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Dürfen Botschaftsleiter Rotlichtstudien betreiben ?

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    Dürfen Botschaftsleiter Rotlichtstudien betreiben ?

    Diese Frage wird man sich unlängst in England gestellt haben,
    als man davon Wind bekam, dass der Leiter der politischen Abteilung der Englischen Botschaft in BKK seine Rotlichterfahrungen in Thailand mittels eines Web-Bloggs seinen Lesern offenbahrte.

    Blog Gone Wild for British Diplomat

    BANGKOK, Thailand -- A British envoy in Thailand has learned that
    writing a blog can open the door to some very undiplomatic exchanges
    -- on delicate subjects such as his trips to Bangkok's famed red-light

    The trouble started after Ian Proud, who heads the British Embassy's
    political division, accepted an offer to become an honorary blogger
    this week on the Web site of The Nation, an English-language newspaper
    in Thailand.

    The idea was proposed to him by the newspaper's editor, Tulsathit
    Tuptim, a personal friend who envisioned the blog as a forum in which
    Proud could discuss his "Thai experiences with British perspective and
    humor" before ending his four-year tenure in Bangkok next month,
    according to the blog's introductory message.

    What ensued could better be described as a case of a blog gone wild.
    Proud's picture appeared with the blog, prompting several Web surfers
    to post comments saying they had seen him around town, particularly at
    Bangkok's red-light districts.

    As of midday Wednesday, the blog had attracted more than 3,000 viewers
    and about 100 postings since its start two days earlier.

    "I recall going to the embassy once and that same night I was down on
    Cowboy and who did I bump into? Yes, it was Ian," wrote Edwardio
    Shanks, referring to notorious Soi Cowboy -- Cowboy Street -- which is
    packed with go-go bars and Western men on the prowl.

    Simon Peltier wrote, "I saw him walking arm-in-arm with a girl that
    could only be described as '2 dollar ......' I bet that girl got a
    visa no problem."

    Other postings claimed to be authored by the diplomat, but weren't,
    Proud said in a telephone interview Wednesday, noting one in
    particular that said: "Yes, I did go with prostitutes during my tenure
    here with the Briyish Embassy, but that does not make me a bad

    "My syntax is a lot better than that for a start," Proud said, not
    denying familiarity with the red-light districts but insisting he did
    not patronize them on "a regular basis."

    "I'm not going to complain that I've never been there. But at the same
    time, the suggestion that I'm some sort of upholder of the 5ex trade
    in Bangkok ..." he trailed off. "It's pathetic, frankly."

    Postings were not exclusively about Proud's wanderings through
    Bangkok's nightlife. Some readers complained about the consular
    office's visa section and hurled criticism at British diplomats in
    general, while others wished Proud well in his future endeavors or
    urged him to stop blogging to save his pride.

    Proud had introduced himself on his blog as someone new to the
    blogging scene who hoped to share thoughts on his love for the country
    that had become home for the last four years.

    "When my posting to the embassy ends next month, I don't think I can
    bear to leave; this country is my home now," he wrote in his
    introductory note, suggesting he had perhaps found his true calling
    and would stay in Thailand to become a "professional web-blogger."

    = Associated Press

    Blog response surprises diplomat

    A British diplomat has discovered to his cost the hidden perils of the

    The head of the British embassy's political section in Bangkok thought
    nothing of jotting a few musings for a newspaper website as he
    approaches the end of his posting. But Ian Proud's innocuous blog has
    sparked a blizzard of comments on all manner of topics, including his
    forays into Bangkok's infamous red light districts.

    Yesterday a rueful Mr Proud, 38, was wondering what the Foreign Office
    would make of it all. "It's a real eye-opener seeing the depths of
    people's feelings about a common diplomat," said Mr Proud. "I couldn't
    write about my work. So it was harmless, cute little stories about
    Thailand. But the response has been quite remarkable."

    One mistake may have been posting a picture alongside his blog on the
    Nation newspaper website. A number of readers said they recognised Mr
    Proud from Bangkok's notorious Cowboy Street 5ex bars.

    "I recall going to the embassy once and that same night was down on
    Cowboy and who did I bump into? Yes, it was Ian," wrote one. Another
    observed: "I saw him walking arm-in-arm with a girl that could only be
    described as 'two-dollar .....'. I bet that girl got a visa no

    Visas and the refusal of requests are clearly a bugbear for those who
    posted comments, even though they are not Mr Proud's responsibility.
    Mr Proud does not deny being out on the town during his four-year
    stint, but adds: "I don't think there are many people here that
    haven't been in places like Soi Cowboy at some point. My last visit
    was about a year ago."

    The Nation's editor, Tulsathit Taptim, is discussing with Mr Proud
    whether to continue the blog. "Ian loves to get the reaction and he
    found it really fun over the first two days."

    Whether the Foreign Office will be similarly amused is another thing:
    Mr Proud did not anticipate the controversy so did not seek clearance.

    Next month he will take a career break and marry Lek, his Thai
    girlfriend, "if she'll still have me after all this."

    - The Guardian (UK)

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    Re: Dürfen Botschaftsleiter Rotlichtstudien betreiben ?

    Ich habe während meiner Zeit in Bangkok auch einige Diplomaten kennengelernt. Die waren allerdings schlau genug, sich nicht an den einschlägigen Orten blicken zu lassen.

    Vielleicht kann sich noch jemand an den 1995 Asean Gipfel in Bangkok erinnern? Viele der angereisten Diplomaten waren damals in einem Hotel untergebracht, dass ich regelmäßig abends besuchte. Die dortigen Diplomaten waren schon damals cleverer. Sie sind nicht in die Soi Cowboy gegangen, sondern sie haben die Soi Cowboy ins Hotel geholt.

    Cheers, X-Pat

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    Re: Dürfen Botschaftsleiter Rotlichtstudien betreiben ?

    dafuer erhalten die deutschen Botschafter doch eine Auslandszulage.Nein nicht fuer's Rotlichtmilieu, dafuer haben sie Mitarbeiter.Fuer die erhoehten Auflandsaufwendungen.Vielleicht sollte man dort mal den [s:3f864e6240]Rot[/s:3f864e6240]Sparstift ansetzen

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    Re: Dürfen Botschaftsleiter Rotlichtstudien betreiben ?

    Lustig dass das jetzt in die Zeitung kommt, ich habe den harmlos gestalteten und sehr unprofessionell gemanagten Blog erst gestern (oder wars vorgestern ?) gelesen.
    Das Problem hierbei ist, und das wurde leider vergessen zu erwähnen im Artikel, dass jeder Kommentar unterhalb des Blogs keiner Registrierung bedarf und sich jeder als "Ian Proud" ausgeben kann der will.
    So kamen gewisse Aussagen für die er nachher zitiert wurde ganz klar nicht von ihm ;)
    Aber wie ein anderer Kommentator schrieb, solche Unprofessionalität kann man sich als Botschaftsangestellter einfach nicht erlauben..

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