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Crowd dispersal is transparent: Poll

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    Crowd dispersal is transparent: Poll

    A survey conducted by Assumption University's Abac Poll revealed that 74.9 per cent of the respondents believed the government was transparent in its attempt to disperse the anti-government protesters last week.

    Abac Poll director Noppadon Kannika said on Saturday that the survey was conducted on Friday, and it involved 1,439 households from Bangkok and 16 provinces nationwide, such as Chiang Mai, Pathum Thani, Phetchaburi and Sukhothai.

    73.2 per cent perceived that the deaths of public members during the protest were caused by the demonstrators themselves.

    74.9 per cent believed the government was transparent during the crowd dispersal, but 25.1 per cent opposed the view.

    66.5 per cent were concerned that state, police and military officials were not working in unity to address social issues. 20.3 percent were not at all worried, while 13.2 per cent refused to comment.

    Most respondents did not agree with the plan to transfer high-ranking police and military officers during this period.

    Politicians should promote unity among themselves before making the public move in one direction, Mr Noppadon said.


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