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Bomben in Hat Yai.

Erstellt von JT29, 16.09.2006, 18:12 Uhr · 18 Antworten · 1.762 Aufrufe

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    Bomben in Hat Yai.

    Gerade kommt in TGN.

    IN Hat Yai müssen wieder einmal die Bomben hochgegangen sein, 20 Verletzte und leider 4 Tote, man spricht von 5 Bomben, auch in einem Shopping Center.


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    Re: Bomben in Hat Yai.

    ist das von intresse??

    nur wenn es von intresse ist wird sowas gemacht. also ignorieren und gut

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    Re: Bomben in Hat Yai.

    URGENT: Two killed, 79 wounded in Hat Yai bombs

    Hat Yai-Five bombs went off in central Hat Yai town of Songkhla at about 9.15 pm Saturday, killing at least two persons and wounding 79.

    Most of the victims were Thai and Malaysian night shoppers. Police said the blasts went off at busy shopping spots near Odean shopping centre, Lee Gardens Hotel, Big C Supercenter and a restaurant in the business district.

    Of the two killed, one is a Canadian, who could only be indentified as Mr Daniel and the other is a Thai woman, whose name could not yet be identified.

    The Fourth Army refused to say who were responsible for the attacks, or whether it was linked to the muslim militants. It said its bomb disposal units were assisting the local police in clearing the scenes and would only offer comments when more evidence was gathered.

    Earlier, Thai Army Commander Sonthi Boonyaratkalin had ordered military personnel in the deep South to be on high alert from Saturday through Wednesday, after reports of possible attacks by the Gerakan Mujahidin Islam Pattani (GMIP), an offshoot of the southern militant group Gerakan Mujahidin Pattani (GMP), to mark its anniversary

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    Re: Bomben in Hat Yai.

    habe gleiches gerade von meiner Verlobten erfahren: die Bombe soll in einem Hotel hochgegangen sein, mehrere Tote, Verletzte und Schwerverletzte. Der Wahnsinn nimmt kein Ende... :-(

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    Re: Bomben in Hat Yai.

    Bezüglich der Bombenexplosionen in Hadyay lese in einer Online-Meldung der Thairath,
    dass es 4 zeitgleiche, wohl über Handy ausgelöste Bombenexplosionen gegeben hat, einmal an einem ATM am BigC Shopping Center, 2. vor dem Bachuga Restaurant beim Odeon Shopping Center, 3. in der Toilette auf dem 5. Stock des Diana Shopping Centers und 4. in einer Karaokebar im 5.Stock des Lee Garden Shopping Centers.
    Tote und Verletzte gab es "nur" vor dem Restaurant an der Straße. Hier hatte jemand ein Fahrrad abgestellt, auf dem ein Ölkanister war, in dem sich die Bombe befand. Bisher gibt es 3 Tote und 79 Verletzte, davon 5 schwer. Die meisten Opfer saßen an de Straße und tranken gerade Kaffee oder Bier. Andere waren gerade beim Einkaufen...
    Alle 4 Explosionsorte seien bekannt dafür, dass sich viele Touristen (Malaysier, Thais und auch Farangs) am Wochenende dort aufhalten....
    Soweit die online-meldung von Thairath. Inwieweit sie stimmt, weiß ich natürlich nicht...

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    Re: Bomben in Hat Yai.

    Laut n-tv ist unter den Toten auch ein Kanadier.
    Die TV-Bilder eben sahen jedenfalls nicht gut aus. Aber wann sieht es schon gut aus nach einer Bombenexplosion...

    Chock dii, hello_farang

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    Re: Bomben in Hat Yai.

    Zitat Zitat von J-M-F",p="398902
    ist das von intresse??
    nur wenn es von intresse ist wird sowas gemacht. also ignorieren und gut
    Auf sowas fällt mir nichts mehr ein, auser, schade das keine Angehörigen von Dir....., Du weist schon was ich meine.

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    Re: Bomben in Hat Yai.

    Ramadan beginnt am 24.9,vieleicht wird es dann einen Monat ruhiger.

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    Re: Bomben in Hat Yai.

    Meine Freundin lebte lange Zeit in Hat Yai, wegen der Gefahr dort zog sie dann nördlicher. Aktuelle Thai Nachrichten lese ich immer bei , auf englisch.

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    Re: Bomben in Hat Yai.

    Series of bombs rock Hat Yai
    Four killed, 70 injured as militants set off six explosions at hotels, shopping areas in the heart of town

    Firefighters are putting out the fire which hit a minibus and motorcycles after a bomb went off in front of Odean Shopping Mall in Hat Yai city of Songkhla last night. — VICHAYAN BOONCHOTE

    Hat Yai, the main commercial and tourist centre in the South, was hit by a series of bomb blasts last night, killing four and injuring at least 70 people.

    The first of the six bombs went off at around 9pm and the other five exploded about five minutes apart.

    The explosions occurred in front of the Big C department store on Lop Buri Ramate road, Lee Gardens Hotel on Sanehanusorn road, Monkey Pub on Thammanoonvithee road, Odean Shopping Mall on Niphat Uthit road, in a cinema toilet near the Diana department store on Sripoovanart road and the sixth one also on Thammanoonvithee road.

    The injured were rushed to the Prince of Songkhla and Rajyindee hospitals, and only about five were said to be in serious condition.

    Most of the bombs were planted in areas popular with tourists.

    Authorities said the bombs were planted on parked motorcycles and all mobile phone signals were ordered cut off after the blasts to prevent more attacks.

    Rueseeda Kinsa, a shop owner near the Odean Shopping Mall, said she saw panic-stricken tourists and locals running in all directions after the blast.

    The explosions were likely being used by the militants to mark the anniversary of the creation of the Gerakan Mujahidin Pattani insurgent movement and to protest the state-organised ´´Peace Project´´ gathering in Yala. No one has claimed responsibility for the blasts.

    A security official said the bombs were planted to publicise the GMP and Hat Yai was selected because it was a key city in the South. Security measures had been stepped up over the past week in only the three southernmost provinces of Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala.

    The Fourth Army refused to say who was responsible for the attacks, or whether it was linked to the Muslim militants. It only said that its bomb disposal units were assisting the local police in clearing the scenes of the blasts and would only offer comments when more evidence was in hand.

    A source at the Supreme Command said soldiers were sent to the Kuan Lung area near Hat Yai to round up 12 suspects believed to be linked to the insurgency in the restive South and to yesterday´s bombings.

    The last time the city was hit by explosions was on April 3 last year, when the Hat Yai airport was bombed.

    In Yala yesterday, about 1,500 young Thai Muslims, including former separatist leaders and their supporters, turned out to attend yesterday´s ´´Peace Project´´ gathering in a bid to help end the southern insurgency.

    But their number was well below expectations, as officers had hoped to see twice the number. Around 3,000 young Muslims live around the Yala Central Mosque, the conference venue.

    The group only gave the officers a list of 3,000 people willing to help the government handle the insurgency.

    ´´It is the greatest gathering of Thai Muslims ever held, though the number still fell short of target,´´ a source said.

    On the list are 40 separatist leaders and their 500 supporters, who once fled to Malaysia before returning to Thailand to hide in Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat.

    Many were young ustazes, or Islamic school teachers, who agreed to help battle the insurgency, which gathered pace two years ago when insurgents attacked a military camp in Narathiwat.

    Meanwhile, in Narathiwat´s Rueso district, former village head Abduloh Samoh, 44, was shot by gunmen in his house yesterday. He died later at hospital.

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