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100 Tote befürchtet und das Wasser steigt

Erstellt von Rene, 23.05.2006, 16:56 Uhr · 35 Antworten · 3.738 Aufrufe

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    Re: Zehn Tote bei Überschwemmungen und Erdrutschen in Thaila

    Zitat Zitat von Bakwaan",p="348440
    Hoffentlich hört das jetzt ganz schnell auf zu regnen.
    Sonntag Abend werden wir in der Provinz Lampang, bei Thung Saliam, sein.
    Wirst Du voraussichtlich vergessen können, denn laut Wetterprognose geht es bis zum Wochenende weiter.

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    Re: Zehn Tote bei Überschwemmungen und Erdrutschen in Thaila

    Vielleicht kann ja Moselbert, der Wetterexperte mal ne Prognose abgeben, wenn er mal hier reinschaut. Bitte.


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    Re: 100 Tote befürchtet und das Wasser steigt

    Death toll from the floods in Uttaradit reaches 32

    Flash flood triggered by days of heavy rain have killed at least 32 people in Uttaradit while hundreds others are still missing in many northern provinces, Dr Boonkrieng Suchaisaengrat, chief of Uttaradit´s health office said on Wednesday.

    Authorities have not yet started searching mission but will do it as soon as water declined.

    Uttaradit was so hardest hit by the flood that inundated many provinces in the north including Sukhothai, Phrae, Nan and Lampang.

    Meanwhile Saman Pangwatcharakorn, chief of the northern region´s disaster prevention and rescue centre said by Tuesday evening, some 40 bodies had already been recovered in Uttaradit and another 40 people were listed as missing, said

    Seven more people were killed in Sukhothai province and three in Phrae, he said. The flash floods also caused landslides in the mountainous region. Many of the missing are believed to trapped under tonnes of mud from a landslide that engulfed dozens of houses in Uttaradit´s Lablae district.

    "The situation is still confused because in several areas the rescue teams have not yet arrived and electricity is cut off in the entire Lablae district," Saman said.

    Interior Minister Kongsak Wantana told reporters in Bangkok that the flooding is severe and the death toll is expected to be high.

    It is believed that more than 1,500 in the district were trapped on the roofs of their houses or in trees, said Nitipat Pimpiriyakul, chief of the province´s disaster centre.

    Mountainous Lablae is one of the worst-hit areas because thousands of people there are without food and electricity and rescue teams being sent by boat have so far not reached them. But as many as 50,000 households in Uttaradit, Sukhothai and Phrae are without power.

    "The death toll will rise because rescue teams are still unable to get into villages where the landslide hit the houses of villagers," Nitipat said.

    Railway service to northern Thailand has been suspended.

    Caretaker Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who resumed his duties on Tuesday after a seven-week leave of absence, was scheduled to inspect the disaster scene on Wednesday.

    Dr Boonriang earlier called for rescue workers experienced in handling a large number of bodies, as in the 2004 tsunami disaster, to help keep a record of the bodies.

    "About 30 bodies have already been retrieved but we expect to retrieve some 70 more during the next three days," he said on Tuesday.

    Bodies were scattered around the province, but continued downpours hampered efforts to reach some hardest-hit areas, he said.

    HM King and Queen instruct military to provide flood relief

    Their Majesties the King and the Queen have instructed the armed forces to help people in the northern provinces who were affected by the recent heavy floods, said Office of HM the King's Principal Private Secretary.

    Their Majesties are deeply concerned about the situation in the northern region where many provinces - Uttaradit, Sukhothai, Phrae, Lampang and Nan - have been hard hit by flash floods. The flooding has claimed many lives and caused extensive property damage.

    Therefore Their Majesties instructed the Army, the Navy and the Air Force on Tuesday to provide all assistance to the afflicted populace.

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    Re: Zehn Tote bei Überschwemmungen und Erdrutschen in Thaila


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    Re: 100 Tote befürchtet und das Wasser steigt



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    Re: 100 Tote befürchtet und das Wasser steigt

    Aid teams fly in flood relief

    Thailand's Public Health Ministry on Wednesday dispatched more than 30 mobile medical teams to provide emergency medical assistance for people suffering from floods and mudslides in the North, Public Health Minister Pinij Jurausombat said Wednesday.

    Meanwhile, a forensic team led by the Central Institute of Forensic Science (CIFS) acting director ....tip Rojanasunan on Wednesday headed for the flood-devastated north of Thailand to carry out a forensic identification mission as the death toll of flood victims rises.

    The disaster covers five provinces, where some 75,000 persons in over 20,000 households have been affected, with more than 32,000 rai of crops and local infrastructure damage.

