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Es gärt in Myanmar

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    Re: Es gärt in Myanmar

    Zitat Zitat von zappalot",p="576225
    er meint es wäre gut, dass china seine schützende hand über das friedliebende volk myanmars hält, weil sonst die usa längst in myanmar eingefallen wären und die dortige glorreiche regierung, die unermüdlich zum wohle des volkes arbeitet gestürzt hätten.
    Einfach unglaublich, ich hab ja gehofft, dass wenigstens die in freien Ländern lebenden Chinesen ein wenig Durchblick haben und nicht auf die Kommi-Propaganda reinfallen

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    Re: Es gärt in Myanmar

    ndia is close to signing an agreement with the Burmese military junta to develop the port of Sittwe, officials in Delhi have said.

    They hope the port will allow easy and cheap transport of goods to India's remote, restive north-eastern states.

    India will put $103m into the project, despite international calls for sanctions against the military rulers.

    Analysts say Delhi has been reluctant to criticise the generals because of its strategic interests in the area.

    The two countries share a border of about 1,600km (1,000 miles) and Sittwe, in Burma's Arakan province, is 160km from India's Mizoram state.

    'Huge benefit'

    "We are now in a final stages of negotiations and the agreement should be through within a month," said an Indian foreign ministry official, who did not wish to be named.

    Burma map

    Under the agreement, India will invest $103m to develop the port and put in place facilities to use the Kaladan river.

    Goods will then be easily shipped from ports in eastern India and taken to the landlocked north-east Indian states in smaller vessels.

    Logistics experts say it will take three years to complete the project after the agreement is signed.

    "Once that happens it will hugely benefit north-east India and save transport costs to the region by 40%, even 50%," said Atin Sen of the Calcutta-based Asian Council of Logistics Management.

    Delhi has been desperate to use a port in one of its neighbouring countries to carry goods to the north-east from the mainland for several decades.

    They started negotiations for using Sittwe once it became clear Bangladesh would not allow Chittagong to be used.

    Gas riches

    India supported Burma's pro-democracy movement until the mid-1990s, when it started improving relations with the junta in an effort to compete with China's growing influence in Burma.

    Now it is building roads and railways in western Burma, and its companies are trying to gain access to rich deposits of oil and natural gas.

    Almost all of India's seven north-eastern states are troubled by nagging separatist movements, and Delhi is banking on the junta to chase out the Burma-based rebels.

    So India has so far refrained from condemning the military crackdown on the democracy movement, and has rather called for negotiations for a phased return to democracy in Burma.

    Critics of Indian policy say its support of the junta has so far achieved very little.

    They argue that Delhi should support global efforts to promote change in Burma - both as a matter of principle and in order to promote longer-term stability and prosperity in the region.

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    Re: Es gärt in Myanmar

    Dienstag, 8. Juli 2008 04:00
    Birmas Junta annulliert Wahlergebnis von 1990
    In der neuen Verfassung Birmas ist der klare Wahlsieg der birmanischen Oppositionspartei Nationale Liga für Demokratie (NLD) und ihrer Vorsitzenden Aung San Suu Kyi aus dem Jahr 1990 annulliert worden. Das meldeten asiatische Medien unter Berufung auf die staatlich kontrollierte Presse in Birma. Die Militärjunta habe die NLD über die Medien aufgefordert, nicht länger für die Anerkennung der Wahl von 1990 zu kämpfen, sondern sich auf die für 2010 angesetzte Wahl vorzubereiten. Die Zustimmung von 92 Prozent der Birmanen zu der neuen Verfassung habe gezeigt, dass sich das Volk nicht länger für die Wahl von 1990 interessiere.


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    Re: Es gärt in Myanmar

    mit Recht ist Aung San Suu Kyi verbittert, und sagte ein Treffen mit einem UN Vertreter letzten Monat ab.

    One year after Myanmar protests, Suu Kyi faces junta alone

    September 21, 2008

    BANGKOK (AFP) - One year after Myanmar's brutal crackdown on protests led by
    Buddhist monks, the world remains divided on how to handle the regime,
    leaving democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi alone against the generals.

    With the United Nations powerless to extract reforms from the military
    regime, the 63-year-old Nobel Peace Prize winner has used sometimes
    desperate measures to make her own silent protests heard.

    Aung San Suu Kyi, confined to house arrest for most of the last 19 years,
    refused to meet UN envoy Ibrahim Gambari last month and began turning away
    her daily food deliveries until her thin body was so weakened that her
    doctor had to place her on a drip.

    Just one year ago on September 22, Aung San Suu Kyi stepped out of her
    house, tearfully greeting Buddhist monks protesting against the military,
    which has ruled this poor nation since 1962.

