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Prosecutors vow to arrest Thaksin upon his return to Thailan

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    Prosecutors vow to arrest Thaksin upon his return to Thailan

    ( - Prosecutors said they will not hesitate to arrest Mr Thaksin Shinawatra as soon as he arrives in Thailand for his alleged involvement in a land corruption scandal on Ratchadapisek road.

    Sampan Sarathana of the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) denied speculation that the People Power party (PPP)'s imminent rise to power will affect the case against ousted premier Thaksin, who is believed to be the main driving force behind PPP's founding.

    "As soon as he sets foot in Thailand, which he claims will be sometime between February and April of next year, he will face police arrest. An arrest warrant has already been issued for him a long time ago," Mr Sampan warned.

    Mr Sampan added that the Thai government is still in the process of striking up an extradition deal with the British government to have Mr Thaksin sent back to Thailand to face corruption charges. Mr Thaksin is currently in self-imposed exile in London. He has refused to return to Thailand until he is certain that he will get a fair trial.

    It is not known whether a deal between the two governments will be reached before Mr Thaksin returns to Thailand on his own accord.

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    Re: Prosecutors vow to arrest Thaksin upon his return to Tha

    Super, das Feuilleton ist noch nicht zu ende. Es wird wahrscheinlich noch viel passieren und Thailand wird immer noch nicht stabiler!!!

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