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Ist Thailand sicher genug für den S.extourismus?

Erstellt von DisainaM, 05.06.2010, 16:19 Uhr · 16 Antworten · 5.328 Aufrufe

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    Ist Thailand sicher genug für den S.extourismus?

    Ist Thailand sicher genug für den 5extourismus ? - Jessica Oliens aktueller Artikel

    What Happens To Thailand's 5ex Tourism During The Riots? - Thailand Forum

    What Happens to Thailand's 5ex Tourism During the Riots?

    It takes a lot of violence to drive the 5expats away
    By Jessica Olien

    BANGKOK: -- Downtown Bangkok has finally stopped smoldering, but a curfew is still in effect after anti-government protesters looted and burned downtown for over two months. The shaky calm has both Thai officials and millions of men all over the world asking: Is it safe enough for 5ex tourism yet?

    Thailand's 5ex trade, which pumps millions of dollars into the Thai economy, has taken a big hit since the protests began this spring. Thailand was once paradise for these men—among them fetishists and .........s—but the spell has since been broken. No one really wants their exotic intercourse interrupted by machine-gun fire or beer runs inconvenienced by police checkpoints, although some are, of course, willing to live with it if that's what it takes. Frustrated 5ex tourists are now being forced to cancel their vacations or wait it out in their cheap rented rooms until the party starts up again.

    I came to Bangkok in early May to cover the red-shirt protests and ran into many 5ex tourists not quite ready to throw in the towel. Most of the men I met in the city's 5ex districts back then, before the violence began in earnest in the city center, brushed off the conflict completely. They were sure it wouldn't get bad—this is mellow, eager-to-please Thailand, after all—and continued on their merry boozing and ........ ways. Patpong, Thailand's most famous 5ex district, had been closed by demonstrations, but there were always other places to go to.

    The mood turned somber after what happened around Nana Plaza. A popular, multistoried complex of go-go bars featuring women wearing numbers pinned to crotchless bikini bottoms who stare vacantly and listlessly sway against metal poles, the place was suddenly surrounded with razor-wire and signs designating the area a "live-fire zone." Now it was harder to keep up the fantasy, and Thailand's problems were suddenly the problem of every 5ex tourist from Japan to Germany. The curfew, which went into effect last week, also shut down Pattaya, a town a few hours southeast of Bangkok, where it seems the entire local economy revolves around the 5ex trade and which is known for tolerating prostitution by underage boys and girls.

    story continues:
    Jessica Olien, die letztes Jahr als Englisch Lehrewrin in Bkk gearbeitet hatte und für die Nation geschrieben hatte,
    hat hier ein absolutes Schwachsinnswerk veröffentlicht.

    What happens to Thailand's 5ex tourism during the riots? - By Jessica Olien - Slate Magazine

    Men—and there are thousands of them—who live heavily intoxicated here for weeks at a time, stumbling around from bar to bar, prostitute to prostitute, had a rude awakening when Thailand's major 5ex tourism destinations were disrupted. "They ...... this country up," a man named Tom told me indignantly, as though he had been scammed on a time-share. "I've been coming here for years. I'm 75. Where else am I going to find a 25-year-old girl who will sleep with me?" Indeed. How inconvenient for Thailand to have political turmoil that disrupts elderly men's ......-fueled 5ex binges. Couldn't they have waited—until he was dead, perhaps—to hash out their grievances with what they feel is an illegitimate government?
    Thailand "5expat" forums are full of speculation on what will become of the country and how it will affect their lives of debauchery. Many of them are living on pensions and retirement. They don't want to move, but the violence seen over the past weeks and the unpredictability of the situation have left them uneasy and looking for alternative locations. Finding another place in Southeast Asia where 5ex is so easy and the locale for it so accessible is a tricky task. Thailand is a perfect blend of cheap, nonthreatening, and permissive. Thai people are extremely accommodating. As the men like to tell me, they will make your food "not too spicy," and they will giggle at your jokes even if they have no idea what you are saying. By comparison with surrounding countries, Thailand is more developed and has until recently always been considered quite safe.
    So now that it's not, where else is there to go? A man with the username UKmatt on the popular expat (and 5expat) forum suggests the Phillipines as a viable alternative to Thailand. There, he says, there are "beautiful Hispanic-looking women with big .....," but goes on to cite a high crime-rate and bad food as reasons for not going. As for other countries: 5ex tourism is not permitted in Laos or Malaysia, and neither Cambodia nor Vietnam has, to my knowledge, ever been referred to as the "Land of Smiles," as the popular Thailand slogan goes. Also, the advanced age of many of the men who come to Thailand for 5ex also means they need to be close to adequate medical care, which much of the rest of Southeast Asia lacks. Thailand has fantastic hospitals for those who have a heart attack or an ........ lasting longer than 48 hours.
    One evening, I went for a drink at a bar called Ice in the small town of Nong Khai in the northeastern region of Thailand known as Issan. An off-the-beaten-path destination for 5ex tourists that has become more popular in the past several years, Issan is the ancestral home of most of Thailand's prostitutes who leave at a young age to go find work in the bars of Pattaya and Bangkok. Nong Khai is home to several hundred western men who either have Thai girlfriends or are looking to sleep with loads of women whose destitution makes them especially willing. Ice Bar is filled with run-down women in spandex dresses trying to convince customers to put down money on a game of pool. I met a man named Terry who has been retired in Thailand for two years but isn't sure that he wants to hang around much longer. It's become kind of a pain in the ass, he explains. "You never know when the situation may make a turn for the worse, and then what? Go to Laos?" He gestures at the direction of the Mekong River. At about midnight, an adorable little girl who looks like she might be about 6 years old comes into the bar selling flowers. "Where else in the world," says Terry, "could I give that girl 1,000 baht, take her outside and do whatever I wanted to her?"

