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100 Tote befürchtet und das Wasser steigt

Erstellt von Rene, 23.05.2006, 16:56 Uhr · 35 Antworten · 3.765 Aufrufe

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    Re: 100 Tote befürchtet und das Wasser steigt

    Warning system for flash-floods 'won't work'

    The government's plan to set up a warning system in the North to monitor the potential for flash- floods and landslides would not work, a geologist said.

    Assoc Professor Dr Thanawat Jaruphongsakul said the money should be used to buy weather-monitoring radar to track cloud patterns, a practice that had been adopted internationally.

    The money would also better spent on building weather stations to measure rainwater volume in 2,700 villages at risk of landslides. "No warning system for flash- floods or landslides exists anywhere in the world," said Thanawat, a geology lecturer with Chulalongkorn University's science faculty.

    The academic was responding to news caretaker Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra had approved the construction of a network of monitoring and warning systems - for the North - at the request of caretaker Deputy PM Suwat Liptapanlop.

    Thanawat said the Meteorological Department and National Disaster Warning Centre, under the Department of Mineral Resources, should coordinate more closely to cope with the likelihood of natural disasters, which seem to be becoming more frequent in Southeast Asia.

    Assoc Professor Dr Wisut Baimai, a project manager at the Biodiversity Research and Training Programme (BRT), said the structural damage in areas ravaged in Uttaradit, Sukhothai and Phrae would require decades of natural or man-made restoration to return them to their original environmental and biologically-diverse conditions.

    Citing BRT research, he said the flash-floods were partly caused by a drastic change of biodiversity - when uninhabited jungles were transformed into plantations and farmland.

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    Re: 100 Tote befürchtet und das Wasser steigt

    Nach den heftigen Überschwemmungen in Thailand unterstützt das Deutsche Rote Kreuz (DRK) die über 120.000 betroffenen Menschen mit sauberem Wasser. Dabei kommt eine Trinkwasseranlage zum Einsatz, die das DRK nach dem Tsunami 2004 dem Thailändischen Roten Kreuz für seinen Katastrophenschutz zur Verfügung gestellt hat. DRK-Trinkwasserexperte Gerhard Tauscher aus Mainz wird gemeinsam mit einem Team vom Thailändischen Roten Kreuz Wasser reinigen und es an die Überlebenden verteilen.
    Quelle: Verivox

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    Re: 100 Tote befürchtet und das Wasser steigt

    Mudslides still pose a threat to the North

    While search operations for the bodies of flood victims continue, flood-hit provinces in the North are still at risk of more mudslides and deluges.

    Villagers living in low-lying areas of Mae Ramat, Tha Song Yang and Mae Sot districts in Tak have been ordered to move to avoid flash-floods, while those living in mountainous areas were ordered to stand by for evacuation in case of landslides.

    The provincial relief operations office said movements of the earth's surface in the three districts were picked up by satellite in the morning. An evacuation order issued by a central coordination centre under the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry was received by local authorities in the evening.

    A late weather forecast warned of more heavy rains in Sukhothai, especially in the low-lying Yom River basin and in Sri Samrong and Kong Krailat districts, which are already facing swollen rivers, for the next few days.

    Sixty-two bodies of flood victims have been recovered so far while 53 people are still unaccounted for, according to an official count from the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department.

    The flooding has affected or displaced about 121,000 people from 39,000 households in the five affected provinces, including Phrae, Nan and Lampang.

    The search for dead bodies was the slowest in Uttaradit's Tha Pla district, where 44 people have been reported missing. Assistant district chief Narongsak Sang-ngern said all the bodies might have been swept away to Sirikit Dam 30 kilometres downstream, judging from the course of water to the dam, and especially evidence left along the route.

    Rescue workers are tracing the two-kilometre-wide channel and have come across many dead fowl and tens of dead water buffaloes along it.

    "Also found were home appliances, with hundreds of refrigerators scattered around. But no bodies have been found, apart from the 10 we retrieved earlier," Narongsak said.

    Maj-General Narongsak Phooaree, chief of the Uttaradit Provincial Military Precinct, said searches in Laplae district were going much better than those being conducted in Tha Pla.

    "Laplae district was hit by logs, making bodies easier to be seen, but in Tha Pla, the water washed away everything and the following mud covered the water path," he said.

    Floodwaters in Sukhothai have now inundated six districts while damaging tens of thousands of rai of farmland and disturbing about 3,000 households. A lower stretch of the Yom River is expected to well up today after the surge moves southwards.

    Phornthip Jiannuch, a Muang Sukhothai district local, said she could only watch her house washed away by strong flood current after narrowly escaping from it. "I lost everything in it although I and my two daughters have survived," she added.

    Many people whose houses surrounded by strong current have to let their property washed way in similar ways, after army engineers refused to dismantle and relocated their homes to safe areas at their request because of the operations were too risky for their personnel.

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    Re: 100 Tote befürchtet und das Wasser steigt

    Mit Sukhotai kann eigentlich nur Provinz Sukhotai gemeint sein. Ich hab vorhin mit jemandem telefoniert, der seit Tagen in Sukhotai einen Swimming-Pool baut. Der sagt, in der Stadt Sukhotai steht zwar das Wasser des Flusses nah der Oberkante der Betonwälle, aber sonst sei alles normal. An den Brücken stehen einsatzbereite Bagger für Treibgut, das sich verheddern könnte und es gibt Pumpen.
    Heute hat es so gut wie nicht geregnet, die Pegel müssten eigentlich gesunken sein.

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    Re: 100 Tote befürchtet und das Wasser steigt

    Wir wollten eigentlich nach Chiang Mai.
    Wer kennt die Lage dort genauer?

    Hier mal die Flugpreise incl. all vob BKK-CNX:

    Air Asia 1443
    12go 1700
    NokAir 1550

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    Re: 100 Tote befürchtet und das Wasser steigt

    Also heute konnten sie in Sukhotai dann doch auf manchen Straßen Boot fahren. War auch von einem weggeschwommenen Haus die Rede. Aber die Pegel sinken scheinbar.

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