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Tok Khiew rückläufig in Thailand

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    Tok Khiew rückläufig in Thailand

    Tok Khiew ist das in Thailand weit verbreitete Brauchtum, seine Tochter zu verkaufen.

    Nach jüngsten Untersuchungen wird dieses Brauchtum in Thailand immer weniger praktiziert.

    Nachdem die Thaksin Regierung auch den Kampf gegen den Menschenhandel auf seine Agenda gesetzt hatte, stellte sich bei einer landesweiten Untersuchung heraus, daß die Fälle, wo Töchter durch Tok Khiew in die Prostitution gezwungen werden, rückläufig ist.

    PERSPECTIVE - Sunday 10 October 2004
    Bangkok Post


    There's no shortage of girls in the country's numerous karaoke
    establishments who are more than willing to provide a melody and a bit

    Last month three young and good-looking girls quit their jobs singing
    at a luxurious karaoke bar and restaurant on Lat Phrao Road. Less than
    a week later they were spotted singing at a lower class karaoke and
    restaurant located only a five minute walk from their former

    They got the new job quickly _ not only because they are still young
    and lovely and can actually sing quite well, but because the owner of
    the new entertainment place was looking for girls who would be
    "friendly" to customers.

    The owners of the two karaoke clubs and the singers were willing to
    give Sunday Perspective candid interviews on the condition that they
    were not identified.

    The first owner said that the girls had quit his place because he
    changed his policy and no longer allowed the girls to join customers
    at their tables, often a prelude to other, off-premises activities. "I
    can no longer to stand that my place of business is becoming a
    brothel," said the owner.

    "I don't want my business linked with prostitution any more. I want
    it be a family restaurant."

    All three girls confirmed that the reason for their change of
    employment was the new restrictions on contact with customers. "We may
    go back to the old place, but only if the management returns to the
    old policy," said one of the girls shyly.

    Apparently that's not going to happen. Said the first bar owner: "The
    singers got paid by me, but they were not satisfied. Allowing them to
    sit with (male) customers gives them the opportunity to pester them
    for tips and drinks.

    "They also use my restaurant as a venue to approach customers for
    their 'sideline jobs'. Because of such practices, I have recently had
    problems with the police," he claimed. "I had to pay a lot to clear
    things up. No more prostitutes here."

    But there are plenty of other owners of karaoke and other nightspot
    establishments who are only too happy to have girls like these three
    in their employ. After all, that's what brings in customers. The owner
    of the second karaoke and restaurant said:

    "You couldn't run this kind of karaoke house well without friendly
    girls. No one would come. They would only be singing to the tables and
    chairs. Customers come to drink, to eat, to sing, and most importantly
    to enjoy special treatment from the girls. My business would be dead
    without the girls."

    He would never describe his business establishment as a house of
    prostitution, but it's common knowledge that, many, if not most, of
    these bar owners are willing to allow a girl to leave the workplace
    early with a customer if he is willing to pay a fee to the club. All
    the regular customers know well how to take one of the girls out for
    the night.

    One of the beautiful singers said, "Sharing a table with customers
    means that I can eat and drink with them. If I treat them well....of
    course I'll get a big tip."

    She continued, "I need my own regular many as
    possible. The more I get, the more I can earn. If I am not allowed to
    sit with the customers I have no chance to get close to them. It is
    almost impossible to get extra money. We (singers) couldn't survive on
    the small pay (an average of 150-200 baht a night) from singing only,"
    she added.

    Conversations with girls like these in karaoke clubs throughout
    Thailand lead to the conclusion that the vast majority of the girls
    are more than willing to provide 5exual favours in exchange for money
    and are not under the control of "pimps" or human traf......s.

    The same can probably be said of most other venues where men go to
    pay for 5ex, such as massage parlours and go-go bars.

    This does not mean that human does not occur in and
    through Thailand, of course, only that the girls who work in segments
    of the 5ex trade which are relatively out in the open do not appear to
    be forced into it.


    The government of Thaksin Shinawatra has declared that the "war" on
    human is high on the national agenda. The government's
    plan is to uproot smuggling networks, suppress underground activities
    and taking action against corrupt officials. An executive at the
    Social Development and Human Security Ministry said the underlying
    thrust of the policy is at forced labour, in particular forced

    In response to the new policy, a police officer in Rayong said his
    provincial force was at an early stage in focussing on the girls at
    the entertainment places, "to find out if they are forced into the
    illegal activities. That could lead to the capture of culprits and
    uncovering of human networks," explained the officer.

    "But so far, in the past three months we haven't uncovered any cases
    of forced prostitution," the police officer admitted.

    He said that officers sometimes dress as regular customers and ask
    questions at bars and karaoke houses. "But what it is looking like now
    is that there is no coercion, they are there of their own free will,"
    he said.

    Sunday Perspective reporters contacted police at eight of some 20
    stations in the province and none of them could claim to have
    uncovered any human case over the past three months.

    In Chanthaburi, officials at the provincial office of Social
    development and Human Security say they have gotten instructions from
    the ministry to cooperate with the police in suppressing human
    smuggling. The office is responsible for taking care of the victims.

