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Aufruf Sachspenden

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    Aufruf Sachspenden

    Serge hat mich gebeten, folgenden Aufruf zu veroeffentlichen. Er hat momentan keine Zeit fuer Foren.
    Die Pakete koennen z.B. beim Roten Kreuz abgegeben werden.


    Dear Friends from all over the world,

    To help our friends who are suffering in this World’s record that spreads over South East Asia, SouthAsia to Africa, as what happening now in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Maldives and Somalia ……and praying the list will not grow further.

    For millions of lives who are stranded homeless, hungry, nervous breakdown etc. you cannot imagine… is quite abundant but how can they live without home, sleeping place, no personal items…especially staying among the deads......this will be a long struggling time for them. No one organization or any government can cure alone. While we are still lucky to live happily and safe, everyone can participate now. That’s why I’m taking a few minutes among a very crutial time trying to help relief the situation whatever I can to put this together,

    May I suggest this is what we need IMMEDIATELY in millions of units for people who are shelterless, clothless, in need for mental support etc.

    You can prepare paks like these and send to closest donation center near by.
    Description of items:
    Survival pak or carrying bag - easy to carry and strong enough, back pak size is even better
    1 set of clothes :
    o T- shirt - free size, dark color, dry fast - 1 pc.
    o Slack - free size, dark color - 1 pc.
    o Underware - 1 pc.
    o Brassier - 1 pc. - should be free size or sport type
    o can make separate bag in different colort for men, women, children

    Covering mask - to cool down smells from rotten bodies
    Toothbrush and toothpaste - travel size - 1 set
    Soap or shampoo - travel size - 1 set
    Shave and foam - travel size - 1 set
    Towel - medium size, thin type, fast dry
    Sanitary napkin - individual wrapped - 2-3 pcs.
    Flashlight - small size, separate the batteries ( do not load )
    Insect repellent - cream preferable - 1 pcs.

    A plus:
    Small first aid kit
    Plate, spoon, small cup
    ID tag - to write owner’s name, address, contact, relatives etc. - wrist or neck type is ok.
    Small note book and pen
    Etc. that is practical for surviving.

    Again, you can gather these paks as group and drop them at any donation center to send down there.
    Thank you for your help and God Bless You all.
    From Your friend in Thailand

    Sergej Bashir
    Director of Business Development
    Suriyalana Co. Ltd.
    89 Soi Thonglor 17
    Sukhumvit 55, Wattana
    Bangkok, 10110
    Tel.: +66-2-382 04 33
    Fax: +66-2-712 83 74

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    Re: Aufruf Sachspenden

    Viele Hilfsorganisationen sagen wiederum man solle doch bitte nur Geld spenden, da erstens die Transportwege zu lang und zweitens die Waren und Güter doch vorort eingekauft werden sollen.
    Geht einerseits schneller und stärkt in den betroffenen Ländern/Regionen die Wirtschaft.

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