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Langshalsbewohner zu Discount-Preisen

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    Langshalsbewohner zu Discount-Preisen

    In einem Paketpreis für 20 Stück, wurden nun Langhalsbewohner aus Burma bestellt,
    doch die Sendung wurde vom Zoll abgefangen.

    Long-neck Karen held before sale

    MAE HONG SON: -- Twenty long-neck Karen (Padaung) were arrested while crossing the Thai-Burma border on Wednesday night, police said yesterday.

    The group were relatives of a woman married to a Bangkok businessman who allegedly aimed to sell them to a group of Phuket investors for Bt10 million.

    Provincial Governor Direk Konkleeb urged officers to extend the investigation to arrest those behind this alleged human

    A Padaung woman identified as "Som-O" - who led the group across the border - told police they had come from Doi Kor province's Ti Mo So district in Burma to stay with Padaung residents in Mae Hong Son's Huai Pukaeng Village.

    Som-O said she had been living in Huai Pukaeng Village for a long time and heard the Padaung at Ti Mo So lived a hard life, so she invited them to cross the border with her to live in Thailand.

    The woman appeared to be very stressed so police placed her on a close watch to prevent her from committing suicide.

    Another Padaung told police that Som-O had early last year married a Bangkok businessman - who was already married to a Thai woman - and built a resort in Ban Huai Deu to support Som-O's relatives.

    The Padaung said the businessman wanted 20 Padaung from Ti Mo So sold to a group of Phuket investors for Bt10 million.

    The Padaung - currently being held for further investigations at Muang Mae Hong Son police station - would later be sent to the immigration police for deportation.

    -- The Nation 2007-02-02


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