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Rücktrittsforderung und Drohung gegen Thaksin

Erstellt von Ralf_aus_Do, 28.02.2006, 14:12 Uhr · 1.342 Antworten · 43.583 Aufrufe

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    Re: Rücktrittsforderung und Drohung gegen Thaksin

    dem möchte ich mich auch anschliessen,bin zwar auch des Englischen mächtig,doch so ist das schon einfacher.Monta,danke für Deine Mühe!

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    Re: Rücktrittsforderung und Drohung gegen Thaksin

    Die ursprünglich für kommenden Freitag geplante Anti-Thaksin-Demonstration, initiiert durch die People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD), wird verschoden, aus Rücksicht auf den König, der sich am 24. Juni bei einem Sturz verletzt hatte.
    Ein neuer Termin soll heute festgelegt werden.

    Quelle: "Bangkok Post"


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    Re: Rücktrittsforderung und Drohung gegen Thaksin

    Der Verfassungsgerichtshof hat formal den umstrittenen Fall gegen die politisch führenden Parteien, Demokraten und TRT, sowie 3 kleinerer Parteien, denen ein Parteiauschluß doht, angenommen.

    Der Gerichtshof wird den 5 Parteien Kopien mit den Beschuldigungen zusenden und ihnen 15 Tage Zeit für ihre Verteitigung geben.

    Ganzer Artikel: "Bangkok Post"


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    Re: Rücktrittsforderung und Drohung gegen Thaksin

    Ein Brief des (übergangsmäßig) amtierenden Ministerpräsidenten Thaksin an Präsident George W. Bush (und dessen Antwort) sorgt zur Zeit in Thailand für einigen Wirbel.
    Der Inhalt der Briefe wurde einige Zeit geheim gehalten und es wurde darüber viel spekuliert.
    Deshalb hier der volle Wortlaut:

    The following is Mr Thaksin's letter to President George W. Bush dated June 23:

    "Dear Mr President

    I write to you on the basis of my high personal regard for you and for your leadership to explain the current political situation in Thailand, where I recently assumed responsibilities as caretaker Prime Minister. It is my goal to prepare the best possible democratic path for the next government following new national elections this fall.

    There has been a threat to democracy in Thailand since early this year. Key democratic institutions, such as elections and the observance of Constitutional limitations on government, have been repeatedly undermined by interests that depend on creating chaos and mounting street demonstrations in Bangkok as a means to acquire political power that they cannot gain through winning elections. Having failed to provoke violence and disorder, my opponents are now attempting various extra-constitutional tactics to co-opt the will of the people. If our democratic institutions prove strong over the next several months, these too will be unsuccessful.

    On April 2nd, my Party, Thai Rak Thai, won a convincing majority in country-wide elections. Having led Thailand's government for over five years and won decisive victories in two previous national elections, I was confident of strong popular support and the voters confirmed that view. My political opponents, because they knew they would again lose, boycotted the April elections and left the political situation in Thailand in deadlock. With the imminent celebration of the 60th Anniversary of our King's coronation (sic), I could not responsibly allow this political stalemate to mar this historic occasion. In order to restore calm so that preparations for the royal celebration could proceed, I stepped aside to take a leave of absence, assigning my Deputy Prime Minister with acting executive responsibilities.

    In keeping with their independent status, Thai courts have since annulled the April elections on technical considerations and ruled that a new national vote be scheduled, probably in mid-October. Most objective observers believe that my Party will again receive the people's mandate to form a government. In the meantime, I could not allow my country to drift without leadership. Our on-going war on terror must be prosecuted, our economy must be managed, and the basic functions of government must be carried out. For these reasons, I have heeded the calls of many Thais - both within my Party and among the opposition as well - to resume an active role as caretaker Prime Minister.

    During this period, I want to assure you that I will take steps to help get the country ready for free and fair elections, and to work to shift the national debate from one that is emotionally charged to one that reasonably discusses the central questions of Thailand's future, including whether the country's political governance will be decided through the ballot box or in the street. The answer to that question, Mr President, will have an important impact on the future course of democracy in Asia. I know that you agree with me that the rule of law and Constitutional order in Thailand and in Asia more broadly must prevail over demagoguery and mob action.

    Finally, Mr President, please accept my enduring confidence that the relationship between Thailand and the United States, based on shared democratic values and vital national interests, will only grow in the months and years ahead."

    President Bush's reply dated July 3:

    "Mr Prime Minister:

    Thank you for your letter, and your optimism about the road ahead in Thailand. The United States has watched events in your country with some concern, and as an ally and a friend it is my sincere hope that all parties can find a way forward that respects the great achievements of Thai democracy and sees a fully vested government up and running in Bangkok as soon as possible.

