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Angriff auf Gerichtspräsidenten

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    Angriff auf Gerichtspräsidenten

    Bomb blast hits residence of Supreme Court president
    By The Nation
    A bomb blast hit residence of Supreme Administrative Court president Akrathorn Chularat in Chatuchak district Tuesday early morning.

    Akrathorn was not in his residence in Soi Lardprao 25, Phaholyothin Road as he was during an oversea trip.

    Police were alerted at about 1am about the bomb blast.

    Witnesses said they heard sounds of motorcycle in front of the house shortly before the bomb exploded.

    Police found a 10-centimetre pit about four meters on the ground inside the residence's compound.

    Police found no sharpnels or part of firecrackers on the scene. They suspected that the attack may be intended to cause panic not to harm anybody.


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