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Chiang Mai to host Hollywood studio

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    Chiang Mai to host Hollywood studio


    Published: 3/03/2009 at 08:00 PM

    CKA Chiang Mai Co Ltd, a subsidiary of the Los Angles-based entertainment firm Creative Kingdom Inc, plans to pour 8 billion baht into a movie town in Chiang Mai.

    Construction will take seven years to complete on the 30-rai site in San Kamphaeng district.

    By 2014, six studios of varying sizes will be available to serve different scales of movie production. In 2015, the company expects its production facilities will attract about 35 productions worldwide, said CEO Eduardo Robles.

    The project will officially be announced on June 19 this year. Movie producers and directors from across the globe will be invited to attend to see the business potential. The company believes "Chiangmaiwood'' will be able to surpass Hong Kong as the hub of the movie industry in Asia.

    Mr Robles declined to reveal sources of funds for the project, but said the company was in talks with several foreign investors abroad. The company has received tax incentives from the Board of Investment (BoI) for the venture.

    Chiang Mai was chosen because it offers a good location and traffic, and skilled people in the field. As well, the city is a geographical centre for services in the Mekong region.

    Most importantly, production costs are about 20% lower than in rival locations.


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