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Na dann, Guten Appetit ....

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    Na dann, Guten Appetit ....

    EU bans more Thai imports

    Published on Sep 25, 2004

    The European Union has ordered the destruction of all Thai black sticky rice in its warehouses and banned Thai processed pineapple and oyster sauce, citing concerns over toxic residue, the Agriculture Ministry announced yesterday.

    Ministry deputy director general Sanchai Tantya.... said the European Commission’s Health and Consumer Protection directorate-general had urgently warned 25 EU member countries that the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Spain had found chemicals in Thai products at levels beyond EU safety standards.

    The commission said 72.2 micrograms per kilogram of alphatoxin was found in black sticky rice shipped to a Dutch port. Authorities ordered the destruction of more than a tonne.

    The EU also found sulphur dioxide in 45 900-kilogram packs of pineapple and mango products from Thailand at a Czech port.

    Inspectors said there were 275 milligrams per kilogram of sulphur dioxide.

    Spanish authorities found preservative substances at 1,035 parts per million in 180 kilograms of Thai oyster sauce.

    Sanchai urged Thai exporters to be more careful, especially in terms of chemical additives on which the EU maintains high safety standards.

    The EU has repeatedly stepped up environmental requirements on imports. It introduced directives on waste, requiring exporters to use recycled materials, for example, and restricted the use of hazardous substances such as cadmium and lead in electronic and electrical appliances.

    A new EU policy due for implementation in 2006 requires exporters to be able to account for all chemicals in their products.


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