    In the days that followed, more than 100,000 people took to the streets
    until security forces launched a crackdown on September 26. The UN estimates
    31 people were killed, 74 were missing, and thousands arrested.

    Under global pressure, particularly from neighbouring China, the regime made
    a few concessions, notably appointing a liaison officer in October to
    coordinate contacts with Aung San Suu Kyi.

    Just one month later, she made known her desire for higher-level talks,
    which never materialised.

    UN efforts to launch a dialogue with her National League for Democracy (NLD)
    as well as ethnic leaders are now at a stalemate, while Myanmar currently
    holds more political prisoners -- over 2,000, according to Amnesty
    International -- than it did before the "Saffron Revolution."

    "I don't think the military is prepared to work with Aung San Suu Kyi --
    they see her as a threat, so they'd rather not cooperate with her," said
    Myanmar analyst Aung Naing Oo, an exile living in Thailand.

    The international community remains divided on Myanmar, with Western nations
    tightening sanctions and issuing statements to express their outrage.

    But China, Russia, India and other Asian countries refuse to confront the
    regime, in the name of "non-interference."

    "You have to wonder if the events in Tibet didn't force China to
    reconsider," one Western diplomat said, noting that Beijing is "much less
    inclined to exert pressure today on Myanmar."

    India has taken a "pragmatic" approach, the diplomat said, since it has
    "everything to gain from good cooperation" -- not just access to Myanmar's
    increasingly important natural gas fields, but also help in combating
    insurgents on their common border.

    And Russia's return to the global stage has allowed it to make clear that
    regarding Myanmar, "it's no longer the West that makes the law."

    In May, junta leader Than Shwe, 75, didn't hesitate to push through a new
    constitution favorable to the military -- even as the nation was reeling
    from a cyclone that left more than 138,000 dead or missing and 2.4 million
    in need of aid.

    Two long weeks passed before the junta agreed to a minimal level of
    cooperation with the UN and other aid agencies. Gambari's efforts to extend
    humanitarian cooperation into the political arena have yielded no tangible

    One year after the protests, the anger felt by much of the population has
    been replaced by resignation.

    "The military is firmly in charge (and) the NLD doesn't have many cards to
    play," said John Virgoe, of the International Crisis Group.

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    Re: Es gärt in Myanmar

    Dienstag, 11. August 2009
    Schauprozess in Birma
    Suu Kyi verurteilt

    Oppositionsführerin Suu Kyi ist zu weiteren 18 Monaten Hausarrest verurteilt worden. Mit dem Schuldspruch nimmt die Militärjunta der Friedensnobelpreisträgerin die Möglichkeit, vor den für nächstes Jahr versprochenen Wahlen politisch aktiv zu werden. Der ebenfalls angeklagte US-Bürger wurde zu sieben Jahren Zwangsarbeit verurteilt.

    Das Gericht in Rangun verurteilte die Friedensnobelpreisträgerin zunächst zu drei Jahren Gefängnis und Zwangsarbeit. Auf Anweisung des Chefs der Militärregierung, General Than Shwe, wurde die Haftstrafe jedoch in anderthalb Jahre Hausarrest umgewandelt, wie Innenminister Maung Oo mitteilte. Der ebenfalls angeklagte US-Bürger John Yettaw wurde laut der Nachrichtenagentur AFP zu sieben Jahren Gefängnis und Zwangsarbeit verurteilt.

    Suu Kyi stand vor Gericht, weil sie Yettaw während ihres Hausarrests bei sich beherbergte, nachdem er sich ungebeten Zutritt auf das Gelände ihres Hauses verschafft hatte. Die seit Jahren unter Hausarrest stehende Oppositionschefin wird damit auch während der für 2010 anstehenden Wahlen unter Hausarrest stehen. Das Verfahren wurde international als Schauprozess gebrandmarkt.

    Vor dem Insein-Gefängnis im Norden der Hauptstadt, wo der Prozess meist hinter verschlossenen Türen stattfand, waren die Sicherheitsvorkehrungen am Morgen drastisch verschärft worden. Nach Angaben von Augenzeugen wurde das Gebiet rund um das Gefängnis abgesperrt; Vertreter der Botschaften erhielten jedoch die Erlaubnis, dem Verfahren beizuwohnen. Yettaw war am Montagabend aus dem Krankenhaus entlassen worden, wo er seit vergangener Woche nach mehreren Krampfanfällen behandelt wurde. Wegen Yettaws Zustand waren Beobachter zunächst davon ausgegangen, dass die Urteilsverkündung verschoben werden könnte.


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    Re: Es gärt in Myanmar

    ...das war ja wohl zu erwarten...!

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