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    Grenze zu Kambodscha

    Opening of new border crossing hits snag

    • Published: 13/01/2011 at 03:31 PM
    • Online news:

    The opening of a new permanent border crossing between Thailand and Cambodia may be further delayed by the current tension along the border, Burapa Task Force commander Maj-Gen Walit Rojanapakdi said on Thursday.
    Maj-Gen Walit, commander of the 2nd Infantry Division, was referring to the new border checkpoint between Ban Nong Ian in tambon Tha Kham of Aranyaprathet district in Sa Kaeo province and Stung Bo in Bantey Meanchey province of Cambodia.
    Cambodia proposed the opening of this checkpoint two years ago. The proposal had been considered by a joint Thai-Cambodian committee, the Sa Kaeo governor, and the National Security Council (NSC). It is about to be forwarded to the cabinet for final approval.
    The new checkpoint was intended to ease the heavy traffic through the Khlong Luek- Poi Pet checkpoint.
    It is also part of an exclusive economic zone project to make Aranyaprathet the gateway to Cambodia, Vietnam and Indochina.
    "As commander of a unit in the area, I will propose that the opening of the new border checkpoint be delayed for some time because it is not far from the the Klong Luek - Poi Pet checkpoint, where the situation is not yet normal.
    "This would affect local people involved in the cross-border trade," Maj-Gen Walit said.
    Ban Nong Ian is located between border posts Nos 50-51, where the boundary is clearly defined by a stream.

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