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Okultismus in Thailand

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    Okultismus in Thailand

    20.000 Euro muß er nun an 33 Frauen zurückzahlen, die im das Geld gaben, damit er ihren Charme fördert.

    Stattdessen vergewaltigte er sie, und muß dafür nun erstmal 100 Jahre ins Gefängnis.

    Occultist sentenced to 100 yrs
    46-yr-old 'Nain Ae' convicted for attacks on 25 women clients

    Occultist Harn Raksajit was yesterday sentenced to 100 years in combined prison terms for the 5exual assault of many women.

    Harn, 46, is better known as Nain Ae, or Novice Ae. He convinced women to have 5ex with him by claiming this would make them more attractive to men.

    Harn was sentenced to 25 four-year terms after being convicted of the .... or 5exual assault of 25 women.

    The Criminal Court ordered him to return a total of Bt910,000 to 33 women who paid him for improving their "charm". Many of his clients were prostitutes or married to unfaithful men.

    Eight of the 33 women did not allege .... or assault.

    Harn's wife Chamaiphorn is seeking a divorce after she became infected with a venereal disease she alleges her husband contracted from a client.

    Defence counsel Bannaphoj Samaphan said Harn would appeal both the verdict and sentence.

    The court heard that Harn asked clients to undress during his charm procedures and persuaded them to have 5ex with him claiming this would make his magic more potent.

    The one-time Buddhist novice was defrocked almost a decade ago after he was discovered producing "magic potions" from stillborn infants.

    Harn was convicted and jailed in 1995 for that offence.

    He was arrested on the 5exual assault charges last year.

    Buddhist authorities said occult rituals were not part of the religion but superstition and magic were often woven into the fabric of everyday practice in many parts of Asia.

    --The Nation 2006-12-30