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Bombenanschlag in Bangkok

Erstellt von franky_ch, 17.08.2015, 14:46 Uhr · 673 Antworten · 58.096 Aufrufe

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    mittlerweile überlässt man die Pressearbeit der Polizei,

    --- ein mediales Fiasko ---

    nun werden alle Präcognitiven, die die Zukunft gesehen haben vorgeführt,
    das erinnert an das tiefste Mittelalter.

    Facebook Prophet Denies He Authored Online Augur
    By Khaosod English

    As police officials look on, the Bangkok press corps listens to Pongpob Boonsaree's account of how he came to post a Facebook message predicting an incident would happen in Bangkok days before Monday's deadly bomb attack.

    BANGKOK — The man behind a Facebook post that purportedly predicted the deadly bombing in central Bangkok four days in advance met with police to affirm his innocence in the plot.

    Before answering police questions at Bangkok’s Technology Crime Suppression Division, Pongpob Boonsaree, 36, told reporters this afternoon he wasn’t the original author of the seemingly prescient message and only reposted it out of anxiety.

    “I was suspicious from the message, and I felt that something bad may happen, and I was worried about ordinary people, so I reposted the message on my Facebook,” Pongpob said, flanked by officers. “I didn’t expect that something would really happen.”

    Pongpob confirmed he is indeed Facebook user “Wichawate ....promraksa,” which posted a status on Thursday warning people in Bangkok to beware of an unspecified incident between Friday and Tuesday.
    ?Facebook Prophet? Denies He Authored Online Augur

    so soll der Täter aussehen, einen gewissen jüdischen Einschlag kann man nicht leugnen.

    wie formulieren das Thais,
    ein Farang with a "Middle-Eastern appearance" mit einer mittel östlichen Erscheinung,
    Mittlerer osten, Arabische Welt, aber kein Arab,
    sondern Farang, sie wollen das Land nicht nennen.

    BANGKOK: -- POLICE said yesterday that they believe the suspect of the deadly explosion at the Erawan Shrine is a foreigner and the two other men seen in CCTV footage near the scene are his accomplices.

    National police spokesman Pol Lt-General Prawut Thavornsiri said the person in red and the person in white captured on security camera were also suspects in the attack that killed at least 20 people, mostly foreigners, and injured more than a hundred others.

    The arrest warrant obtained yesterday accuses an unnamed foreigner of premeditated murder, attempted murder and bomb making. The man could be of mixed origin, the spokesman said.

    Police released a sketch of the prime suspect yesterday, and offered a reward of Bt1 million for information leading to his arrest.

    Meanwhile two motorcycle taxi drivers claimed to have picked up the key suspect, with one saying he picked the man up often in the morning.

    The suspect was captured on security camera arriving at the shrine with a backpack, and leaving without it shortly before the explosion.

    The police sketch shows a fair-skinned man with thick, medium-length black hair and dark eyes, a wispy beard and black-framed glasses.

    National police chief Pol General Somyot Poompanmuang said police believe the attack is the work of a network and that the suspect had others, possibly Thais, helping him.

    "The suspect did not act alone. The perpetrators shared the job, ranging from staking out the targeted area, mapping an escape route and assembling the explosives," he said, adding that he thinks the bomb was assembled in Thailand. Somyot also said he believes the suspect is likely to have been in Thailand for at least three years, as he knew the area well.

    Meanwhile, Nikom Pantula, a motorcycle taxi driver at Sathorn Soi 10, identified the suspect, saying the young man frequently used his service to go to Asoke intersection at about 5.30am. He usually appeared to be in a hurry and spoke both Thai and English.

    "He always had a black cloth around his arms and wore black glasses," he said.

    Another motorcycle taxi driver, Kasem Puksuwan, 45, believes he gave a ride to the suspect after the man left the shrine on Monday. He met the police yesterday and told them about the route the suspect took. He said he had dropped the man off at Lumpini Park.

    "We have drawn the sketch of this suspect based on pictures we retrieved from security cameras and the description given by a witness," Prawut said.

    Many security cameras captured the suspect's movements on Monday evening. Recording from one camera showed him getting off a tuk-tuk in front of the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel at 6.36pm and walking towards the shrine.

    Prawut said both uniformed and plainclothes police officers were now working at key transport facilities and communities to watch out for any suspicious persons.

    Meanwhile, immigration officials at Sa Kaew checkpoint are now strictly screening foreigners with a "Middle-Eastern appearance". On Tuesday night, a Frenchman who looked like the suspect was detained at Suvarnabhumi Airport. However, nothing was found after checks and a search of his room, and he was released yesterday.

    Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha, meanwhile, said the suspect should report himself to the authorities in the interest of his own safety. "I am concerned that he could be silenced," he said.

    On Tuesday, another bomb hit the railing of a bridge and fell into Chao Phraya River near Sathorn Pier in Bangkok. The blast splashed water, but did not cause any harm. Had it hit the pier, there could have been a great number of casualties.

