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Flughafen Bangkok

Erstellt von Malivan, 25.12.2006, 06:26 Uhr · 93 Antworten · 4.716 Aufrufe

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    Flughafen Bangkok

    Flughafen muß wegen schwerer Mängel nachgebessert werden.
    Gruß Malivan

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    Met Prik
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    Re: Flughafen Bangkok

    Und was wolltest du nun genau bezwecken mit der Eroeffnung dieses Threads?

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    Re: Flughafen Bangkok

    na dann geben wir etwas Fleisch in den Fred

    Problem 1 - Kapazitätenauslastung

    Don Muang airport could reopen to ease congestion


    Don Muang airport, which closed in late September after 92 years of service, may return as Bangkok's second airport because Suvarnabhumi airport is now congested. Deputy Transport Minister Sansern Wongcha-um said passenger and airline inconvenience at Suvarnabhumi airport had prompted airline operators to demand Don Muang airport be reopened, and revive a plan to use both Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang airports to serve Bangkok's air traffic.

    Yesterday, he chaired a meeting with current and former executives of Airports of Thailand (AoT) and representatives of the Civil Aviation Department, low-cost airlines and the Airline Operators Committee.

    The government of deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra changed the dual-airport policy to a single-airport policy.

    Mr Sansern said AoT would now review its Suvarnabhumi master plan. He believes AoT proposed expanding Suvarnabhumi without considering its actual physical limitations. AoT planned additional land acquisition and as many as six runways for Suvarnabhumi, he said.

    Mr Sansern said working groups would consider the re-use of Don Muang airport, review the Suvarnabhumi master plan and tackle passenger inconvenience at Suvarnabhumi.

    An AoT source said a prompt decision on reopening Don Muang could allow Bangkok to serve heavy traffic during the upcoming New Year and Chinese New Year festivals, as Suvarnabhumi airport could not handle any more flights. Its peak traffic stands at 76 flights an hour.

    Tassapon Bijleveld, chief executive of low-cost Thai AirAsia, said Suvarnabhumi airport had neither office space for his airline nor cafeteria for airline staff.

    ''Today the government has admitted that Suvarnabhumi is congested and has reached full capacity since its opening just three months ago,'' he said.

    Re-using Don Muang would relieve traffic at Suvarnabhumi, and could allow traffic of low-cost airlines to grow 20-30% annually in the next 4-5 years.

    Udom Tantiprasongchai, chief executive of Orient Thai Airlines which runs the One-Two-Go budget carrier, said Don Muang should be reopened to serve domestic flights by low-cost airlines.

    Source: Bangkok Post 21st Dec 2006
    Problem 2 - Nachhaltigkeit der Baumassnahmen

    New airport faces partial shutdown

    Mistakes, graft found in almost all contracts


    Poor construction at Suvarnabhumi may force parts of the new airport to be shut down for repairs. This would open the way for the recently abandoned Don Muang airport to be re-opened to serve Bangkok's air traffic needs.

    Deputy Transport Minister Sansern Wongcha-um said yesterday that following a recent report on the problems facing Suvarnabhumi airport, it was likely that part of the new facility would have to be closed and Don Muang airport would pick up the slack.

    Some people had suggested the airport, open less than three months, be completely closed for a revamp, with flights being redirected to Don Muang until the improvements are completed, Mr Sansern said. He was opposed to that. Trying to move everything back to Don Muang would cause chaos.

    The Council for Democratic Reform _ now the Council for National Security _ asked about the readiness of Suvarnabhumi airport just after the Sept 19 coup, but executives of the Airports of Thailand (AoT) had insisted the airport was ready for the scheduled Sept 28 opening.

    Opening the airport before it was completed had inevitably led to problems. If the opening had been delayed to allow work to be finished properly, the airport would have started on a more solid footing.

    The new AoT board appointed after the coup has discovered physical and managerial problems at Suvarnabhumi airport.

    Board member Yodyiam Theptranont, who heads a sub-panel investigating the problems, said the repairs would take a long time. He could not give a timeframe.

    Mr Yodyiam's report to the AoT board outlined a lengthy list of complaints and deficiencies, along with a list of recommendations on fixing the problems.

    The report attributed the faults to substandard construction, poor management and manipulation of designs and materials.