    Our two nations' friendship remains strong, and I appreciate your assurance that our good cooperation on issues of vital importance to us both will continue. Free and open political systems can be unpredictable, but the Thai people are resilient and Thai democracy is strong, and I know that your country will emerge from the current situation with a renewed focus on that which makes Thailand great."

    Quelle: "Bangkok Post"


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    Re: Rücktrittsforderung und Drohung gegen Thaksin

    Zitat Zitat von Monta",p="369464
    I want to assure you that I will take steps to help get the country ready for free and fair elections, and to work to shift the national debate from one that is emotionally charged to one that reasonably discusses the central questions of Thailand's future, including whether the country's political governance will be decided through the ballot box or in the street...
    Dieser satz sollte einen nachdenklich stimmen...
    Fuer mich ein versteckter hinweis und vorbereitung auf bereits geplantes? Wir werden sehen....

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    Re: Rücktrittsforderung und Drohung gegen Thaksin


    auf diesen Gedanken sind schon einige in Thailand gekommen.


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    Re: Rücktrittsforderung und Drohung gegen Thaksin

    Die Zeichen mehren sich:

    "Armed forces warned to prepare for a crisis

    Ruengroj: Uneasy with the political situation

    Supreme Commander Gen Ruengroj Mahasaranont has warned the armed forces to prepare for a political crisis, as caretaker Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra ordered an early military reshuffle to shore up his political security. Gen Ruengroj yesterday met air force chief ACM Chalit Pukpasuk, navy chief Adm Sathiraphan Keyanont, police chief Pol Gen Kowit Wattana and army chief-of-staff Gen Sophon Silpipat, who attended on behalf of army chief Gen Sonthi Boonyaratglin who was in Singapore on an official visit.

    Armed forces spokesman Lt-Gen Palangkun Klaharn said Gen Ruengroj told them to be wary of the political situation and warned of a possible political crisis.

    The supreme commander urged the armed forces and police to monitor the situation closely and keep social order....

    ... Meantime, a force of US marines is giving training in riot suppression, under the codename ''NLW'' _ standing for non-lethal weapons _ to a company of the 11th Infantry Regiment in Bang Khen.

    The training course, which lasts until July 19, uses US-made gear including rubber bullets, pepper spray, stun guns, teargas and nets.

    Maj-Gen Prin Suwannathat, commander of the regiment and also a former classmate of Mr Thaksin at the pre-cadet school, denied the training was connected to demonstrations by the anti-Thaksin People's Alliance for Democracy. "

    Quelle: "Bangkok Post"


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    Re: Rücktrittsforderung und Drohung gegen Thaksin

    "Human Rights Watch" kritisiert, daß der amtierende Ministerpräsident Thaksin Shinawatra mit juristischen Prozessen die politische Opposition mundtot machen will.

    Die US-Menschenrechtsgruppe hat die Regierung aufgerufen, Beschuldigungen des Aufruhrs, sowie einer Serie von straf- und zivilrechtlichen Klagen, in den letzten Monaten, gegen politische Gegener, zurückzuziehen.

    Solche Beschuldigungen "bedrohen den politischen Pluralismus bei den anstehenden landesweiten Wahlen Ende des Jahres."

    Brad Adams, der Human Rights Watch's Asia Direktor:

    "Die Anwendung von solch drakonischen Rechten gegen politische Gegner ist ein extrem ungesundes Zeichen für die bevorstehenden Wahlen. Die Regierung solle solche Beschuldigungen fallen lassen und sich zu einer offenen Debatte mit ihren Gegnern einlassen.

    Der Mißbrauch des Rechtssystems, um Kritiker, die Medien und Oppositionsparteien mundtot zu machen, ist vielleicht die ernsthafteste Bedrohung der thailändischen Demokratie.

    Thaksin sollte besser mehr Zeit in öffentlichen Debatten verwenden, als mit der Polizei und Rechtanwälten seine Kritiker zu schikanieren."

    Quelle: "The Nation"


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    Re: Rücktrittsforderung und Drohung gegen Thaksin

    "PM's letters to foreign leaders a shame

    Beginning a progressive protest to six Bangkok embassies Friday, anti-Thaksin demonstrators submitted a letter to China's Prime Minister through the Chinese Embassy, criticising Thailand's caretaker Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra for his personal letter earlier sent to US President George W. Bush and the leaders of a number of other countries.

    Mr. Thaksin's political opponents expressed their sorrow, and shame, on behalf of the country and the democracy coalition for what they said misrepresented the nature and actions of the PAD.

