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Bangkok / Pattaya News

Erstellt von jai po, 30.06.2010, 10:52 Uhr · 1.688 Antworten · 199.744 Aufrufe

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    bin gestern Abend mal über den Festplatz gelaufen, wo heute die grosse Party stattfinden soll

    irgendwie werden sie die Plätze schon besetzen.

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    The golden man ist back to UK

    Inspire Pattaya - Events, Offers & What to do in Pattaya

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    Zitat Zitat von Taunusianer Beitrag anzeigen
    Search and find the motorway to Bangkok .

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    Der Glitterman, ein Exzentriker, der bekannteste in Patty.

    Als ich auf Phuket lebte, war dauernd ein Farang im hautengen, knallig blauen oder knallgelben Ganzkörperdress, wie es die Eisschnelläufer tragen, auf Skiroller mit Skistecken herumflitzen zu sehen.

    Auf der Chaweng Beach Road war jahrelang täglich ein griechischer Tramp vollkommen high anzutreffen, welche jeden und jede, der vorbeikam anschnauzte, oft auch mitten auf der Strasse herumtorkelte und alle die mit dem Moped und Auto vorbeifuhren aggressiv anbrüllte.


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    da sie einen Ort aufwerteten, andere Künstler anzogen, damit den Zuzug von nationalen und später internationalen Gallerien anzogen,
    und damit den Boden für einen wertigen Immobilienboom bewirkten ("ein Künstlerort").

    Glitterman ist schon länger als 2 Jahre nicht mehr in Pattaya,

    was daran liegt, dass die eine Gruppierung Thailand ausschliesslich für den inner-th. Tourismus wollen,
    während einige weiterhin auf internationale Erschliessung setzen,

    letzteren wäre Glitterman immer willkommen,

    aber das man für ihn die Visaprobleme / Einkommen regelt,

    da fehlt es doch.

    In Bkk betreibt Madstash Management eine Performer Agentur,

    und könnte so jeden Gallerie-Event in der Stadt mit "interessanten Typen" besetzen,
    wobei Glitterman jemand war /ist,
    der sich nicht für Events verkleidete.

    Natürlich hat Madstash auch jede Menge Ego-Performer zu bieten, wenn sie benötigt werden.


    das hooters hat vorgestern in Pattaya eröffnet,
    aber es erscheint erstmal wie eine Gullivers-Facette,
    da können auch der Elektro-Reitstier, die Band und die netten Bedienung nix ändern.

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    heute in Bkk,


    gepflegte Leere im Terminal 21

    und wieder Stau,

    insgesamt heute bestimmt 4 Stunden in Bkk im Stau gestanden,

    trotz des Staus doch relativ wenig Touris unterwegs.

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    am 16.1. ist die offizielle Eröffnungsfeier vom Hooters

    natürlich ist die Expansion dieser Art von Restaurants in Asien nicht unumstritten

    A ..... and Burger Battle Is Unfolding in Hong Kong

    Last week, the two worlds of breasts and burgers dramatically swung into each other in Hong Kong. First came the declaration that America’s tight-shirt, orange-hot-pants, chicken-wing depot Hooters was opening its first Hong Kong branch. Days later, an online kerfuffle broke out about the opening of a second establishment that uses cleavage to sell comfort food. Its name? Double D.
    Double D (it supposedly stands for “Dirty and Decadent”), which is set to have a soft opening this month on Wellington Street, ended up in the centre of a social media stink due to the restaurant’s front advert and recruitment posters. The imagery looked like it was taken from a strip club that provided burgers the size of a human head alongside lapdances, featuring chest-blessed girls in suspenders alongside the slogan, “In your mouth soon!”

