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Neues Haus für 23.000 Euro

Erstellt von DisainaM, 02.09.2002, 13:18 Uhr · 75 Antworten · 4.378 Aufrufe

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    Neues Haus für 23.000 Euro

    Ein australischer Ziegelsteinhersteller kann nun auf dem thailändischen Markt wesentlich günstiger ein Haus mit 3 Schlafzimmer für 900.000 Baht (ca. 23.000 Euro) herstellen, dank einer neuen Fertigungsmethode.

    Die bisherigen Preise der Anbieter sind 3 - 6 mal teurer.

    (Kosten für das Bauland natürlich nicht mitgerechnet)

    HOUSING MARKET: Aussie bricks could herald new eraera

    Published on Sep 2, 2002

    Switch from concrete to bricks cuts upkeep, construction costs

    The arrival of international-standard bricks in Thailand could revolutionise local architecture, said Australian brickmaker Bernard Seagrave, who is currently forming a Bt230-million joint venture with Thai partners.

    "The rising cost of houses in Bangkok has already induced many locals to consider building their own homes using Australian bricks," said Pichai Laoharanu, one of Seagrave's partners

    "Currently a three-bedroom brick house, with two bathrooms and kitchen, can be made for under Bt900,000 at a time when many big developers are charging three to six times more," he said.

    "After you eliminate the cost of concrete pilings, cement and paint, the cost is actually quite small," said Seagrave, 53, in an interview with The Nation. The only other cost is land, but a brick unit can be built on just 50 square wah.

    The recent property boom has seen many top housing estates increase prices to between Bt5 million and Bt15 million, putting them beyond the means of most middle-class buyers.

    As well as reducing home prices, brick houses will cut the cost of upkeep, said Seagrave.

    Because they are built with double walls, brick homes are cooler and require less air-conditioning. Brick also eliminates the cost of paint.

    "Brick architecture, which was the norm in the days of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai, had receded in favour of concrete houses in modern times," said the managing director of Selkirk, Australia's largest privately run brick company.

    "We could see a revival for brick homes as the housing market gets more competitive."

    Selkirk has a 15-per-cent market share in the southern state of Victoria, he said.

    The 120-year old company carries on a brick-kiln tradition inherited from England. English bricks are considered the global industry standard.

    "Thai kilns fire their bricks to 800 degrees Celsius, we fire them at over 1,100 degrees," he said. The higher temperature means greater resistance to moisture and more durability.

    "Our bricks will last 300 years no problem," said Seagrave.

    The joint venture project is planned for Ratchaburi province, which has natural gas reserves for firing the kilns.

    Thai clay is different from Australian clay and would produce different colours, said Pichai. "Selkirk now offers more than 50 different coloured bricks with a variety of textures."

    "England and America are great brick nations," said Seagrave, referring to the vast brick architecture that has shaped American and British cities as well as those in many European countries.

    Top architects in the US such as Steven Conger, Hugh Newell Jacobsen, Charles Moore and Paul Segal have carried on a tradition of American brick forms immortalised by earlier builders like Frank Lloyd Wright.

    "But of course, brick houses will not appeal to everyone," admits Seagrave, who believes there will always be a segment that prefers concrete structures. | So far, Pichai's company has built 600 units since forming the Australian-Thai Construction & Management Company with developer Munkong Chinsomboon six years ago.

    Munkong said the idea appealed to them as "it reduces the risk of poor workmanship, increases the quality and speeds up the process".

    Though labour is cheap in Thailand, the workmanship is at best B-minus, he said. "Our method reduces the risk of faulty construction."

    An 80 square-metre, two-bedroom bungalow can be built in two months, said Pichai.

    The joint venture will also look beyond private homes and seek public-sector projects, as Selkirk also makes paving bricks for footpaths and pavements.

    The company exports about 15 per cent of its products to markets such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Indochina.

    Bangkok's footpaths could do with an upgrade, said Seagrave, as the best brick paving methods have not yet been introduced here.

    Land subsidence is blamed for the cracks in footpaths, causing potential hazard to pedestrians, but he claims his company's know-how can reduce problems.

    Large developers such as Land & House, Golden Land and Tararom have shown keen interest in his local venture, he said.

    Itthi C Tan


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    Re: Neues Haus für 23.000 Euro

    Wenn ich die Ziegelchen sah, mit denen die Thais ihre Häuschen bauen,
    mußte ich immer ein wenig schmunzeln, allerdings dachte ich auch,
    Ok, die Arbeitszeit kostet nicht viel und was soll´s dann auch, wenn sich da ein Arbeiter endlos an einer Wand mauert, bis sie fertig ist.
    Allerdings hat die hier angesprochene Neuerung neben der schnelleren und sichereren Bauweise auch den großen Vorteil der besseren Wärmedämmung, wie ja im Artikel auch angesprochen.
    Das macht den neuen Ziegel für mich sehr sympatisch...
    Wenn der Preis stimmt ( was ja angeblich der Fall ist ) , wird er sich über kurz oder lang durchsetzen...dann hat die heimische (Thai) Ziegelindustie das nachsehen, wenn sie nicht rechtzeitig umrüstet !

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    Re: Neues Haus für 23.000 Euro

    Hi Dauwing,

    sicher kennst du das auch, aber es passt scön zum Thema...low cost house...


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    Re: Neues Haus für 23.000 Euro

    Hi mehling,
    der Link funzt nicht so. Haste dir verschrieben ?

    liebe Grüße Jakraphong, der mit der Insel!

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    Re: Neues Haus für 23.000 Euro

    Hi Jak,

    dann versuchs mal damit: Die HP anklicken, dann Thailand, dann low cost house...hoffe das klappt dann


    I'm so stupid...

    Letzte Änderung: mehling am 02.09.02, 17:27

    Letzte Änderung: mehling am 02.09.02, 17:27

    Letzte Änderung: mehling am 02.09.02, 17:29

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    Re: Neues Haus für 23.000 Euro

    Ich glaub ich geh nochmal in die Grundschule...


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    Re: Neues Haus für 23.000 Euro

    Also das mit dem Link einbinden üben wir noch, oder? :-)

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    Re: Neues Haus für 23.000 Euro

    JUngs, ich glaube ihr musst das von Hand zu Fuß eingeben, dann klappts:


    PS: Wer gibt Nachhilfe oder Computerkurse?

    Letzte Änderung: mehling am 02.09.02, 17:37

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    Re: Neues Haus für 23.000 Euro


    Da dieser letztgenannte Link "auch" nicht funktioniert, ist vielleicht der Kindergarten angebrachter. :schaem:

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    Re: Neues Haus für 23.000 Euro

    macht nix, jeder hat mal klein angefangen, oder ?

    liebe Grüße Jakraphong, der mit der Insel!

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