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100 Tote befürchtet und das Wasser steigt

Erstellt von Rene, 23.05.2006, 16:56 Uhr · 35 Antworten · 3.762 Aufrufe

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    100 Tote befürchtet und das Wasser steigt

    Bei Überschwemmungen und Erdrutschen nach starken Regenfällen sind im Norden Thailands mindestens zehn Menschen ums Leben gekommen. Fast 50 Menschen würden vermisst, Tausende seien obdachlos geworden, teilten Behördenvertreter am Dienstag mit. [..]
    Quelle: derStandard

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    Re: Zehn Tote bei Überschwemmungen und Erdrutschen in Thaila

    hallo zusammen
    weis man wo genau.
    welche dörfer oder städte.

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    Re: Zehn Tote bei Überschwemmungen und Erdrutschen in Thaila

    At least 100 feared dead as floods hit north

    More than 100 people in Uttaradit were feared dead on Tuesday following deadly flash floods, mudslides and landslides.

    Uttaradit publichealth chief Dr Boonriang Chuchaisaengrat called for rescue workers with experiences in handling a large number of victim bodies, just like in 2004 tsunami disaster, to help keep records of the floodvictim bodies while waiting for their relatives to come forward.

    "About 30 bodies are already retrieved but we expect to retrieve some 70 more during the next three days," he said.

    The flash floods and landslides turned many areas of this northern province into a scene of tragedy, causing deaths, injuries and damages to a great extent.

    "Hundreds of people are hospitalised," Boonriang said.

    More than 100 people feared dead in northern floodings

    More than 100 people were feared dead in flash floods which ravaged through many northern provinces Tuesday, officials said.

    The disaster also injured over 200 victims.

    Uttaradit, Sukhothai, Phrae and Lampang were now reeling in the face of the inundation, caused by heavy downpours over the past few days.

    Of them, Uttaradit was the worst hit with seven deaths reported. Electricity in the province was cut due to rising floodwater, which already marooned as many as 1,000 train passengers on four trains heading northward.

    The Nation

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    Re: Zehn Tote bei Überschwemmungen und Erdrutschen in Thaila

    hm. es kann ja sein das ich mich irre, aber war sowas nicht für den süden vorhergesagt?? strum, starke regenfälle mit der gefahr von erdrutschen

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    Re: Zehn Tote bei Überschwemmungen und Erdrutschen in Thaila

    ......... sollen noch mehr die Wälder dort oben abholzen.

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    Re: Zehn Tote bei Überschwemmungen und Erdrutschen in Thaila

    Rund 50 Leichen bereits geborgen

    Sturzfluten haben im Norden Thailands Überschwemmungen und Erdrutsche ausgelöst und vermutlich rund 100 Menschen in den Tod gerissen. Etwa 50 Leichen wurden bis Dienstagabend bereits geborgen, 50 weitere Menschen wurden als vermisst registriert, wie ein Sprecher des Krisenstabs in der Provinz Uttaradit mitteilte.

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    Re: Zehn Tote bei Überschwemmungen und Erdrutschen in Thaila

    Zitat Zitat von dschai roon",p="348347
    ......... sollen noch mehr die Wälder dort oben abholzen.
    ja das stimmt ganz schlimm finde ich es von mäsot richtung umpang, kaum noch ein baum auf den hügeln

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    Re: Zehn Tote bei Überschwemmungen und Erdrutschen in Thaila

    over 100 dead in uttaradit

    More than 100 people were feared dead in Uttaradit pro-vince yesterday after flash floods and landslides caused havoc in the central North.

    There were at least 30 confirmed deaths by press time late last night and dozens more were missing and presumed killed by mudslides.

    Authorities in the province, about 500km north of Bangkok, said the death toll looks likely to top 100 over the coming days. Hundreds more were injured, and several thousand have been left homeless, following several days of torrential rain.

    Uttaradit public-health chief Dr Boonriang Chuchai-saengrat called for rescue workers experienced in handling a large number of bodies, as in the 2004 tsunami disaster, to help keep a record of the bodies.

    "About 30 bodies have already been retrieved but we expect to retrieve some 70 more during the next three days," he said.

    Bodies were scattered around the province, but continued downpours hampered efforts to reach some hardest-hit areas, he said.

    The flash floods and landslides early yesterday turned many areas of this northern province into a scene of tragedy, and caused widespread damage. "Hundreds of people are hospitalised," Boon-riang said, adding that doctors and nurses were among the victims.

    Local people scrambled yesterday to live without electricity and cell-phone connections. Authorities cut electricity in Uttaradit out of fear people might be electrocuted in the floodwaters.

    Rescue operations needed reinforcements, equipment and infrastructure service, Boonriang said. Power generators at local hospitals only had the capacity to provide electricity to emergency rooms and operating theatres.

    Laplae district chief Thongchai Teyathiti said he had already submitted a report to the Uttaradit governor outlining that the lack of communication links and severed routes were key obstacles in delivering help to flood victims.

    In Laplae's Tambon Mae Poon, flash floods and landslides battered the villages of Pha Moob, Huai Tai and Huai Padi.

    "At around 3am I was woken by the sound of stones rolling," said Chai-narong Choeisuwan, a 27-year-old resident in Tambon Mae Poon.

    Chai-narong, who had a terrified look in his eyes and bruises all over his body, said he heard people screaming out in pain.

    "I suddenly jumped up to see what had happened. Then, I saw a rush of furious water coming. That's when I started running for my life in my bare feet," he said.

