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Das Ende von Kuhn Tong Daengs Freunden

Erstellt von DisainaM, 03.04.2007, 11:07 Uhr · 14 Antworten · 2.697 Aufrufe

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    Das Ende von Kuhn Tong Daengs Freunden

    Kuhn Tong Daeng, das war die Geschichte eines Strassenhundes, der vom König in seine Obhut genommen wurde, und als Symbol vielen Thais zeigen sollte,
    dass man sich der Strassenhunde annehmen sollte.

    It seems that the Army wants to get rid of all dogs around the race track and golf coarse.
    Can rescues stand off an Army?

    Thailand's Military Moves in - No Puppy is Safe
    Thailand's Army on the Move: A Coup? No Pups of Rama IX Park in Chiang Mai Slated to Be Killed ASAP!
    By Nola Lee Kelsey
    Published April 01, 2007

    The world is watching. The Thai Army is on the move again. Is it another coup? Are those frisky terrorist from the South rising up once more? No! What could it be then? Well, Thai Army resources are being channeled to kill twenty plus dogs lazing in a sunny park. Rama IX Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand is about to be the scene of canine carnage in a slaughter by the mighty Thai Army. Wouldn't Buddha be proud?

    Culture Background

    In Thailand abandoned and stray dogs often live in what we in the Europe and the States would be consider a semi-feral existence. They find there own balance and territories in parks, temples or on beaches. Many are befriended and fed by local vendors, monks and residence. True, not all live good lives. Still rescue groups are now cropping up to spayed, neuter, vaccinate, provide medical attention and re-release much like feline TNR programs.

    Rescuers also focus on finding forever-homes for puppies and socially acclimated dogs. What I call a "One Temple at a Time" approach allows many animals to live healthier, happy lives (different from are standards, of course), keeps shelter form being even fuller and stops unaltered animals from recouping niches vacated by simply slaughtering current resident population. Rama IX animals are being invited into this special fold by Care for Dogs.

    A Plan Discovered

    The rumors of this government initiated, and condoned plot, spread like the recent wildfires of Thailand's north. Rescuers from the area were alerted. According to a volunteer at Care for Dogs in Northern Thailand, "a soldier went to our old veterinarian asking for tranquilizers to help him sedate dogs in the Rama IX as there had been an order from high command made to kill all dogs in the area."

    It seems that the Army wants to get rid of all dogs around the race track and golf coarse. I know were all happy to realize the golfers will not be bothered. They have a nation's army supporting their birdies by killing puppies. Officers order soldiers to just put a hole in one.

    The young soldier charged with this slaughter is scared for his career. He wants to keep things quiet. Still the word got out. After rallying support, animal lovers and Care for Dogs volunteers all gathered at the park to hear from Winifred, the brave lady who first caught wind of the conspiracy. Rescuers from Care for Dogs offered to sterilize the parks population. Isn't it amazing that the people in government who ordered this sick bidding are not the ones to fear for their careers?

    The Waiting Game

    As of this evening animal lovers of Chiangmai wait on pins and needles to find out if their voices have been heard. Cages and tools loaded in cars indicate a steady determination. But, can rescues stand off an Army? Please let common since prevail among Thailand officials. Spayed, Neuter Vaccinate and release these dogs back into there home or allow time for them to be moved. For many they are a charming part of a visit to Rama IX.

    Meantime animal lovers spread the word. Thai officials need to know the world is watching when these acts are condoned.

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    Re: Das Ende von Kuhn Tong Daengs Freunden

    Ich finde das sehr gut, dass man in Thailand endlich mal was gegen diese streunenden Hunde macht. Das ist hier in Mae Sot wie eine Plage.

    Und wenn diese „Tierfreunde“ Tierfreunde sind, dann sollen sie doch die Hunde einfangen und .......... und nicht erst dann auf die Strasse gehen, wenn was unternommen wird.

    Gut die meisten sind harmlos. Allerdings bin ich auch schon vor nem zaehnefletschenden, halsbandlosen Rottweiler gestanden.

    Und so wirklich interessieren tut sich auch niemand fuer diese Hundescharen

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    Re: Das Ende von Kuhn Tong Daengs Freunden

    ;-D so heisst auch mein Schwiegervater

    dann kann ich ihn ja auch Khun Mah nennen

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    Re: Das Ende von Kuhn Tong Daengs Freunden

    Vermute mal, dass ohne die Hunde die Ratten selbst am Tag auf den Strassen flanieren würden.

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    Re: Das Ende von Kuhn Tong Daengs Freunden

    Zitat Zitat von Loso",p="468052
    Vermute mal, dass ohne die Hunde die Ratten selbst am Tag auf den Strassen flanieren würden.
    Dann hat Mann oder Frau größere Chancen auf ein luxuriöses Mittagessen (siehe Rezepte-Thread für Ratten)

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    Re: Das Ende von Kuhn Tong Daengs Freunden

    Also ich muss sagen - streunende Hunde sind in TH verdammt wenig geworden - da hat sich in den letzte 5 Jahren aber richtig was getan!

