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Condom - Political Correct?

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    Condom - Political Correct?

    Racy condom name rubs FDA wrong way

    BANGKOK: -- The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has no intention of allowing a condom brand to go on sale with a trade name that carries a 5exual connotation, secretary-general Dr Pakdee Pothisiri said yesterday.

    He was speaking just one day after the Culture Ministry publicly commented that the request for the name "Tom Dundee" was inappropriate and offensive to Thai culture.

    "Tom Dundee" is singer Puntiwa Pumiprathet's stage name. He had hoped to manufacture and distribute the condoms, with some of the proceeds going to Wat Phra Baht Nam Phu. The temple is also known as the Aids Temple because it has cared for patients living with HIV.

    However, "dundee" also translates as "good ..........." in Thai.

    "We sent a letter to the manufacturing company on May 31 saying that we would not allow such a trade name," Pakdee said yesterday.

    However, the company appealed and so the FDA decided to consult the Culture Ministry.

    "When we officially receive the Culture Ministry's recommendation in writing, we will issue our decision," he said.

    According to Pakdee, the FDA alone has the mandate to approve or reject the request for a condom trade name. He also complained that the Culture Ministry should have consulted the FDA before going public about the issue.

    Department of Religious Affairs director-general Preecha Kanthiya said he appreciated the charitable intention but believed that a new trade name would be the most appropriate solution.

    Puntiwa was unhappy with the authorities' intention to ban his trade name.

    --The Nation 2006-08-09

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    Re: Condom - Political Correct?

    Zitat Zitat von Serge",p="382596
    "dundee" also translates as "good ..........." in Thai
    ich könnte mir keinen passenderen Namen für dieses Produkt vorstellen, warum also die Aufregung?? :bravo:

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    Re: Condom - Political Correct?

    Passt doch gut zu dem Aufregerthread von wegen Meinungsfreiheit in Thailand.

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    Re: Condom - Political Correct?


    jau, passt gut.

    Crocodile Dundee sollte sich schon mal nach einem neuen Namen umsehen, denn in Thailand würde man ihn der ....... bezichtigen... ;-D



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