    The report said the airport's information technology facilities were incomplete and the upper floors of the car park building have no drains, causing rain water to flow into elevator shafts.

    Over 1,000 lamps had already burned out and not been replaced.

    Mr Yodyiam said AoT lacked an official with direct responsibility for the airport's construction, which had posed an obstacle in getting swift repairs.

    Another AoT board member, Tortrakul Yomnak, said many areas need repairs and a partial closure was likely.

    Chaisak Angsuwan, director-general of the Civil Aviation Department, said that due to the persistent problems, the department could not issue a permanent licence for Suvarnabhumi airport.

    It would, however, extend an interim aerodrome certificate for the airport for another six months in January, he said.

    Mr Chaisak said the airport needed to meet all physical and operational requirements before it could be given a permanent certificate.

    There were many cracks in the airport's taxiways, some serious and some not, and repairs would be time-consuming, he said. Many operations staff also have no expertise in using their equipment.

    Adm Bannawit Kengrian, chairman of the National Legislative Assembly's committee on Suvarnabhumi airport, said his panel had discovered mistakes and irregularities in almost all the airport's contracts. Names of those believed responsible would be announced in two weeks.

    Specifications in some contracts had been distorted, he said.

    Salaries paid executives of the Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel were unusually high. Despite its claimed five-star status, the hotel had plywood doors.

    An inexperienced contractor operated transformers that supply power to visiting aircraft and six transformers had burnt out. The cost of digging ditches around the airport was inflated to three billion baht and hiring security guards to five billion baht.

    Any contracts where corruption was found would be scrapped, he said

    trotz aller Kritik soll man jedoch auch das Erreichte sehen.

    Man nehme z.B. die Ausstattung der Lounges
    (wer kein Thai lesen kann muss sich nur die Fotos ansehen)

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    Re: Flughafen Bangkok

    Guten Morgen !

    Meiner Meinung nach ist die Business Class Lounge

    der THAI am Suvarnabhumi eine feine Sache.

    hab das im Oktober 2 mal getestet. war alles vom feinsten.
    ich hatte übrigens nie Probleme am neuen airport gehabt.

    bei 3 abflügen und 2 landungen.

    die kleinen Probleme werden sich 2007 sicher beheben lassen.

    schöne festtage noch

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    Re: Flughafen Bangkok

    Nichts für ungut: aber ich kenne den Flugplatz "Frankfurt am Main" immer nur als größere Baustelle. Und wer selbst im Glashaus sitzt, der sollte bitte nicht mit Steinen werfen.

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    Re: Flughafen Bangkok

    Das einzigste was mich bei Ankunft hier etwas verwirrt hat war der Umstand, dass die guenstigen Taximeter Taxis eine Ebene unterhalb der Ankunftsebene zu finden sind.

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    Met Prik
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    Re: Flughafen Bangkok

    Zitat Zitat von Dieter1",p="430018
    Das einzige was mich bei Ankunft hier etwas verwirrt hat war der Umstand, dass die guenstigen Taximeter Taxis eine Ebene unterhalb der Ankunftsebene zu finden sind.
    Ja, und mit 50 Baht Aufpreis berechnet werden :-(

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    Re: Flughafen Bangkok

    Zitat Zitat von Met Prik",p="430019
    .....Ja, und mit 50 Baht Aufpreis berechnet werden :-(
    Das ist nicht neu und war auch am DonMuang schon so.

    Das stoert mich auch nicht weiter und ist mir auch lieber als das Chaos, das vor dieser Regel herrschte.
    Das heisst jeder TaxiMafisosi hat vor dieser Regel seine eigenen willkuerliche Preise gemacht und Fahrten mit eingeschaltetem Taximeter nach Laune und Gutduenken abgelehnt.

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    Re: Flughafen Bangkok

    Wie gut das uns die Familie Übermorgen abholt.

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    Re: Flughafen Bangkok

    Nun unter Umstaenden ist eine familaere Abholung teurer (rechnerisch gesehen) als mit dem Taxi.

    Aber ein schoenes Gefuehl wenn wenn sie am Flughafen auf Dich warten.

    Weisst Du schon ob Du noch auf dem Suvarnabhum landest?

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