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arme Isaan Leute sollen in den Süden umgesiedelt werden

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    arme Isaan Leute sollen in den Süden umgesiedelt werden

    hier die neuste Idee des Thaksin Regime
    arme Menschen aus dem Isaan sollen zur Befriedung in die Unruheprovinzen des Südens umgesiedelt werden

    Move to send Isan settlers South panned

    Muslims, politicians decry Kosin´s proposal


    A suggestion that people from the Northeast be resettled in the troubled South has been roundly condemned by southern leaders, politicians and academics. Cabinet ministers were quick to distance themselves from the idea floated by Kosin Kethong, assistant to Interior Minister Kongsak Wantana, on Wednesday.

    Mr Kosin also proposed that army conscripts be ordained as monks and sent to guard temples in the region.

    Nidae Waba, chairman of the Islamic Private Schools Association in the deep South, said Mr Kosin´s idea would create even more problems in the region. Most Muslims saw the proposal as having a malicious motive.

    ``If northeastern people are resettled here, the insurgents would take it as an excuse for more violence.

    ``They would claim the government wanted outsiders to fight native residents for the land,´´ said Mr Nidae.

    His suggestion was similar to a policy during the regime of military strongman Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat, which generated a climate of distrust between local residents and government officials at the time.

    Nimu Makaje, deputy chairman of the Yala Islamic Committee, said former prime minister Chavalit Yongchaiyudh´s proposal was more acceptable _ promoting peaceful co-existence between Thais of all cultures and religions, participation of all sides in talks and the setting up of Nakhon Pattani, a special administrative zone similar to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

    Three Democrat MPs demanded Mr Kosin´s resignation.

    ``His idea is unacceptable and he must take responsibility. He must resign. If such a plan were to be approved, cabinet ministers should send their own relatives to the deep South first,´´ said Jae-arming Tortayong, a southern Democrat MP.

    Deputy Democrat leader Withoon Nambutr blasted Mr Kosin and the government for looking down on the poor people of Isan, who he said would be risking their very lives if they were moved to the South.

    Issara Somchai, deputy Democrat spokesman, said the idea was wrong.

    ``Northeastern people are not second-class citizens the government can use as a political tool,´´ he said.

    Senator Thongbai Thongpao, from Maha Sarakham, said Mr Kosin had no thought for the safety of the people he wanted to send to the South.

    Somkiart Pongpaibul, a lecturer at Nakhon Ratchasima Rajabhat University, said settling northeasterners in the Muslim provinces was tantamount to interfering in the Muslim culture.

    Interior Minister Kongsak insisted it was just one person´s suggestion. He admitted a working panel was set up to study the idea, but that did not mean the ministry agreed with it.

    Defence Minister Gen Thammarak Isarangkura na Ayudhaya said Mr Kosin´s idea was out-dated.

    PM´s Office Minister Suwat Liptapanlop said encouraging conscripts to enter the monkhood and stay in the deep South was not discussed at the policy level.

    Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Minister Chidchai Wannasathit declined to comment.

    Army chief Gen Sonthi Boonyaratglin said the idea could help end the problems in the South and combat poverty.

    Many factors contributed to the southern problem _ such as separatism, political conflict and social injustice _ and they required different solutions.

    Bangkok Post

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    Re: arme Isaan Leute sollen in den Süden umgesiedelt werden

    schau mal hier:

    Meldung von gestern

    Ist nicht mehr neu.

    Jetzt haben wir zwei threads zum gleichen Thema.
    Thema interessiert hier aber kaum jemanden. Es hat wohl niemand irgenswelche verwandtschaftliche oder sonstige Beziehungen zu armen landlosen Menschen im Isaan.
    Wäre ja auch recht seltsam, wenn stalinistisch Methoden in einem Land zur Anwendung kämen, dass durch die Thaksinomics geprägt ist :???: .

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