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Hat Thaksin Asyl in England beantragt?

Erstellt von Hippo, 10.08.2008, 19:53 Uhr · 61 Antworten · 3.918 Aufrufe

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    Re: Hat Thaksin Asyl in England beantragt?

    Der Haftbefehl ist draussen

    Police circulate warrants for Thaksin, wife
    ( - The Royal Thai Police circulated arrest warrants for ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra and his wife Potjaman after they fled to London to avoid cases against them.

    According to police spokesman Watcharapon Prasarnrajkit, the warrant for Mr Thaksin is enforced for 15 years while that for Khunying Potjaman is enforced for 10 years.

    Pol Lt Gen Watcharapon, all police officers, including those at the Immigration Bureau, will be informed of the warrants.

    But because they are in the United Kingdom, police cannot arrest them so it would ask the prosecutors and related agencies to work on bringing them back to the Thai judiciary.
    Bangkok Post

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    Re: Hat Thaksin Asyl in England beantragt?

    Dazu eine interessante Zusammenfassungder "Herald Tribune":

    "Until he was removed from power in a bloodless coup two years ago, the media magnate presided over a debased version of democracy, a system that preserved the external forms of popular sovereignty but little of its substance.

    Thaksin bought his popularity and the support of the rural poor in Thailand. He purchased or intimidated media outlets. He countenanced extra-judicial assassinations as a tool for waging a highly publicized war on drugs while leaving alone the drug lords in neighboring Burma, who are the source of that trade. He provoked popular protest when he sold his family's 49 percent share in the Shin telecommunications company for $1.9 billion to a Singaporean company and claimed exemption from any capital gains tax. And he is currently fleeing charges that he used his power to secure insider deals on real-estate purchases for family members.

    In a self-pitying statement issued from London Monday, Thaksin pretended he could not receive impartial justice from the courts in Thailand."

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