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Keine Nacktbilder für Spendenaktion

Erstellt von x-pat, 31.03.2007, 11:46 Uhr · 42 Antworten · 4.640 Aufrufe

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    Keine Nacktbilder für Spendenaktion

    Nude snaps charity stunt snubbed by Aids temple

    Wat Phra Bart Nam Phu temple, which cares for abandoned Aids patients, has turned down an offer of cash donations to be raised from an Aids charity edition of Fame magazine containing nude pictures of male and female celebrities, models and actors. The temple abbot, Phra Udom Prachathorn, widely-known as Phra Archan Alongkot, said the temple would not accept donations from such activity.

    He added the temple in Lop Buri knew nothing about the plan, nor had any hand in organising it, even though the magazine may have used the temple's name in connection with the auction for the nude photos, to be held sometime between April 5-9.

    The organiser had faxed the temple to say it was sending a representative to provide a cash donation.

    An organiser, who declined to be named, said the magazine was having second thoughts about the project.

    The Ministry of Culture also turned its nose up at the proposed charity event.

    The magazine is yet to come out, but promotional pictures released this week have already caused a stir. Culture Minister Khunying Khaisri Sri-aroon said there were better ways for celebrities to raise money for Aids victims than posing nude for a magazine.

    Although she conceded that some of the pictures could be regarded as ''artistic'' rather than simply being lewd, some of the poses were 5exually provocative. One in particular showed a model bending down.

    Raising funds for charity was a noble thing, but the method chosen was inappropriate, she said.

    The minister was responding to reports ahead of the release of the magazine that will showcase 32 celebrities, models and actresses who posed nude to raise funds for Wat Phra Bart Nam Phu, a major sanctuary for Aids sufferers.

    ''Taking off your clothes for photography is a different matter [from raising money for charity],'' said Prisana Pongtatsirikul, secretary-general of the Office of the National Culture Commission.

    ''I would like them to cover themselves. Being naked is not beautiful, nor is it a practice of decent women,'' she said.

    Any charitable efforts should be socially responsible and keep within the boundaries of Thai culture _ especially that of dress _ in order to set a good example to young people.

    Aids patients would be glad to receive the kind of assistance that would not adversely affect society, she said.
    Quelle: Bangkok Post, 31. März (

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    Re: Keine Nacktbilder für Spendenaktion

    wie im Fred

    schon festgestellt, sind

    Culture Minister Khunying Khaisri Sri-aroon


    Ladda Tangsupachai, ebenfalls vom Kulturministerium,

    ausschließlich für die Bekämpfung des Sittenverfalls in Thailand zuständig.

    Nun wurden einige Models, die von den weltweiten Naket Aktionen, wo sich Frauen gegen Pelzindustrie, Tierversuche oder andere gutgemeine Ziele angagieren,
    nun dahingehend überzeugt, dass es in Harry Potter Manie, zur weltweiten Agenda gehören würde, dies nun auch in Thailand umzusetzen;

    doch dafür ist das Zeitfenster verpasst worden.

    So mußte sich ein Thaimodel Penpak Sirikul
    (sie hatte vor 20 Jahren im Penthouse/Thailand ihre Glanzzeit, und wollte sich nun, mit anderen Alt-Models für einen guten Zweck einsetzen)
    "I don't have any hidden agenda."
    wohlwissend, dass das neue Kulturministerium unlängst über 1500 Tänzerinnen registriert hatte, wegen unangemessenden Tanzstils.

    Der neue thailändische Fundamentalismus will mit einem konservativen Weltbild einen Schulterschluss mit dem konservativen Weltbild der thailändischen Muslime schließen, und Gräben überbrücken.

    Nude photos spark furore

    Culture minister, others assail plan to assist Aids hospice by auctioning prints of famous people posing in the buff

    The abbot of a Lop Buri temple that serves as an Aids hospice said yesterday he would refuse any proceeds from a controversial auction of nude celebrity photos planned by an entertainment magazine.

    Abbot Prah Alongkut made a brief statement, saying he was informed only that morning that Fame magazine wanted to raise funds to support the temple's work by taking bids for centrefold photos of some leading actresses and that he was disturbed by the damaging publicity that the charity project had generated.

    However, it was not certain what kind of further controversy the abbot's rejection would create, as it is against Buddhist principles to turn down donations.

    Penpak Sirikul, one of the models, insisted that her intentions were well-meant. "I don't have any hidden agenda."

    [highlight=yellow:c343a9ae0a]"People are born naked," she said. "This is the art of women's beauty."[/highlight:c343a9ae0a]

    She also lashed out at critics of the project, asking them what they have done for the cause. She defended the project, saying this was the quickest way to raise money and get it to Aids victims.

    She dismissed suggestions that posing in the buff would set an example for the younger generation to emulate, saying they can think for themselves.

    "Not all people are stupid."

    The undertaking brought some 30 models and celebrities to take nude pictures to be featured at the Fame Erotica exhibition open to the public from April 5-9 at CentralWorld.

    The one-metre-square nude pictures are scheduled to be put up for bidding to raise funds for Aids patients at Lop Buri's Phrabath Namphu Temple and Nonthaburi's Bamraj Naradoon Hospital.

    It's not known if the Nonthaburi hospital would feel the same way about the project as the temple.