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    Wie alt ist der Artikel? war doch was von Mitte Mai die Rede, und da könnte der Lagebericht schon hinkommen, Dass er nun nach etwas mehr als 2 Wochen längst überholt ist, ist eine andere Sache, insbesondere bei sich überschlagenden Ereignissen.

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    Zitat Zitat von franky_23 Beitrag anzeigen
    Wie alt ist der Artikel?
    Er wurde am 3. Juni veröffentlicht. Sehr engagiert, gar spaßig geschrieben.
    Aber warum ist der Text vom DisainaM bei mir in der Darstellung gut 2 m lang und 2 cm breit?

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    a town a few hours southeast of Bangkok, where it seems the entire local economy revolves around the 5ex trade and which is known for tolerating prostitution by underage boys and girls.
    Gleich 2 Fehler in einem Satz. Kann sein, dass der Artikel vom 03.06. ist, aber die Recherche ist sehr viel älter ?

    - Pattaya ist nicht "ein paar Stunden" von Bangkok entfernt, sondern ca. 1,5 Stunden. Wenn einer Gas gibt, sogar noch weniger
    - Es ist sicher so, dass es "underage 5ex trade" gibt, aber dieser wird sicherlich nicht toleriert, weder von der Gesellschaft, noch von den Behörden....2010 ist nicht 1980

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    at wanjai ?? wei mir ist er schon ein paar mehr cm breit. Wenn es ein aktueller Artikel vom 3.06. sein soll, so dürfte da einiges nicht stimmen .

    @ lucky je nachdem wann du fährst und von wo aus du startest kann die Fahrt sehr wohl ein paar Stunden dauern, ... versuch dein Glück einmal von der City so abends um 5 oder 6 und wenn du das dann in 1.5 h schaffst, gratuliere ich dir.

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    sieht mir ein bischen stark nach Eigenwerbung aus. Sie hat den ersten Absatz unter ihrem Namen in Thaivisa veröffentlich mit Link auf den Originalartikel. Vermutlich können wir die Übersetzung dann irgendwann nächste Woche im Spiegel nachlesen.

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    interessant ist es, das selbst Thais,
    die in Thailand eine so harte Schule im Rotlicht als Kunden durchlaufen haben,

    bei Auslandsreisen ebensoleicht reinfallen, wie Ausländer in Thailand.

    Thai tourist in NYC duped by blond seductress — she splits Hyatt hotel room with his Rolex, Versace necklace, $2k cash

    After a night of drinking, the 45-year-old victim invited the stunner back to his room at the Hyatt Times Square Hotel on W. 45th St. on the night of Aug. 23. The man doesn't remember a thing, and was likely drugged when they went for a nightcap at a bar near the hotel, police say.

    He thought he was about to score, but instead got duped by a busty blond who slipped something in his drink and then made off with cash, a necklace and his $14,000 Rolex.
    A 45-year-old man visiting from Thailand was out drinking with friends at a downtown bar on Aug. 23, police said. He met the hottie from hell who introduced herself as Sarah.
    The tourist and his would-be hookup broke off from the group and headed to his room at the Hyatt Times Square Hotel on W. 45th St. Once there, she abruptly suggested they grab a drink across the street, police said.
    She ordered him a beer. “He said it tasted a little funny,” a police source said. “She told him to drink it anyway since she bought it for him.”
    The shapely predator and her easy mark returned to the hotel. Before they could get the party started, the man passed out. When he awoke around 1 a.m., the sticky-fingered vixen was gone.
    Also gone were the man’s Daytona Rolex, a $6,000 Versace necklace, a $400 iPhone 5s and $2,000 in cash.

    Cops released surveillance images on Friday showing the woman wearing a skin-tight black top with spaghetti straps. The suspect was wearing leggings and heels. She has a large tattoo on the upper left side of her chest and a smaller tat of the sun on her arm. Police said “Sarah” is likely between 30 and 35, police said.
    A hotel worker told the Daily News that guests often fall prey to opportunistic escorts and other get-rich, good-time gals.
    “A lot of escorts will get a guy drunk and he wakes up without his money,” said a porter, who declined to give his name. “It happens all the time.”
    Hotel workers said many victims are too embarrassed to report the crime to cops — and should be smart enough to avoid getting ripped off.
    “Who wears $20,000 in jewelry?” said a lobby worker at the hotel who also declined to give his name. “What was he thinking leaving all that stuff laying around? It’s the oldest game in the book.”
    Bobby Smith, 28, a finance worker who was outside smoking a cigarette, took a look at the surveillance photos and summed up the tantalizing thief in a few words.
    “She looks like a .... star,” he said.
    Then he wagged a finger of shame on the victim.
    “A dude gets a superhot chick all over him — he should have known better!” Smith said. “She picked him up and picked him clean.”
    Police ask anyone with information to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers tipline at (800) 577-TIPS.
    All calls are confidential.

    Thai tourist in NYC duped by blond seductress ? she splits Hyatt hotel room with his Rolex, Versace necklace, $2k cash. - NY Daily News

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    geloescht, total verwirrt ob diese Exhumierung

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    Verstehe sowieso nicht warum man fuer S ex bezahlt und dabei dafuer noch tausende Kilometer fliegt,

    hab einmal fuer S ex bezahlt, da war ich besoffen und hab mir ein Ca llgirl bestellt
    war uebrigends eine Thai, eine Schwatte haette mir sicher besser gefallen

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    Hahaha Joerg, life is a beach

    Wir hatten das auch mal drauf, damals bein Studium (Dresden). Dann mal kurz um die Ecke nach Sueden zum Volltanken. Good old times.

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