    "We plan to erect sandbag walls around the affected site and pump out as much water as possible. Members of the bomb squad team will then dive down to look for the evidence," Prapassorn Kularb said yesterday in his capacity as the public works chief of the Sathorn District Office.

    In a related development, a bomb hoax caused a brief public scare in Bangkok yesterday afternoon. An ordnance team was summoned to a stairway at BTS Nana Station after a suspicious item was spotted.

    The team examined the item and found that it was just cardboard covered with black bag and adhesive tape. "We suspect that someone placed the item there to cause a public scare or as a wild prank," a police officer said. Lumpini Police Station vowed to hunt down the persons behind this bomb hoax.

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    Die Chinesen geben Rotalarm

    @RichardBarrow: Hong Kong has raised travel warning for #Thailand to “RED ALERT - Avoid non-essential travel” - RT george_chen:

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    ein paar durchgeknallte junge israelis,
    die im Wahn stehen,

    werden die Bombe eigentlich hier zünden :

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    so ,die polizei intensiviert ihre nachforschungen im bereich der musel uig..... !!!! die bombe weist typische merkmale auf, die auf einen islam terrorakt
    hinweisen www.barenakedislam.

    @ mad mac

    ich schreibe wie ich es nach m.e. fuer richtig halte.
    solange ich mich an forenregeln halte und diese akzeptiere, ist deine meinung fur mich irrelevant.
    ueberdenke erst einmal deine eigene argumentation.


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    Zitat Zitat von Franky53 Beitrag anzeigen
    die Ösis haben es gut,die wussten schon gestern Bescheid,also bitte von Spekulationen Abstand halten.
    Das ist der Bangkok-?Bomber
    Der Autor hat vermutlich bei Dieter abgeschrieben.....

    Zitat Zitat von Dieter1 Beitrag anzeigen
    Ein Einzeltaeter ist das Einzige, das sich fast zu 100% ausschliessen laesst.
    coooool , Stand der Dinge ist also dass der Typ alleine per TukTuk angekommen ist und alleine per Motorradtaxi die Gegend wieder verlässt und daraus folgt , dass eine Einzeltäterschaft zu fast 100 % auszuschließen ist und der Ermittlungsfinger in eine klare Himmelsrichtung zeigt....

    btw. Kriegsrecht ist aufgehoben ...brauchst Onkel P. Nicht mehr alles nachzuplappern ....bitte den Selber denken Modus wieder aktivieren ....aber bitte nur Schritt für Schritt....wir wollen ja keinen Kabelbrand verursachen.....

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    Zitat Zitat von DisainaM Beitrag anzeigen
    ... einen gewissen jüdischen Einschlag kann man nicht leugnen ...
    Woran machst Du denn den "gewissen jüdischen Einschlag" konkret fest? Und: welchen Grund gäbe es für einen jüdischen Israeli (oder meinst Du einen muslimischen Israeli?) in Thailand Bomben zu zünden?

    Im übrigen war hier stundenlang im Ticker zu lesen, dass die Militär Junta (O-Ton N24) die Täter im Nordosten Thailands vermutet. Ist diese 'heisse Spur' nicht mehr heiss?

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    Zitat Zitat von peter1 Beitrag anzeigen
    ueberdenke erst einmal deine eigene argumentation.
    Du verbreitest permanent subtilen Rassenhass. Da gibt es nichts zu ueberdenken. Musels sind Muslime bzw. Moslems. Allein da faengt es an.

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    @mad mac

    du negierst gerne die realitaet derart das mohammedlinnge seit 2011 fuer die meisten terroranschlaege verantwortlich sind, dazu Politically Incorrect.

    mfgpeter 1

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    coooool , Stand der Dinge ist also dass der Typ alleine per TukTuk angekommen ist und alleine per Motorradtaxi die Gegend wieder verlässt und daraus folgt , dass eine Einzeltäterschaft zu fast 100 % auszuschließen ist und der Ermittlungsfinger in eine klare Himmelsrichtung zeigt....

    Man kann an diesem Beitrag gut erkennen, warum ich laengeren Diskussionen mit Dir aus dem Weg gehe.

    Du bist mir ganz einfach zu dumm und zu schlecht informiert.

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    Disi, wenn du den look des Verdächtigen gammelig findest, dann schreibe es und berufe dich nicht auf irgendwelche pubertären sozialen Medien. Was ich in der Hauptstadt und einem spirituellen Ort nicht tragen würde, wäre eine 3/4 Hose, gammelig finde ich es aber nicht.

    Die exakte, sekundengenaue Uhrzeit musst du mir auch erstmal irgendwo aus den Meldungen heraussuchen. Es gibt mehrere CCTV/dashcam Aufnahmen, die die Explosion nicht 4:04 zeigen sondern ein, zwei Minuten später, da sie nicht über Internet synchronisiert sind.

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