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Thaksin´s zweites Kabinett

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    Thaksin´s zweites Kabinett

    Thaksin´s Zweites Kabinett in der Schnellübersicht
    translated and summarized from the ´Thailand Affairs´ section of adayweekly, Vol. 1, No. 44, March 17-April 7, 2005

    Group of experts (4)
    Visanu Kruangam: Deputy PM
    Lawyer of the Thaksin Government who works on bureaucratic reform and law.
    Sermsak Pongpanich: Deputy of Interior Minister
    Dear husband of Senator Rabiebrat, he works favorably with Thaksin by following him like a shadow.
    Rung Kaewdaeng: Deputy Education Minister
    The leader who developed the policy on education reform which did not develop much.
    Viset Joopiban: Deputy Energy Minister
    Former MD of PTT who got this position to organize the EGAT privatization.

    Political group (11)
    Pinit Jarnsombat: Deputy PM
    Former member of Seritham Party that merged with Thai Rak Thai Party. He is the leader of the Wang Payanak faction [payanak means serpent]
    Warathep Rattanakorn: Deputy Finance Minister
    One of Group #16 that disintegrated and merged with the New Aspiration Party (Kwam Wangmai) and moved to TRT. He belongs to the Wang Buaban faction.
    Chaiyot Sasomsap: Deputy Finance Minister
    He has been advisor for Somkid Jatusripitak and part of the Nakornprathom faction.
    Nevin Chidchob: Deputy Agriculture and Cooperative Minister
    Leader of the Buriram group and "Minister Yee" in every poll, but he works well in the eyes of Thaksin. [Making the sound “yee“ shows disapproval or distaste. Being a "Minister Yee" in every poll means people think that he is not appropriate to hold office because he has a reputation for cheating or shady dealings, etc.]
    Preecha Laohapongchana: Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister
    One of the important leaders of the Wang Payanak faction with ´Pinit.´ His accomplishment is getting lots of seats in Esarn for TRT.
    Uraiwan Tienthong: Culture Minister
    The wife of Sanoh Tienthong, the Godfather of Wang Namyen faction.
    Suvit Kunkitti: ICT Minister
    Former leader of the Kitsangkom Party. He and his team quit and moved to TRT. His accomplishments in dealing with the tsunami relief effort made him a minister again.
    Somsak Tepsutin: Tourism and Sports Minister
    The leader of Wang Namyom faction that put out branches from Wang Buaban.
    Sorra-ut Klinpratum: Labour Minister
    A TRT warlord of the central region. He belongs to the Wang Namyen faction.
    Yongyuth Tiyapairat: Natural Resource and Environment Minister
    Under the Wang Buaban faction. In charge of the Chiangrai Province area, he was able to get all the seats for TRT.
    Suwat Lippatapunlob: Justice Minister
    Former leader of Chat Pattana Party that was pressed to merge with TRT. He has a voter base in the big city areas such as Nakornratchasima.

    Capital group (6)
    Suriya Juengrungroengkit: Transport Minister
    Has a family network in automobile parts and the golf business. Is part of the clan that runs the Summit Group and Thai Summit Group.
    Suriya Lapvisuttisin: Deputy Commerce Minister
    The owner of Picnic Gas which is a giant in the field of cooking gas and second only to PTT. He belongs to the Somsak Tepsutin group.
    Wattana Muangsuk: Industry Minister
    Nephew-in-law of those who run the CP Group which is known as a source of big capital on an international level.
    Anuthin Chanvirakool: Deputy Public Health Minister
    Capitalist of the Chat Pattana Party. The son of the owner of Sino-Thai Engineering which is one of the five construction contract groups. [We think this is an allusion to the ´gang of five´ Thai contractors that win, in turn, most major work in the country.]
    Adisai Potharamik: Education Minister
    The former president of Jasmine International Company Limited. He is a father of the 53rd richest stock market millionaire in 2004.
    Pracha Malinon: Social Development and Human Security Minister
    Capitalist, ex-big boss of TV Channel 3 Entertainment business which has high billing in Thailand.

    Group of the connected persons (14)
    Somkid Jatusripitak: Deputy PM and Finance Minister
    The co-founder of TRT who helped set its policy from the beginning.
    Pol. Gen. Chidchai Wannasatit: Deputy PM and Interior Minister
    The senior member of the Military Preparatory School and a close friend of Thaksin. When he was a secretary at the office of the Narcotics Control Board, his performance won him favor in the government.
    Suranan Vetchachiva: Office of PM Minister
    He has worked as public relations for TRT since the beginning and he is the person closest to the media.
    Tanong Pittaya: Deputy Commerce Minister
    He is close to “Khun Ying Or“ [Thaksin’s wife] since he worked with the Shinawatra company.
    Sudarat Keyuraphan: Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister
    Minister who always works closely with Thaksin.
    Poomtham Vetchayachai: Deputy Transport Minister
    The founder and one of the most important persons who sets the strategy for the TRT election.
    Somchai Soonthornwat: Deputy Interior Minister
    Brother-in-law of Boonkli Plangsiri. He is the right hand man of the PM in the Shinawatra group.
    Dr. Suchai Jaroenrattakun: Public Health Minister
    He is the private doctor of the PM’s mother-in-law. He gets a high position moving from Deputy Minister to Minister.
    Surakiat Satienthai: Deputy PM
    He has been Foreign Minister for four years. Once one of the candidates to compete for the position of UN Secretary General.
    Gen. Thammarak Issarangkool Na Ayuthaya: Defense Minister
    One of the TRT founders who moves back into the post of Defense Minister after helping get seats [as campaign chief in the Northeast] for the election in Esarn.
    Kantati Supamongkon: Foreign Affairs Minister
    One of Thaksin followers since the party was founded.
    Korn Tapparangsri: Science Minister
    He is the heir of the ´Ratchakroo Era´ and was coddled by PM in gratitude. [Korn is Chatchai Chunhawan´s nephew. Chatchai was leader of Chat Pattana Party which was also known as the ´Ratchakroo group.´ So Korn defected from the party which he had helped found to join TRT. ]
    Jaturon Chaisaeng: Deputy PM
    Although he was not satisfied with the PM in the way he works, he has strong image and the status necessary for being minister.
    Adisorn Piengket: Deputy Transport Minister
    A protector of Thaksin in the House of Parliament. He can gain Thaksin’s mind by working hard on the election campaign.

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    Re: Thaksin´s zweites Kabinett

    Da kann was nicht stimmen, ich finde mich nicht auf der Liste. Undankbares Volk! *grummel*

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