    The democracy alliance delivered letters explicitly disagreeing with Mr. Thaksin's descriptives to the Chinese embassy, and then moved on to the Japanese, Russian, British, French and American diplomatic missions.

    PAD core leader Somsak Kosaisuk spoke in front of the Chinese Embassy where an official came out to receive the protesters' note that Mr. Thaksin had breached diplomatic protocol by spreading distorted information about Thailand's internal affairs to foreign nations.

    The actions of the caretaker premier had made the Thai people lose face in the eyes of the international community, the leading activist said, and had accomplished nothing positive.

    The letter from the PAD explained opposition complaints against the Thai Rak Thai party leader. Far from protecting democracy, the PAD said, the caretaker prime minister has nearly "entirely destroyed the democratic system that so many had sacrificed for."

    Quelle: "Bangkok Post"


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    Re: Rücktrittsforderung und Drohung gegen Thaksin

    Troops 'belong to King'

    First loyalty should lie with nation and monarch, Gen Prem tells cadets


    Privy Council chairman Gen Prem Tinsulanonda puts on a beret before addressing cadets at the Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy at Khao Cha-ngoke, Nakhon Nayok province. Among the top brass accompanying him yesterday was Gen Chavalit Yongchaiyudh, right, a former army chief and prime minister. — SURAPOL PROMSAKA NA SAKOLNAKORN

    Privy Council chairman Gen Prem Tinsulanonda yesterday likened the government to a jockey and soldiers to horses, saying the jockeys come and go, but the owner of the horses stays the same. In a special lecture to around 950 cadets at the Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy (CRMA) in Khao Cha-ngoke, Nakhon Nayok, Gen Prem said the soldiers belonged to His Majesty the King, not a government.

    ''Why are we the King's soldiers? You probably are not so familiar with traditional horse-racing as with modern online betting. But I am a cavalry officer and know a thing or two about horses.

    ''In horse-racing, horse owners hire jockeys to ride the horses. The jockeys do not own the horses. They just ride them.

    ''A government is like a jockey. It supervises soldiers, but the real owners are the country and the King. The government supervises and employs us in compliance with the policy declared to parliament,'' said Gen Prem, who wore a beret and boots with spurs.

    He said his comments were not meant to stir up bad feelings towards the government, but to show where everyone belonged.

    ''We are under the supervision of the defence minister and we adhere to discipline and traditions. What I mean is that we are the country's soldiers. The government comes and goes,'' he said.

    Gen Prem said it was his pleasure to be speaking to the cadets at the academy and he considered them his ''flesh and blood''. He felt it was his duty to help them grow to become good officers and decent people.

    He said the army could never stand tall and continue to serve as the pillar of national sovereignty and security without the cadets. He emphasised that the first and foremost duty of every soldier and every Thai was to repay the nation and it was the CRMA that had taught him that.

    ''We have different duties but our first and foremost duty is to repay the country. Although it is not stated in the constitution, it is what we're obliged to do. It's hard to explain how, but in summary we have to be good people, to think good thoughts, speak well and do good deeds,'' he said.

    The Privy Council chief was accompanied by four former top military leaders _ Gen Chavalit Yongchaiyudh, Gen Surayud Chulanont, Gen Oud Buengbon and Gen Pongthep Thespratheep.

    Gen Prem pointed to the four officers as he urged the cadets to choose their career paths and follow good examples.

    He also defined the terms ''career soldier'' and ''professional soldier''.

    A career soldier is one who is a soldier in his heart and soul, who reveres the institutions of the army, the nation, religious faiths and the monarchy, and who maintains honesty while being self-sacrificing.

    A career soldier belongs with His Majesty the King and keeps away from politics and politicians.

    A professional soldier is thorough and immaculate about his position and duties and exercises good leadership on which his fellows and the public can count. He said it was the responsibility of the CRMA to produce career and professional soldiers, or it would be a waste of money.

    After the lecture, Gen Prem stopped to talk to some cadets on his way out of the auditorium and asked them if they understood what he had said.

    The Privy Council chairman declined to comment on the current political situation and the ''charismatic figure'' row.

    Asked if the lecture was intended for anyone in particular, he said: ''The cadets.''

    Asked by reporters if the current jockey was good, he said he believed the press could decide this for themselves. A source said yesterday that Gen Prem planned to raise awareness about soldiers' values through special lectures. He will deliver an address at the Naval Academy on July 28, his first to naval cadets.

    The source said Gen Prem had been looking forward to yesterday's lecture and brought along the former top brass to show the unity of the ''sons of Prem''

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