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Thailand mit Auftaktsieg bei den Asienspielen 2006

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    Thailand mit Auftaktsieg bei den Asienspielen 2006

    Thailand v Palestine – Thailand led Palestine by a well-deserved 1–0 at half-time. Palestine´s dogged determination and hunger for victory was not enough to overcome Thailand´s classy demonstration of fast, technical football with precision passing and nimble-footed tackling.

    In fact the score does not reflect the danger Palestine faced and only the skill of their goalkeeper and some hasty clearances in the goalmouth prevented an even larger Thai lead.

    The Thailand attacks continued apace throughout the half, with four or five Thai runs for every Palestinian response and, inevitably, Thai persistence paid off with an 11-minute goal joyfully struck home by an unchallenged Nutnum.

    Palestine did not give up and, indeed, redoubled their efforts to break through Thailand´s defence, but 90 percent of the game play remained in the Palestine half, with only occasional forays into Thai territory.

    Thailand secured a well deserved victory over an outclassed but dogged and determined Palestine in the first round 2 group C match at Al-Rayyan Football Stadium. The 1–0 score flatters Palestine, who could never impose their will on the nimble, talented and extremely fleet-footed Thai footballers.

    The Thais were fast, with superb passing and phenomenal teamwork. Palestine´s determination could not compensate for their lack of pace and, in attack or defence, the Palestinians were always outnumbered. The final scoreline does no justice to the large number of superb shots on goal by Thailand.

    Thailand now go on to face Kyrgyzstan at Al-Rayyan on 2 December while Palestine face Kuwait at Al-Rayyan on the same date.



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