    "But at the moment there isn't a single case of human on
    our rolls," said one official.

    Way up in the northern town of Phayao, social workers are also
    working hard to comply with the government policy.

    Volunteers have set up teams to watch out for any suspicious persons
    who may be on a mission to recruit or lure people in the area into
    forced labour and prostitution.

    A senior social worker, Ms Prani Prachuablarp, admitted that Phayao,
    especially its infamous Dok Kham Tai district, is known as a source of
    under-age and child prostitutes.

    It is also known that in the past, parents in the area might sell
    their children to recruiters to work outside the province. The parents
    may not have been aware that the "work" their children were being
    recruited for was likely to be in the 5ex trade. The practice of
    selling daughters is known in Thai as tok khiew.

    But Ms Prani says there is no longer any tok khiew in Phayao or any
    other towns in the North. However, she admitted that the recruitment
    of young girls continues, but is now voluntary. Many girls seem
    willing to go with the recruiters who offer them a new life which they
    surely don't fully comprehend. This makes it very hard for any
    official to stop.

    In the eastern coastal town of Trat, an official at the Social
    Development and Human Security Office said that the town is similar to
    many other towns which are flooded with karaoke bars. "We know that
    the places are brothels in disguise. But what can we do against them?
    Our office has no power to arrest the prostitutes and no one can touch
    the owners as long as they are not forcing the girls into
    prostitution." Like his counterparts in other parts of the country, he
    said that he hasn't seen a case of human lately.

    There seems to be an understanding among both the police and social
    workers in the provinces that their areas of responsibility are not
    the destination points, where forced labour and prostitution could be
    traced more easily, but only on the passage routes for smuggling

    "We are probably only a gateway for the gangs. They may smuggling in
    people through from somewhere and heading to other places without our
    knowledge," said one police officer in Trat, but he and the others
    interviewed vowed to continue trying to uncover the smuggling

    A change of venue

    It is an open secret that karaoke shops these days are brothels in
    disguise. An official at the Social Development and Human Security
    Ministry said, "There are no more brothels that are open exclusively
    for the purpose of prostitution in the country.

    "Prostitution is now offered to customers in other venue forms." The
    sing-along facility is the latest form, and apparently the most
    numerous. They can be classified roughly into three types :

    Karaoke and Restaurant: Normally these have no hostesses, but they
    sometimes have female singers. This type of facility offers private
    rooms for customers for singing among their own groups. The private
    karaoke room may be a small bungalow-like construction. At some
    low-end places the rooms are designed in rows - like a short time
    motel. In many of these places, customers may see "freelancers"
    hanging around at any dark corner of the restaurant compound waiting
    for customers who may want a companion to sing with in a private room.

    Karaoke pub/lounge: These are drinking establishments with hostesses.
    Visitors to this type of karaoke place are almost always men. The
    hostesses get a percentage of the drinks the guests order for them.
    Many of these place set one crucial working condition for the girls _
    they must go out with any customer. The customer may pay for the
    girl's 5exual service directly to the management, which gives a
    portion to the girl.

    Karaoke shop:These are perhaps the lowest level of "brothels in
    disguise". They can be a single shophouse or any room available. The
    shops normally don't employ any girls, but freelancers are allowed to
    "help the shop owners take care of customers". The girls alway expect
    tips and are available for other services. The last two types of
    karaoke places are almost always connected to prostitution.

    The National Advisory Council for Economics and Social Affairs has
    evaluated the prostitution situation in a report based on surveys
    conducted by a team headed by Associate Professor Makha Jitasangkha,
    with the data collected from official and unofficial sources between
    2002 and 2003. The report uncovered some interesting information.

    According to the report, the 5ex industry has expanded much in its
    size and scale over the past ten years. The number of entertainment
    places with a high potential for prostitution has doubled over the
    past decade.

    Records available at the Public Health Ministry say that there were
    5,754 entertainment places in 1994. The report says the number had
    increased to 12,229 in 2003.

    However, an official points out that this number only represents the
    number of places that are registered. "There must be a lot more open
    without a license," he said.

    The figures also don't give details on the type of shop, but
    unofficially a police source estimated that there were around 2,300
    entertainment places with karaoke equipment in Bangkok and another
    10,000 upcountry.

    The same source estimated that on average there are around 10 girls
    working at one small karaoke shop.

    "It is wrong to say that every girl you come across in a karaoke
    place is a prostitute," the police officer said.

    "But you can imagine yourself how many prostitutes there are working
    openly in our society." He also mentioned other entertainment places
    such as bars, nightclubs and massage parlours.

    At one of the low end karaoke shops around Klong Toey slum, a
    hostess/singer dropped by our table early one evening, saying that she
    hadn't come to work for a few days because there had been no
    customers. She was therefore happy, and somewhat surprised to see us.

    We asked her about several other girls standing at the front door who
    seemed reluctant to come in. She replied that they were going "hunting
    for customers", moving on to another karaoke shop where there might be
    more business. So long as there were customers, they had a chance to
    "catch" one for the night.