    He raced to Mae Poon Municipal Office, which is on higher ground. It was only when he reached his destination that he realised - appalled - he had left his wife and parents behind.

    "I don't know what has happened to them. No one has seen them," Chai-narong said.

    In the downtown area of Laplae, the floods left around 4,000 residents homeless. Officials said two main roads to the district were impassable, making it difficult for officials from other districts to provide help.

    Deputy director general of the Corrections Department, Pittaya Sangkhanakin, said Uttaradit prison was swamped under 85cm of water. "We are transferring all 700 prisoners to another prison in Phitsanulok," he said.

    At the same time, the floodwater marooned as many as 1,000 passengers on four northbound trains in Uttaradit.

    State Railway of Thailand public relations chief Monthakarn Srivilart said one train was unable to move because the station was surrounded by floodwater. "We would like to ask passengers to be patient," she said, adding that her agency was going to provide food for the stranded passengers.

    In Sukhothai, helicopters airlifted many victims, seriously injured in the floods and subsequent landslides, to Sri Satchanalai Hospital.

    At the time of going to press, Sukothai reported three people dead. Rescue workers said more than 2,800 houses were damaged and three victims were missing. Elderly residents said it was the worst flood in 35 years and rose to five metres in some areas. Eight schools in the province were forced to shut down temporarily.

    In Phrae, the flooding claimed two lives and damaged many roads.

    In Lampang, some villages were under 50 centimetres of floodwater but no casualties had been reported.

    Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department forecast further storms over the next one to two days. It warned that flash floods might hit Phayao, Lampang, Nan, Phrae, Uttaradit, Sukhothai, Phitsanulok, Chanthaburi, Trat and Ranong.

    Es wird leider noch schlimmer.

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    100 Tote befürchtet und das Wasser steigt

    Da die Ausmasse der Katastrophe ungeahnte Dimensionen angenommen hat und der bisherige Threadtitel noch verharmlost, ein neuer Thread.

    Floods, mudslides batter North
    23 confirmed dead, scores still missing


    Rescue and relief officials are working against the clock to help hundreds of thousands of people in Uttaradit, Phrae, Lampang, Nan and Sukhothai provinces still trapped by rising floodwaters and landslides which have so far claimed at least 23 lives.

    Uttaradit had the highest death toll, with 15 confirmed dead and 47 missing. About 100 homes collapsed.

    Five were dead in Sukhothai´s Si Satchanalai district and three in Phrae, caretaker Deputy Interior Minister Sermsak Pongpanich said yesterday. Many are feared missing.

    An official in the North told AP the death toll could reach 100.

    Days of incessant rain triggered severe flash floods and landslides which struck early yesterday morning, damaging roads, railways and power lines. More rain is forecast.
    A man carries his daughter through waist-high water in Uttaradit´s Muang district to safety.

    In hardest-hit Uttaradit, power supplies have been cut off in Muang and Laplae districts, which are submerged under up to four metres of water.

    Chainarong Choeisuwan, 27, of Laplae district, said he was awoken at about 3am by the sound of a huge rock rolling down a nearby mountain. He fled for his life when he saw a torrent of water rushing towards him.

    ´´I still don´t know the fate of my parents or wife who were in the house... I was so shocked I fled without thinking,´´ he said.

    Rescuers aboard flat-bottomed boats were evacuating people in Muang, Laplae and Tha Pla districts to emergency shelters.

    Army helicopters were transporting military medical teams to areas inaccessible by boat and dropping the injured off at Uttaradit Songkro Foundation´s convention centre as the provincial hospital was cut off by one-metre deep water.

    At Uttaradit Hospital, where the 580 hospital beds were fully occupied, all 65 doctors were busy, while only half the hospital staff came to work by wading along submerged roads.

    The hospital continued to function with electricity generated on site, but food and drink for patients and staff was expected to run out today.

    The Corrections Department sent three generators to the inundated Uttaradit prison to facilitate the transfer of all 700 inmates to Phitsanulok prison, said deputy director-general Pittaya Sangkanakin.

    In neighbouring Phrae province, residents were evacuated to higher ground -as flash floods from mountains and swollen rivers inundated Muang, Den Chai and Wang Chin districts.

    Mudslides smashed into tambons Chor Hae and Pa Daeng in Muang district.

    Rescuers were travelling on foot for 25km to five villages at the foot of Song Kwae mountain. The fate of the villages was unknown.

    The floods washed away houses in the -villages along with the bodies of Jaruay.... Kaewmani, 7, and her aunt Pin Kaewmani, 77.

    For Waree Pinchai, 32, of Muang district, the nightmare began at about 2am yesterday when she heard what sounded like thunder that was followed by the sound of rattling pieces of wood. Then water rushed into her house which shook as if it was about to collapse.

    ´´It was only thanks to a large jackfruit tree growing nearby, which blocked the onrushing wood, that the house did not fall down,´´ she said.

    Collapsed bridges and landslides blocked access to five villages while a helicopter could not be sent on rescue missions due to poor visibility.

    Elsewhere, in Sukhothai province, the Third Region Army sent helicopters to transport the injured to hospital.

    Meanwhile, the State Railway of Thailand has cancelled all north-bound trips as long stretches of railway tracks have been submerged.

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    Re: Zehn Tote bei Überschwemmungen und Erdrutschen in Thaila

    Hoffentlich hört das jetzt ganz schnell auf zu regnen.
    Sonntag Abend werden wir in der Provinz Lampang, bei Thung Saliam, sein.

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