in the video shot in London.

    About five minutes into the eight-minute clip on the website, which is
    blocked in Thailand, the former premier is portrayed as a people’s
    champion. It ends with a woman kneeling in front of Thaksin and crying
    her heart out.

    The ‘Don’t Cry for Me, Thailand’ video is a testament of the military
    junta’s failure to execute its mission completely after launching a
    coup d’etat against Thaksin on Sept 19, 2006.

    The hope was that the coup would expropriate Thaksin and his corrupt
    regime, said Thitinan Pongsudhirak, a political analyst at Bangkok’s
    Chulalongkorn University, in his analysis of Thailand halfway through
    the junta’s one-year timeframe to relinquish power.

    “Thaksin is not in the country but his influence can still be felt in
    Thailand. He is making noise. He’s got a website now. His people have
    just come up with a magazine.

    “And his Thai Rak Thai party is still around, prosecuting (the interim
    Prime Minister) Gen Surayud (Chulanont) for land encroachment,” said
    Thitinan in an interview.

    The exiled politician, whose views Thai television stations have been
    prohibited from airing, is still a figure to reckon with as the
    military junta failed to deliver the coup de grace on his political

    “For example,” said the political analyst, “there is no real serious
    effort to prosecute Thaksin for corruption.”

    Another reason, according to Thitinan, is that the Surayud interim
    government has proven to be very weak, indecisive, inert and inept.

    “Now it is going to a point where not just the cabinet is a problem,
    but the Prime Minister himself. His leadership is lacking,” he noted.
    “Thaksin is a leader who knows how to get things done. Surayud does
    not know how to get things done.”

    The military-appointed Prime Minister’s dismal performance is paving
    the way for a growing likelihood of a Thaksin comeback to Thai
    politics. The billionaire has vast resources – not only financially –
    but also a personal network of loyal supporters and advisers with

    And it is not in Thaksin’s nature to call it quits.

    “This is a guy who is a monopolist at heart. And he is used to
    winning. When he loses, he will say ‘lets play another one',” Thitinan
    said, adding that the former premier is also possessed with the
    self-belief that he can change Thailand for the better.

    On how Thailand would have been today if the Sept 19 coup did not
    happen, he hypothesised that “in Bangkok things would have turned
    physically confrontational and would have invited the coup anyway”.

    Six months after the inevitable coup, the political analyst said,
    there was a growing frustration among Thais – whether in Bangkok or in
    the countryside.

    “Nobody is happy with Thai politics, as the situation has become murky
    and volatile,” he said, adding that the country remained deeply
    divided between pro- and anti-Thaksin factions.

    In a nutshell, the academic noted that Thailand has a bungled
    post-coup management, an incompetent and inept interim government
    which does not have a clear policy direction, a problematic
    constitution drafting process, and an election which is supposed to be
    down the road but with many pitfalls along the way.

    The next six months, predicted Thitinan, will be worse. “More
    uncertainty. Very murky. Prolonged instability,” he said.

    And there’s also a possibility of another coup.

    “The coup makers did not get the coup right. When you have a coup, you
    are supposed to really wipe the slate clean. But this coup did not
    achieve very much,” he explained.

    It is an unstable post-coup Thailand with “different factions
    clamouring to have a piece of the pie.”

    And there are certain factions in the military who think they have to
    launch an incumbency coup.

    “If it happens, it would be led by different people but going in the
    same direction (as the Sept 19 coup),” he said. “It will not be a coup
    to re-install Thaksin.”

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    Re: the truth is, I never left you


    leider hat sich auf der Seite wohl etwas geändert.

    Über ist die Ansprache noch im Netz.

    Er bietet jetzt Schülern, die gerne in Europa Studieren möchten finanzielle Hilfe an.

    Gruß Kodiak

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    Re: the truth is, I never left you

    Kann mir jemand das Video per email schicken bitte?

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    Re: the truth is, I never left you

    ist der youtube-Link auch gesperrt ?

    Dachte, nur das Video auf der Webseite

    sind gesperrt.

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    Re: the truth is, I never left you

    Das Video auf Youtube ist nicht gesperrt.

    Der erste Link funktioniert hier übrigens besser als der Zweite.

    Gruß Kodiak

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    Re: the truth is, I never left you

    Der Link war eben noch nicht da. Ja, you tube geht.

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    Re: the truth is, I never left you

    Ich bin gerührt!
    Ich möchte ihn wirklich in den Arm nehmen und ihm helfen seine Einsamkeit zu überbrücken.

    Was ich nicht verstehe ist:
    Warum ist er für seine offensichtlichen Misshandlungen nicht schon längst vor einem Gericht?
    Warum gibt ihm keiner einen Lehrauftrag im Issan? Er hat ein unheimliches Talent als Lehrer.

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