    Floods and mudslides triggered by torrential rains have caused injuries and illness to large numbers of residents in the five northern provinces of Uttaradit, Phrae, Sukhothai, Lampang, and Nan and the number of patients is expected to rise due to the escalating severity of the natural disaster, the minister said.

    Mr. Pinij said that the mobile medical teams were first dispatched to the two worst-hit provinces, Uttaradit, and Phrae, where many have died and many injuries and diseases have been caused by floods and mudslides.

    The mobile medical team missions will focus on providing medication for those suffering flood-related diseases, and providing vaccinations against tetanus.

    The Ministry also sent over 10,000 sets of common household pharmaceuticals to hospitals in the flood-stricken provinces and held in reserve an additional 500,000 sets for possible further need.

    Chemical solutions and medical equipment for handling corpses were also sent to the affected areas where people died, Mr. Pinij said.

    Dr ....tip led a staff of 12 to assist in rescue operations in areas where many deaths have been reported as a result of heavy floods and landslides.

    The team, including forensic experts and photographers, will set down in worst-hit Uttaradit province where they will meet local public health officials to see how to join the operations in progress. The temporary base will be at Uttaradit Provincial Hospital, she said. (Compiled from TNA)

    Earth dam in Tak bursts, three villages inundated

    An earth dam in Tak collapsed early Wednesday morning, sending some 1 million cubic metres of water to inundate three villages downstream, officials said.

    Manager Online reported that the swelling water from torrential rains caused the dam to collapse at about 4 am.

    Three villages in Muang district's Tambon Pongdaeng were inundated, affecting some 900 families.

    Residents of eight northern provinces warned of more landslides

    The Department of Mineral Resources Wednesday issued a warning that flash floods could lead to further landslides in eight northern provinces, similar to those that killed dozens of villagers in Uttaradit and its neighbouring provinces on Tuesday.

    Somsak Phothisat, the department's director-general, said the provinces under threat were Mae Hong Son, Tak, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lampang, Lamphun, Phayao and Phrae.

    He said the warning came after a weather forecast said the region was likely to be hit by more heavy rain over the next few days.

    The mudslides in Uttaradit, Nan, Phrae, Lampang and Sukhothai in the early hours of Tuesday followed days of heavy rain. Scores of people were killed and many more are still missing, feared dead.

    The Nation

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    Re: 100 Tote befürchtet und das Wasser steigt

    Ich bin zwar etwas südlicher, aber hier regnet es seit 3 Tagen kaum noch, heute bisher gar nicht, auch die Sonne kam wieder für mehrere Stunden durch.

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    Re: 100 Tote befürchtet und das Wasser steigt

    Zitat Zitat von mipooh",p="348487
    Ich bin zwar etwas südlicher, aber hier regnet es seit 3 Tagen kaum noch, heute bisher gar nicht, auch die Sonne kam wieder für mehrere Stunden durch.
    Gratuliere! Du lebst aber auch noch südlich Sukhothai und Phitsanulok.

    Auch für letzteres Gebiet gibt es noch keine Warnung.
    Dafür ist u.A. Chiang Mai und Chiang Rai leider hinzugekommen.

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    Re: 100 Tote befürchtet und das Wasser steigt

    Von hier aus gesehen ist dies alles hoch im Norden

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    Re: 100 Tote befürchtet und das Wasser steigt

    The Nation welcome donations for people afflicted from flood

    Nation Multimedia Group Plc and its affiliate news publications welcome donations of money and basic necessities to help those suffering from flooding in Uttaradit, Sukhothai and Phrae provinces.

    Money can be transferred to savings account number 0952719297 of the Bank of Ayudhya, or account name "Nation Multimedia Group Plc's Relief Fund for Flood Victims", at Kasikornbank's Seacon Square branch.

    The items can either be mailed to or sent directly to the NMG compound, 44 Moo 10 Bang NaTrad Highway km 4.5, Bang Na district, Bangkok, 10260. Donations are being received between 9am and 5pm weekdays.

    Items most needed are rice seeds, sticky rice seeds, bottled drinking water, canned food and medicine. Other items needed are sanitary napkins, torches, batteries and clothing.

    Tulsathit Taptim, The Nation's editor, said people making large donations could call to arrange a free pickup.

    Donations can also be left at all 50 district offices in Bangkok and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration's headquarters. Deputy City Clerk Phongsakti Semsant said he welcomed NMG's participation in the relief appeal.

    The BMA will also transport large numbers of items for free.

    Hier könnten die wohlhabenderen Thailandfreunde mal schnell aktiv werden. - Danke! :bravo:

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