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    Re: Busenstraffungstänze.

    ...und das wirkt?

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    Re: Busenstraffungstänze.

    Ja, ich sag immer, man soll den lieben Gott nicht ins Handwerk pfuschen.

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    Re: Busenstraffungstänze.

    Zu der Story einfach mal den kompletten Text aus der Bangkok-Post:

    Foreign bras not fitted for Thai bosoms

    Aphaluck Bhatiasevi

    Foreign-designed bras are not appropriate for nurturing the Thai bosom and may be leading to deformities in the breasts of many local women, a study conducted by the Public Health Ministry has revealed.

    The study report suggested there was a need for bras to be redesigned locally, to suit the requirements of the domestic market, said Dr Pennapha Subcharoen, of the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine Development.

    ``Many villagers already have experience in making designer bras while working as sub-contractors for foreign firms,'' she said.

    ``If tailor-made bras became popular, it would create more jobs in the provinces.''

    The ministry decided to research the needs of Thai women after a six-month study on the effects of massage on the breast sizes of 40 women.

    For this study, the women were split into two groups, according to the size of their breasts, and asked to carry out different forms of exercise.

    One group performed exercises aimed at enlarging small breasts, while the second group indulged in a workout aimed at firming large breasts.

    Dr Pennapha said both groups were satisfied with the results.

    The outcome of both studies should encourage Thai women wishing to change the size and shape of their breasts to adopt natural methods, rather than opting for cosmetic surgery, she said.

    Darueber lachen sogar Bargirls.

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