    Culture Minister Khunying Khaisri Sri-aroon called the project inappropriate, as some photos and poses were provocative. She urged the celebrities to use their fame in other merit-making methods.

    Khaisri said she understood the models' and celebrities' wishes to act for a charitable cause, raising money for Aids patients, but the approach of taking nude pictures - some reportedly struck suggestive poses as in pin-up calendars - was not proper.

    The celebrities already had the public glued to their every move, she said, and should find another way to raise funds.

    Prisana Pongtadsirikul, secretary-general of the National Culture Commission, said that being charity-minded was good but their deeds should also be responsible to the whole society. She said the ministry had been trying to promote polite and traditional Thai-style clothing ahead of the Thai New Year festival, so she would prefer these public figures to set good examples for youths nationwide.

    She said that they should have chosen other fund-raising activities and asked why the celebrities did not take photos with their clothes on or wear Thai clothing instead. She also suspected that this move might be driven by commercial interests or was a PR stunt for the participants to gain more publicity.

    Ladda Tangsupachai, director of the Culture Watch Centre, said she understood the good intentions of the organiser and celebrities but they might lack cultural understanding that merit-making money should be earned from decent methods and sources. She also expressed concern that the affair might confuse young people who have been criticised for wearing revealing clothes.

    Ladda also said that the case was discussed at a meeting of the committee for safe and constructive media, which was chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Paiboon Wattanasiritham, and committee members just shook their heads in disagreement with such a "benefit".

    Former senator Rabiebrat Pongpanit, president of the Happy Family Association, slammed the models and celebrities for resorting to taking their clothes off for a good cause, which would create a bad example for Thai youths.

    Rabiebrat said that she felt hurt that the famous people used charity as an excuse to stoop to this behaviour. She said they should have done something else.

    "The monks [at Phrabath Namphu Temple] must feel uncomfortable to accept donated money from this, but being Buddhist monks taught not to be choosy in merit-taking, he would have to take it. This charity project is not a good example. They don't seem to think things through," she said while urging the Culture Ministry to act upon it.

    Venerable Phramaha Samai Jintakosako from the Saeng Thian Foundation said that, while helping Aids patients was great merit, taking nude pictures was inappropriate and against Thai culture and tradition. He said this even put Phrabath Namphu Temple in a negative light because the money came from an activity against good tradition and thus was "ungraceful" and a bad example. He urged the project participants not to jeopardise the good image of Buddhist monks who devoted themselves to caring for Aids patients. He expressed concern that if this could not be stopped, someone might produce nude VCDs to raise funds for charity in the future.

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    Re: Keine Nacktbilder für Spendenaktion


    Unangenehmer, als die Frauensperson die Du oben mit Bild eingestellt hast, kann ein Nacktphoto gar nicht sein.

    Oder ist das ein Mann?

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    Re: Keine Nacktbilder für Spendenaktion

    Zitat Zitat von Paddy",p="466900
    ...Unangenehmer, als die Frauensperson die Du oben mit Bild eingestellt hast,...
    tach paddy,

    ja in thailand iss manches anders, ebenso wenig wie die personen auf passfotos lächeln dürfen,
    haben die staatsbedienstete auf den obligatorischen offiziellen bildern anscheinend
    eine extra grimmige mine aufzusetzen ;-D


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    Re: Keine Nacktbilder für Spendenaktion

    @Tira joo,ich kenn das Foto auf Panidas Dienstausweis.
    Dabei lacht Panida so gern

    Lothar aus Lembeck

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    Re: Keine Nacktbilder für Spendenaktion

    Ach, lachen ist wohl auch "unanständig"?

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    Re: Keine Nacktbilder für Spendenaktion

    Zitat Zitat von Monta",p="466910
    Ach, lachen ist wohl auch "unanständig"?
    Nur, wenn Du Dir dabei die grimmige Offizielle nackt vorstellst. ;-D

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    Re: Keine Nacktbilder für Spendenaktion

    Zitat Zitat von Monta",p="466910
    Ach, lachen ist wohl auch "unanständig"?
    Das ist es hier in Deutschland fuer die biometrischen Ausweise auch. Zaehne zeigen verboten...

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    Re: Keine Nacktbilder für Spendenaktion

    naja, manche Nacktbilder sind für die Abteilung Kunst absolut vorprogrammiert,
    wenn es sich bei den Akteuren, wie in diesem Fall,
    um Damen fortgeschrittenden Alters handelt.

    Auch dieses Thema ist brisant in einigen Ländern,
    geht es doch um die Frage, wann hört es auf ästätisch zu sein (ohne jetzt eine deutsche Jung Huhn - Alt Huhn Debatte lostreten zu wollen).

    Auf alle Fälle ist es eine große Herausforderung für den Fotographen,
    obgleich es manche Frauen auch im fortgeschrittenden Alter schaffen, sich durch gesunde Ernährung und Sport einen gepflegten und ansehlichen Körper zu erhalten.

    Nur diesen dann auch öffentlich zu machen, dafür ist jetzt in Thailand die falsche Zeit angebrochen.

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    Re: Keine Nacktbilder für Spendenaktion

    So grimmig dreinschauend wie auf dem Bild ihres Reisepass habe ich meine auch noch nicht gesehen.
    sie lacht sehr gern, sanuk maak maak.
    scheint in thailand gefordert zu sein, auf pass und ausweisfotos ein muffiges gesicht aufzulegen.

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