    Double trouble: Double D’s advertising has been attacked on social media
    (Photo via Double D social media)The posters, combined with the “That’s what she said!”-inducing wording of their staff recruitment ad—workers must understand the “dirtiness of our juicy burgers”—predictably attracted the comment box assassins.
    “Is it necessary that you devolve into the objectification of women to sell a cheeseburger? It isn’t edgy. It isn’t cool. It is overplayed, and so yesterday,” cyber-screeched one person. “Are you all 5exist, chauvinistic pigs? Double D? Really. Change the name,” wrote another.
    As anyone who’s seen the sweaty-shirted 5expats prowling Hong Kong’s prostitute theme park Wan Chai knows, a mildly suggestive restaurant name and an advert not much racier than the Littlewoods catalogue underwear section hardly comprises the seediest side of the island. But while such a venue would raise few eyebrows in most major cities, Hong Kong’s current reputation as a magnet for 5exual nastiness makes Double D’s marketing feel dodgier than it would elsewhere.
    As Lisa Cam—who reports on the Hong Kong food scene for Time Out—tells me, Double D’s attempt to hit the cheeky-not-seedy middle ground may be the problem, because in Hong Kong, that middle ground barely exists.
    “Hong Kong is schizophrenic about its 5exuality,” she says. “In the public sphere it’s ultra-sanitary, whereas once you cross the line into the 5ex trade—which means just crossing the road, in some areas—it’s all out in the open. There’s not a lot of in-between. Bachelorette parties are a ..... to plan, as it’s hard to find any naughty-but-not-dirty fun.”
    This is a shame, because food-wise, Double D sounds as though it could be amazing. They researched their burger recipe for nine months by testing roughly 50 different types of beef, and the company behind it, Maximal Concepts, is already responsible for some of Hong Kong’s best-loved eateries.
    It’s being billed as an all-ages, all-genders place. Matt Reid, director of Maximal Concepts, tells me that he won’t be using Hooters’ recruitment style of hiring almost exclusively massive-breasted women. Guys and girls alike will be serving there, and innuendo will be largely limited to suggestive names on the menu.
    “There will be no girls walking around in [those types of] T-shirts,” Reid says. “While we have all the respect in the world for Hooters, Hooters is a restaurant with a massive menu selling standard American fare. We’re not really doing that.”
    Reid brushed off the social media stabs. “It says ‘Dirty and Decadent’ on the door and that makes absolute sense,” he says. “It’s a mild nod to humour.We think that burgers are as 5exy as a hot woman and a hot guy. It’s not that we need a girl’s ..... to sell burgers.”
    From a pure business point of view, too, beyond the eye-grabbing opening, Reid is right to try to sell the place through the burgers and chips rather than shirt potatoes. Hong Kong is a fiercely competitive food and drink market, with skyscraper-high rent and demanding customers.

    Thirty more Hooters venues are set to open in Southeast Asia over the next six years. This is the branch in Phuket, Thailand.Despite being the established brand, it may be Hooters that has more work to do there. “Hooters will need to up their game with the food,” says Cam. “Tight T-shirts aside, no-one will pay for bad food here.”
    Hooters’ Hong Kong opening is part of the brand’s Asia expansion, which will see them open 30 new restaurants over the next six years. The company’s Asia vice president David Duncome tells me that despite the tough market, the move is just another opening following the brand’s recent success on the continent already.
    “We are not opening here to offend anybody, we have a great brand,” he says. “There are a lot of people that like this particular type of entertainment. Our Hooters girls are the iconic foundation, the cornerstone of the brand. And in terms of Double D, I wish them all the best. It’s a home-grown brand, I applaud anybody who creates a brand from their beliefs from their experiences.”
    It seems that despite their equally buxom marketing styles, the biggest ..... and burger battle in Hong Kong won’t be directly between Hooters and Double D. Rather, it’ll be for Hooters surviving in one of the toughest markets in the world: a market that places quality above gimmickry in terms of importance.

    “I’m curious about who they’re going to hire,” says Cam. “The labour market for the service industry is very competitive. You’d have to pay a premium if one of the requirements is to fill out the company shirt adequately.”

    wird man bald auch The Tilted Kilt in Pattaya sehen ?

    auch dieser Konzern will expandieren
    Locations | Tilted Kilt

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    es wäre schön, wenn es auch in Malaysia, Indonesien, Indien u. im Iran bald mal HOOTERS geben würde; allerdings: einen von diesen mistfetten Burgern würde ich mir nie reinziehen

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