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Keine Nacktbilder für Spendenaktion

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    Re: Keine Nacktbilder für Spendenaktion

    die Moral Offensive geht weiter,
    Sozialminister ordnete eine Razzia im Pantip Plazza an,

    mit dem Erfolg, dass eine ..... VCD beschlagnahmt wurde.

    DPM raids Pantip Plaza and seizes 1 ..........ic VCD

    The Deputy Prime Minister led a raid on Pantip Plaza to suppress vice and intellectual property crimes.

    Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Social Development and Human Security Paiboon Wattanasiritham (ไพบูลย์ วัฒนศิริธรรม),

    conducted an inspection of ..........ic vendors at Pantip Plaza and instructed officers to conduct a sting operation resulting in the apprehension of 1 VCD vendor, along with the seizure of 1 ..........ic VCD, 30 MP3 discs, and 2 bags of marijuana.

    The Deputy Prime Minister then visited entertainment venues along Patpong district on Silom Road and reports finding no illegal activities. Mr. Paiboon reported that youths under the age of 20 years were not found inside local entertainment venues and bar proprietors and their staff were cooperative.

    The Deputy Prime Minister added that he would conduct discussions with Bangkok Governor Apirak Gosayothin and representatives of VCD dealers to arrive at a proper solution to violation of intellectual property rights.

    Source: Thai National News Bureau Public Relations Department - 24 April 2007

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    Re: Keine Nacktbilder für Spendenaktion

    Die th. Moraloffensive und die aktuelle Interpretation der Gesetzesauslegung hat mittlerweile Pattaya erreicht.

    Am 2.8.07 protestierten th. GoGo und Bierbarbetreiber gegen die neue Auslegung von dem Verbot von Nacktshows,

    Pattaya beer bar and go-go bar operators have lobbied city hall for leniency in interpreting the law relating to on-stage nudity, saying that some police officers are pursuing their duties with too much enthusiasm and that business is suffering as a result.
    More than 50 operators met with Mayor Niran Wattanasartsathorn on August 2, their representative Kraisang Mekthianchai saying that although government policy was for the good of the image of the tourism industry, police were not differentiating between part-nudity and full nudity, and customers have been staying away because of heavy-handed police action.
    Niran said the beer bar and go-go businesses have been with Pattaya City for a long time and will continue to be a part of promoting tourism. However, the shows must have respect for the law. It is right for the police to make arrests over obscene shows, but if a show doesn’t indicate 5exual service then it should be given leniency.
    He has promised to relay the operators’ complaints to Pol Gen Seripisuth Temiyawej, acting commander of the Royal Thai Police.

    und am 9.8.07 war es dann soweit, eine Razzia schlug in einer GoGo Bar ein, wo die Tänzerinnen und die Betreiberin verhaftet wurde.

    .... Dancers Arrested at Classroom 2 Ago-go

    The Pattaya Police raided Classroom 2 Ago-go bar, located on North Pattaya at 8.30 pm on 9th August, after being informed that the venue provided ..........ic 5ex act shows to their customers.

    Inside the venue, the police found dancers performing a 5ex show, therefore ordered the DJ to stop the music and explained to the tourists why they were there and arrested the dancers together with 50 year old Mrs. Kanlaya Phanthasak – caretaker of the venue.

    The 3 women and man arrested were aged from 24 – 28 years old. They confessed to performing and were charged.

    Pattaya soll nachhaltig verändert werden.

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    Re: Keine Nacktbilder für Spendenaktion

    Zitat Zitat von DisainaM",p="513142
    ...Pattaya soll nachhaltig verändert werden.
    Hat man in den letzten 20 Jahren schon wie oft gehört?

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