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Manchester United wieder stark umworben

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    Manchester United wieder stark umworben

    Bangkok billionaires to bid for Manchester United

    A group of far eastern billionaires based in Bangkok have spent the last three months putting together a deal which they hope will be good enough to buy English premier league football team Manchester United. The £1 billion offer could see the consortium of six become the new owners of Old Trafford. Mounting debts at the world’s biggest club have been putting pressure on its owner Malcolm Glazer and his family and the far eastern business men who are all avid fans of the team hope that their offer will be too good for the Glazers to turn down.

    A spokesperson for the group said that they had been thorough in working out the details of their bid and that all the finances were in place for a possible take over. The spokesperson went on to say that even if Glazer wanted to maintain part ownership of the team the consortium would still be interested in negotiations. The deal could be one of the largest ever made in the history of the sport. If it does go ahead then it would be huge, even when compared to Roman Abramovich’s massive investment in London club Chelsea.

    The source said that if Glazer was prepared to enter into negotiations then the cash has already been laid out on a table for him. Two of the consortium members have reportedly been to see Manchester United play a couple of times this season at the club’s stadium at Old Trafford.

    Ist irgendwie ein asiatischer Volkssport geworden.


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