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    Re: Das Ende von Kuhn Tong Daengs Freunden

    geht man davon aus, dass das Strassenhundprojekt ein besonderes Anliegen des Königs war,
    kann man fast den Eindruck bekommen,
    dass sich hier Thaksin-Anhänger in Nord-Thailand Luft machen, und nunmehr sich gegen rehabilitierte Strassenhunde wenden.

    Drug sniffer dogs sacked from airport duty, sent back to the farm after behaving badly


    Old habits die hard, for two dogs, Mok and Lai.

    Bad behaviour picked up on the street changed the fortunes of Mok and Lai, who were demoted from a prestigious job at Chiang Rai airport.

    Their skills in handling drug cases had earned much praise, but they could no longer serve police because they could not leave their street habits behind, police said.

    Mok, eight, and Lai, six, were welcomed by Chiang Rai police when the pair, local breeds, were sent to help them at the northern international airport.

    Authorities needed well-trained sniffer dogs to prevent any attempts by passengers to smuggle illegal drugs into the country.

    Mok and Lai became favourites. They obeyed the rules and did not make any serious mistakes. They made small errors, though - and that was enough to get them barred.

    "He liked to pee on luggage while searching for drugs inside," said Mok's former buddy Pol L/C Jakapop Kamhom.

    "He also liked to hold on to women's legs," he added.

    Once a stray dog roaming the streets in Chiang Khong district bordering northern Laos, Mok was offered an unexpected opportunity to work at the airport.

    He was among stray dogs selected by police for training at the Police Canine Division under the Metropolitan Police Bureau in Bangkok.

    They were trained under a programme initiated by His Majesty the King called the Tong Daeng project, that turns stray dogs into police dogs.

    The project was named after Tong Daeng, a stray dog adopted by the King. During his training at the centre in Thung Song Hong, Mok met his friend, Lai, a stray dog from Bangkok.

    After six months of training, the pair were sent to work at Chiang Rai airport.

    Dogs have a keen sense of smell. Mok and Lai helped police detect illicit drugs hidden in bags.

    Their skills earned them "Khun Tong Daeng" awards, which were given to dogs who performed well.

    "Both were just as good as foreign dogs trained for use in drug missions," said Pol L/C Jakapop.

    However, the two just could not leave their old street habits behind.

    "They were stray dogs so their manners were worse than those of foreign breeds," said Pol L/C Jakapop.

    Chiang Rai police removed them from duty after they received more and more complaints about their inappropriate behaviour.

    Pol L/C Jakapop decided to send them to his brother, Pol Senior Sgt-Maj Santirat Kamhom, who owns a farm in Chiang Khong district. They now guard the plantation.

    "First I wanted them to check for drugs among hilltribe people, but I feared they would be hurt," said Pol Senior Sgt-Maj Santirat.

    Police at the airport were sorry to lose the dogs, as they were good helpers, although the airport now has two new foreign sniffer dogs doing the same work.

    Mok and Lai like their new work on the farm. Every day they herd chicken and pigs.

    When they are hot, they take a swim and cool off in the creek.

    "It seems they have won back the freedom they enjoyed as street dogs again," Pol Senior Sgt-Maj Santirat said.
    Auch wenn diese Hunde die schlechte Angewohnheit haben,
    und grundsätzlich die Drogenkoffer anpinkeln,,
    so sind Strassenhunde im allgemeinen hochintiligente Tiere.

    Ein Hund in Bkk, der sich am Rücken kratzen will,
    wo er selber nicht rankommt,

    was tut er ???

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    Re: Das Ende von Kuhn Tong Daengs Freunden

    Ich find die Strassenhunde Klasse und genervt hat mich noch keiner von denen, ganz anders, als so manch ein Tuktuk-Fahrer Zum Glück gibt es genügend Menschn mit Herz, die sich um diese Hunde kümmern, auch wenn sie selbst meist nicht viel haben.

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    Re: Das Ende von Kuhn Tong Daengs Freunden

    darum war der Anstoss des Königs, vor 5 Jahren,
    bestimmt ein wichtiger Schritt zu einem neuen Tierverhältnis in Thailand.

    Ist schon gut, wenn ab und zu die leibenswerten stories über die Vierbeiner in die Medien kommen,

    damit alle ihre Freude haben, Farangs ;-D wie Thais

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    Re: Das Ende von Kuhn Tong Daengs Freunden

    Dann hat Mann oder Frau größere Chancen auf ein luxuriöses Mittagessen
    die Chance besteht auch wenn Hunde auf der Strasse rumlaufen
    Es geht nichts über ein knuspriges SpareRib von einem schwarzen Hündchen ;-D

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