    The girls who come to work as waitresses or hostesses at such the
    lower class karaoke shops do so without pay. They are supplied by
    customers with free food and drinks. After the bill is checked, the
    customer normally tips them

    Beyond that, "The girls always willing to go any other place with the
    customers if they are asked."

    Recently, when Sunday Perspective reporters visited one of these
    shops in Phayao, several singers came over to the table for food,
    drinks and song.

    One of the girls, whose vocal abilities were slight, said: "I can
    give you a massage.......if you feel tired," and started to massage
    the reporter's arms. Her real offer was obvious.

    This is the first part of a series on prostitution and human

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    Re: Tok Khiew rückläufig in Thailand

    One of the girls, whose vocal abilities were slight, said: "I can give you a massage.......if you feel tired," and started to massage the reporter's arms. Her real offer was obvious.
    Die Pflicht des Reporters bringt manchmal unerträgliche Härten mit sich, aber was tut man nicht alles für die Leserschaft!


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    Re: Tok Khiew rückläufig in Thailand

    Wie der Bericht sehr schön beschreibt, haben sich durch die Karaoke- Betriebe die Möglichkeiten für thailändische Frauen enorm vergrößert, thailändische Männer mit eindeutig anderen Motiven als nur dem Gesang zu lauschen, kennen zu lernen.
    War letztes Jahr mit Familie in einem dieser großen Karaoke & Restaurants. War der einzige Farang dort. Einige sangen sehr gut und schienen unnahbar. Aber einige andere, die keine so gute Stimme hatten, sahen dafür aber höllisch gut aus. Da bekam man gleich Lust auf privaten Musik-Unterricht. :-)
    Worüber ich leider nichts weiß - und auch die Familie nicht befragen wollte - ist der Status dieser Frauen in der thailändischen Gesellschaft. Werden die so ähnlich wie unsere Escorts und Modelle angesehen? Zu fein, um sich jemals mit einem Farang abzugeben.
    Sind eigentlich diejenigen, die nicht jedesmal einen "one night-stand" suchen und nur für die Bezahlung durch den Betriebsinhaber arbeiten, voll akzeptierte Mitglieder des innerthailändischen Heiratsmarktes?

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    Re: Tok Khiew rückläufig in Thailand

    die armen reporter können einem richtig leid tun............ aber wir haben ja unseren absti der sich für uns opfert und völlig aufreibt in dem job.

    es scheint aber so zu sein wie überall in der welt sowie es dem land und den leuten etwas besser geht, wird an solch ethischen dingen gedreht. der wandel der gesellschaft ist auch in thailand nicht aufzuhalten obwohl damit das problem an sich nicht aus der welt geschafft wird.
    auch in den industrienationen prostituieren sich frauen oder werden prostituiert.

    mfg lille

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    Re: Tok Khiew rückläufig in Thailand

    Zitat Zitat von DisainaM",p="177369
    Tok Khiew ist das in Thailand weit verbreitete Brauchtum, seine Tochter zu verkaufen.

    Nach jüngsten Untersuchungen wird dieses Brauchtum in Thailand immer weniger praktiziert.
    Ich möchte nur klarstellen: Gemeint ist hier Tok Khiew im übertragenen Sinne. Im eigentlichen Sinne ist es durchaus noch sehr weit verbreitet, denn ursprünglich, so wie ich es verstanden habe, bezeichnet dieser Begriff doch die Verpfändung der Ernte gegen Kreditgewährung.
    Jetzt weiß ich wenigstens wie das heißt, was meine Frau macht. Nein, sie verkauft keine Töchter (die sie nicht hat), sondern verleiht Geld gegen die zukünftige Ernte.
    Nebenbei bemerkt ist das ein Kreislauf, aus dem der Bauer nicht mehr herauskommt, denn er leiht sich 2.000 Baht um Dünger und Saatgut kaufen zu können, muss dafür aber einen Teil seiner Ernte abgeben der hier 30% Zinsen entspricht. Dadurch verdient er aber nun noch weniger und die Wahrscheinlichkeit steigt, dass er sich wieder Geld leihen muss.

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    die Ernte einer Frau sind ja nur ihre zukünftigen Kinder,
    von daher ist klar, was halt aufgezogen werden muss.

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    Diese Erwiderung hast du dir aber offensichtlich sehr reiflich überlegt.

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    manches verzögert sich, aber nicht alles

    trotz der Rückbesinnung zu den traditionellen Werten in der Nach-Thaksin Aera, bleibt zu hoffen,
    dass nicht alle Reformprozesse als negative Einflüsse durch die Globalisierung gebrandmarkt werden.

    Das man einen Überschuss an Kindern in Agrargesellschaften verteilen musste,
    ist auch im Abendland nichts neues,
    selbst im Christentum finden sich genug Aufzeichnungen von Müttern,
    die ihre Kinder mit einem kleinen Bambusfloss im Fluss entsorgten,
    da ist die Abtretung des Kindes an einen Interessenten bestimmt die humanere Methode.